Friday, May 6, 2016

Here I go again!

Somehow I got suckered into signing up for another 50K.

Yes. You read that correctly.

Everyone should know their own strengths and weaknesses.

Running long races is not one of my strengths. In fact, if you look at road performances, after the half marathon distance I fall off the wagon.

Also, I am really not a good trail runner. I love to run trails, but I am not actually very good at it! Maintaining an easy pace, that I can do.
Running "balls to the wall" and hitting some good turnover on downhills... that just hasn't happened for me yet.. And it probably never will, because I have this insurmountable obstacle in my head called a brain, which likes to exercise the "Don't break your ankle" button way too much for me ever to get good at trail running.

Which brings me to point out that I wasn't going to run any 50ks this year.
I thought I might not even race at all this year- just have fun and run trails and the occasional 5k if I had a few good weeks of mileage and track sessions.
View from Bob Butte, on one of my training runs.
The tioga bridge is 2 miles away.. crossing that white speck, which is the river, in the upper right middle.

I am a glutton for punishment, though, so I find myself running long runs on the NUT solo again.. and running out of water (buying a lifestraw next!), while out there trying not to sprain my ankle or land wrong (with sketchy to non-existent cell service). All in the name of adventure, right?

The good thing is this race, the Nut50k, is near enough to me that I can train on the trails that will be used as part of the course.  Well, actually I'm not doing much training on the 50K course.  More of it has been on the lower section of the 100K course.  But, the idea is the same:  lots of climbing, single track, varied terrain, large angular rocks,  occasionally runnable trail, great views, poison oak, several small bridges and waterfalls.

The race (my 4th 50k) will be on June 11, five weeks from now.

So far I have two 17 milers and one 20 miler done. At 7 miles into the 20 miler I was bargaining with myself, telling myself I could quit at 14. But at 14, I thought, "Surely you can make another 6 (mostly downhill) miles? right?

Although those runs might be sufficient for some people to feel ready to race 50K, it is not enough for me! Hopefully I can get in one or two more over 20 miles.. if I can fit them in between school hours!

So, run I will!
Long and slow.. and uphill.. upriver.. along the scenic North Umpqua river and Crater lake Highway.
Until I can run no more.
The truly crazy 100k racers will start by crossing over this bridge; 50k racers will start higher upriver.

And it will be the LAST one, ever, if I can help it!


  1. Ahhh! yay! I hear you on the 50k. I think this might be my last. Tomorrow I will tell you that for a fact. This I know. I have had a couple 20 milers and 17-19ers but overall, my mileage has been way lower and lots of holes in my running so I'm a bit worried. I think the fact that there won't be any real shade for 31 plus miles scares me the most. And the extreme ups and downs... But hey, here's to adventure! And walking and hiking lots! And not caring a bit about time. At least that's on my end. I'm excited to read one of your blog posts!!

    1. It's so good to read your writing again, Amanda. Here's to sketchy training and an adventurous spirit! Good luck tomorrow :)

  2. Ha, Ha, SURE it will be your last one. I think we've heard that before...I'm sure you will do a fantastic job like you always do!

    1. It WILL hurt and I WILL ask myself why I'm doing a 50k.. As usual! Good to hear from you Gracie :)

  3. Hi Raina, I hope you will find your happiness either at 5k or 50k or even 100k. You have been a consistent runner so you will find your way somehow. Best wishes and luck in your pursuits

    1. Thank you, Benjamin. You've been a great on-line encouragement to me!

  4. Awesome!! Looks spectacular.

    1. That's what I'm thinking, Robin!

  5. Don't we always say that it will be our last? Stupid mouse, stupid cookie. Good luck with your training!

  6. ha! It won't be your last one!
    Raina, you are a rock-star trail runner, I think you will shine just fine :) How'd you like my rhyme :)


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