Friday, June 27, 2014

Rule #1, Just Stay In The Game

The last few weeks of training have been a roller coaster ride. 

Running a threshold workout on the trail is not easy!
Trail miles are just not the same as road miles. I tried to run a workout (T paced) on the trail recently, and was using a heart rate monitor.

This was a crazy idea- at least on the trail I chose.
I didn't have to run very fast uphill to get my HR up (and above) tempo zone. Then, as soon as I ran downhill, my heart rate dropped and was impossible to keep in Tempo zone.

Workouts from week 5

Jun 1
Easy 6mi 8:43 (Top end!)

Easy Session: Easy 9mi
Easy 6mi 8:43 
Easy 8mi 8:43
Easy 5mi 8:43

Quality Session: Easy 12 mi
(trail = not easy, distance ?)
Trail run that started and finished at Dorena Lake

Week 6 was fun :)
Calf strain
One morning I woke up with a pain in my calf. It felt very tight and sore in a specific location, and I guessed it was a tear.

I can only guess I got it while sleeping, since I never felt it before going to bed or during a run! This is probably related to the PF, which I still have residual issues with.

My course of action was to immediately STOP RUNNING, which is easy enough for one day.

I could feel the pain while pressing on it and stretching it. So, I spent the next several days:

  • Taking hot baths and massaging the heck out of my calves and feet. (Shampoo is great!)
  • I took ibuprofen and every few hours I would use a heat pad or "little hotties" on the outside of my socks, along with a calf sleeve, and then would massage it HARD after the heat. 
  • I also stretched my calves 3 or more times a day. 

By the 5th day, I felt it had improved enough to run the next day.

And I did. 12 miles on the road.

After 5 days off, the 12 miles was glorious at first (legs felt so light!) , and turned rough towards the end, as it felt like I had not ran long in a long time. My hips got sore!

Easy 4mi 8:43 (top end!)
+ Add Activity
Quality Session: Threshold, Interval, Repetition 
10 mi
Easy 4mi 8:43
Easy 5mi 8:43
Easy 3mi 8:43
Woke up with calf strain ??
Quality Session: Easy "trail" 17mi
23 mi
Week 7 
I decided to shift everything over so I could run long on Sundays...

Then I had a friend ask me to run long on Saturday.  I definitely prefer to run with a friend when I have the chance, so things got a little bunched with training. My L foot ended up sore after the run - well afterwards (I worked at a local race right after our run) ,so it is now being pampered.

 I lost no miles for the week, because I had skipped a 5 miler, but ended up doing a make-up 17 miler (instead of 12), and had a great time on a nearby logging road!

Easy 7mi 
shifted schedule over ->
(rest day 4)
Quality Session: Easy, Marathon (scrapped for a rest day)
( rest day 5)
Easy 12
( was supposed to be a T workout the day before.  
Easy 7mi 
Easy 8mi 
(was supposed to be 12), but did a make-up 17 miler from last weekend
Looks like 44 ?

Now I am in the middle of week 8, and almost halfway to my race!
My calves are good to go!  I just need to keep all my other leg parts from falling off ☺

Can't complain too much about running on the local roads this time of year :)

Are you planning to race on Independence Day?
I'm contemplating running a favorite 4th of July race. 
It might be ugly, but I haven't raced in a long time and it sounds so fun. Besides, my Altra singlet is RED and I think I have a potential patriotic theme there...And, I need a good excuse for some light racing shoes, like the  One² ;) 

Anybody want to watch 3 charming young boys for a week? 
(You must pass a very strict test first. Only special people get this honor!!!)...
Active at Altitude has an amazing camp for Women held in July, August and September. 

Read more about these top-notch retreats HERE, and save $100 on a 1 week camp if you register with promo code: smalltownrunner


  1. You were lucky with the calf injury - hope there are no compensatory niggles that pop up. I know how you feel as I've had some hammy/achilles niggles myself this week. Independance Day is just another working day for us - we were in San Diego one July 4 - the fireworks were spectacular. Anyway, have a great race - I'm sure you'll do really well!

    1. Compensatory niggles? Hmm. Never heard of them. :)
      Anyway.. we shall see about the race. I never sign up until the last minute, unless its 50k. I like to leave the back door open!

  2. Great commitment. Lovely to get an insight into other peoples training highs and lows, and a reminder that just lining up in one piece is no small achievement. The lake looks beautiful, but the hill in the last one looks ferocious!! Happy (healthy) Running :))

    1. Your words are very true, Andy. Just getting to the start will be a victory.

  3. Glad your calf issues has been resolved. You're so right: sticking with it is key. I think you need to race on the 4th!

    1. Thanks Marcia! It would be a lot of fun, even if just for a jog.

  4. Those flowers in the last photo - so pretty! Good idea to take a break when it hurts so you're able to get back out there sooner!

    1. Thanks for the reminder, Tina. Glad you like the foxgloves- one of my native favorites!

  5. So much great training! Good job Raina! Sorry to hear that you had calf trouble, but it sounds like your time off did the trick.

    Beautiful trails! :)

    1. Thanks, E! Time off running, and lots of massage :)

  6. Glad you were able to take care of the calf injury right away. Weird how it popped up like that out of nowhere. I've been icing a bizarro sore knee and hoping like mad it gets better bc I have a 30 hour race this weekend. It's better...hopefully it's better enough since I'm on my way!

    Great job with your training! I wouldn't have thought about how the downhills would make it hard to stay at the right zone.

    1. Dang!! Hope the icing does the trick for you, Kate. 30 hours is unimaginable to me. Best wishes!!

  7. Those little training niggles are so annoying! I'm glad it was nothing serious and you've been able to get in some great running. :)

    As always, I love your scenery pics.

    1. Thanks, R! Yep. annoying and hard to know what action to take sometimes. Hope you are enjoying your summer. :) ♥

  8. Hey Raina! Glad your training is going well!! I wish I had your motivation!! 😊👍

    1. Thanks Steve! Nice to hear from you. Hope your are enjoying the World Cup :) I bet you have the motivation.. just a lot of different channels for it.

  9. I'm missing my favorite 4th of July race while out recovering from surgery :( Race one for me!

    1. If I do race, i will certainly bring you in spirit, Gracie! You can't be kept down. Too much passion and determination inside. Recover well!! ♥

  10. Raina, wow! That's some heavy mileage! But I guess that's what training looks like when you are going to run a 50k! Yikes! Here's hoping for no more impromptu pain for the rest of your training. I'm planning on running a 1/2 on the fourth! The 4th is my second favorite holiday! Hope something fun pops up for you.

    1. Thanks Luisa! I struggle with feeling I am not doing enough. In 2012 I averaged more mile a week doing shorter runs for 5k/10k training, and need to remember that I was at ZERO miles a week a year ago, which is hard to do. This is big volume for me, in relation to that...but not in relation to other cycles in my training log. God is good, just to allow me to run!
      I hope you have a wonderful race on the 4th. It is such a great time to celebrate freedom!

  11. Smart lady! You're absolutely right-stay forward moving, achieve what you want to! Impressed!

    1. :) Thanks Adrienne! One step at a time..

  12. You're absolutely right. Rule number 1 is super important ... I like how you handled a potential injury - very sensible.. Eventually we all learn, right? I'd help you out with your boys but it's a bit tricky with the distance - someday maybe? Hope you find someone because that camp sounds awesome!

    1. Aw, thanks Petra!! You would do a great job with them, I am sure. :) The camp looks incredible...
      Thanks for commenting!

  13. I 100% agree - trail miles are so different from road miles. Trails take so much more out of me.

    I am running my first road 10k on the 4th! My first actual 10k was a trail, so I'm still counting this as a first. ;P

    1. Agree!! They take longer to run and hilly trails will just level you, if you aren't used to them!
      Wishing you the best in your 10k! It is like a first 10k if its your first on the road. It will be fun to see the difference in time. :)

  14. Glad that you were able to work through the calf stuff, smart move on your part!! I may or may not be racing on the 4th, depends what plans end up doing....only a few days away and still don't have a work schedule for this weekend.

    1. Hope your work schedule will allow it, Laura!

  15. I am glad you PF pain worked its way out. What an amazing run of training you are tackling! I love that you planned 12 but ran 17! What lovely views to enjoy while you run.


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