Saturday, August 11, 2012

Meeting Michelle

For a few months I have been looking forward to today- the day Michelle and I were to meet in Junction City, OR.

I have known Michelle through the blog world for over a year know, but have really come to know her very well in the last few months via email. We have some common interests: coffee, mothering little boys, blogging, a love for the Lord, (and for Brooks shoes!) and, of course, running!

Today was a chance for us to meet in "real-life," to get to know each other a little deeper, to visit about things we never email about, and to go for a run.
Photo by Kellie

Together, we drove from Junction City to Eugene and ran a section of the "EWEB Run To Stay Warm"  half marathon course.

Keeping it to an easy pace, we chatted about all things under the sun.

Truly, I can say that she is a wonderful woman and a good friend I will enjoy getting to know even better.

I promised to squirt her with salted lemonade from my fuel belt if she talked too much, but she was so darned interesting I forgot all about it!

We finished our run through the fountain at EWEB (Eugene Water and Electric Board) and still had more to talk about as we headed to 5th street market to pick up her daughter (another lovely young lady).

I am so honored to have a chance to coach this friend. Here's to many more happy runs together!


  1. It's so fun to meet blog friends, especially when you connect on so many levels. Glad you guys had such a nice in-person meeting! :)

  2. It's a lot of fun to meet people in person after getting to know them through your blog and getting to go on a run with them, too, is the best!

  3. oooo I totally forgot about the lemonade. Running and talking is tougher than I thought tho :) I am so blessed to have you in my life and cementing our bond in person has meant the world to me! Love you to the moon!!! XOXOXOX

  4. How great is that! I know you are such an incredible coach to her - and friend. The big smiles on both faces tell it all! :)

  5. I am indeed in London! I simply applied for tickets, and ended up getting 12 events in the end, it was amazing. I was at the marathon today, a great experience. Meb ran a great race to finish 4th!

  6. Hey, wait, is the EWEB course where you take all your bloggy friends to meet up? Hehe. That course is great and the race is so not expensive. Glad you got to meet Michelle. I hope to meet her one of these days too:)

    1. Does that mean you can fit it into your busier than anything schedule? :) We will meet Kim!!!

  7. I like the blog design update!! It is great to meet blog friends in real life and deepen those friendships. Glad you two had a good run.

  8. So awesome Raina and Michelle! Sounds like you two deserve each other!!

  9. Having a good friend to talk to during a long run is awesome. Especially when the conversation is stimulating and interesting. It makes the run hardly seem like a workout.

  10. Thanks for your words and your support. You are a very good friend.
    Glad that you had the chance to meet Michelle in person and to spend good time with her.
    Beautiful big smiles.

  11. I've met a couple of my Blog readers at races over the last month. Unfortunately, they're quite a bit younger than me so no way I can match paces with them. But it's nice to make friends and chat.

  12. That's so cool Raina. Sounds like a fun day.


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