Tuesday, November 1, 2016


New running gear is always fun for me to test, especially when it's something useful!

I received these running lights, called RunLites, a couple of months ago and now that the days are getting short, I have finally been able to put them to the test a few times!

They're designed like a glove, but with a light inside that fits into a pouch, secured with Velcro. The lights are rechargeable (with one cord that splits into two chargers) and have two different settings, one for high and one for low. All you have to do to turn them on is firmly press a button on top of your hand.

I chose the fingerless version because it doesn't actually get very cold here most of the time, and I figure that these would also fit over another pair of gloves if it was really cold and I needed my fingers covered.

As you can see, part of the glove is soft terry cloth. There's also a faux suede along the finger part, and some reflective material on the front and the back of the gloves. The wrist closes with Velcro, which is comfortable and snug, but the Velcro loops seem to attract themselves to the terry cloth on the other glove, and have caused a few snags in the fabric. That's not a big deal to me, but somebody else might not like it. 

In the front of each glove, there's a small pocket that also Velcros closed. This is just the right size for a key or a little bit of cash if you need some for an emergency. 

My two favorite things about these gloves are that I can recharge them from a USB port, so I never have to buy batteries; and, the light seems to broadcast well and last a pretty long time (at least a couple of runs), before I need to recharge them. 
Both gloves can be charged from the same cord. Very handy!

The light broadcasts just as well as any headlamp I've used. Sometimes when I'm running on the road at night, I can wave my hand toward a car to make it obvious that I'm human and catch the driver's attention.

Overall, I would say these are a pretty good investment for runners who get annoyed by wearing a headlamp. I hid them from my kids, and have my fingers crossed that I will not lose one of them! 

Other colors and styles are available at gorunlites.com .


Have you tried any new gear recently? Do you think you'd like lighted gloves? 
I was surprised I liked these better than my headlamp!


  1. I have seen these and wondered if they would be comfy. I have seen a few different versions now that are similar. I knew my lumen need was above 200 for sure, and i recently found a set of rechargeable knuckle lights that are 270 lumens and give a very nice path of light.
    I do like the gloves because you dont have to hold anything, not even a strap! The less to hang on to the better :) My question would be - is light is easy to remove so you can wash the gloves. I tend to wash any gloves I wear after each run.

    1. Yes! It's super easy to take out. Just Velcro holding it in near the knuckles, with a hemmed charging port seam closer to the wrist.

    2. The light is easy to take out so you can wash the gloves.

  2. Cool idea. I don't have to run in the dark these days but would have enjoyed something like that. Headlamp isn't that comfortable and the light is a long way (if tall!) from the trail.

    1. I didn't think about the height factor. I'm tall, but I'm sure I'm not as tall as you! That is an interesting point.

  3. I have been running at 5am with a friend and definitely need to find something better than annoying headlamps. Thanks for your review! ~Sasha

    1. I hope this will work for you Sasha !


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