Friday, July 31, 2015


I figured since it's 104f outside, I might as well dust off my blog.

Here are a few short updates:

  1. I am running.. and not injured. 
  2. This blog thing is great. But when I set it down for a few days, I don't quite know where to pick it up again. How much do I try to catch up on? How much should I just skip? 
  3. I ran the first 7 1/2 months of 2015 in shoes from 2014 or older. And I did NOT die.. (see #1)
  4. I have been racing- not my BEST racing, but racing decently enough to win some prizes. I just haven't been able to get to the write-ups in a timely fashion. Maybe I will go back over them. Or maybe I won't. That sounds like a lot of work.
  5. My husband's new job has opened my eyes a bit. While I still enjoy running and blogging, as well as taking pics and sharing them, I want to support him fully. That means maintaining my sanity (through running) and also being available to take care of his needs and the needs of my family better than I have in the past. 

No pics today. You can go to instagram for those.. I've been putting in some time over there.

So: How have you been?
What have I missed?
Is this thing still working?


  1. Yes, it's still working! Two posts in a week - wow!
    Your husband's job in what? Some other town?
    I've been well thanks Raina.

    1. He's in law enforcement now Ewen. Quite a change from construction- and also in another town.
      Glad you're still doing well!

  2. Love it Raina! Good stuff! :)

    1. Thanks Dawn! Good to hear from you. Nice race yesterday :)

  3. You're doing better than me! I haven't blogged in, like, 2 years. :) Love reading your posts though and so glad we're keeping up with each other on IG and Strava.

    1. Still checking in case you decide to post a race report, or life update Allison! Or a 1mile race report...


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