Saturday, August 18, 2012

20 years and questions

Twenty years ago, a head-strong 17 year old girl was ready to explore the world.

The world could not come quickly enough, and that meant heading to college... just across town (but if I had my way, it would have been across the world), and getting my own place (the dorms), and a job. I was out of high school.

Like many other teens, I found my Senior year to be a struggle between becoming an adult and living with my parent's rules. I am so thankful now for my parents rules...that they had any, and that they tried to enforce them!

I broke a few rules that year, sneaking out, doing things that rebellious teens do. Things that make memories- some good, and others that I might wish to forget.

Last night a few (maybe 20) of the 200 or so graduates from the WHS class of 1992 got together for old times sake. It was a low-key family night. I recognized all of the women. It was a bit harder for the guys.
I am on the far left. Hopefully we will see some of these faces tonight.

We wore name tags. There were some awkward moments, followed by some lively conversations and even a few confessions of old crushes.

Tonight is the "main event" . I hadn't planned to attend it, but I have changed my mind since a lot of the people I had hoped to see last night weren't there. The pizza party was just enough to make me more curious.

  • Who will come?
  • Who will choose not to come?
  • What will we talk about?
  • Will someone bring the yearbooks? (I lost mine in a hasty college move.)
  • Will everyone gravitate to their old friends and circles of people?
  • What happens when certain friends run into their old girlfriends/boyfriends?
  • Have certain people "grown up"?
  • Will old hatchets get buried?
  • Will we leave wanting to do this again in 10 or 20 years?

So, I head out to answer my questions, and say "hello" and "goodbye" again to the class of   '92.


  1. I went to my 10yr reunion in 2006 and I remember being CRAZY nervous. I was really a different person in high school and lost touch with pretty much everyone I graduated with, after high school. It was VERY awkward the whole time and I was actually glad when it was time to leave. It made me realize how happy I am with my life now! However, I am sure you'll have a much better time =) Enjoy!

  2. I was homeschooled, so every time we visit my parents my husband jokes that it's a class reunion!

  3. so fun!!! I can't wait for my 20yr!!! have fun!!

  4. Aww, this was so fun to read!! I can't wait for class reunions :) hope yours was a blast!

  5. I hope that you have fun Raina! My 10 year reunion is this next weekend, but I have opted to not attend. I only graduated with a class of 55 people and there isn't anyone I really care to see. Most of the people I graduated with never left the coast so I feel like it will be the same people hanging out the see each other all of the time. I don't really feel like it would be worth making the 8 hour drive. Maybe I will change my mind for the 20 year.

  6. 20 Years?!! It doesn't seem possible to be in that season of life but it is. I never went to my 10 year reunion (lived too far away) but I've enjoyed catching up on FB to my old high school friends. You'll have to do a recap of the big event! :-)

  7. Hey Raina! I just attened my 30 year "grade school "reunion a month back while in was a 1-8th grade school. i was nervous as hell becasue I literally haven't seen any of these people since then or after college when I moved here. so, I made my husband go, lol! I HAD A BLAST! so many good times back then that I had many "true" people that I probably didn't appreciate at the time!

    I really hope you enjoyed it and that you are glad that you decided to go...

  8. My 20th HS reunion was last year, and it was fun...and interesting. Overall, I think the girls looked pretty much the same, some having grown into their looks and looking better than before. The guys, on the other hand, I thought showed the time more. And people overall were very much the same as they'd been in high school. Facebook does make it more interesting, since you go in already knowing a lot about what's going on in peoples' lives (or at least what's going on in their lives that they choose to share).

    Hope you had a great time!

  9. Time sure does go by fast doesn't it. Maybe one of these days I will go to my reunion. After losing a my best friend from high school, I just haven't had the motivation to go. BTW, my next reunion will be my 40th in a couple years... YIKES!

  10. I hope you have spent a wonderful night and that the reunion was successful.
    I changed too many school to participate an event like that: 3 high schools and 2 universities (this is a long story .....)

  11. So, how did it go? We need an update post.
    Yes, time flies...
    I often google people I went to school with. Ha! So curious about their story and yearning for closure perhaps.

  12. I went to my 20th last summer and was disappointed. I didn't think people had changed enough--maybe it mean *I* hadn't changed enough, or maybe it meant my class was just too big (over 500), but even so...I realized the friends I had kept in touch with anyway were still the ones I wanted to be in touch with. I hope you had a great time!

  13. I can't even remember when my 20th was....11 years ago I'd suspect ;). Always a great time at the reunion, tons of laughs! Hope you wonderful evening!!!

  14. I just had my 25th this past year. It was tough remembering everyone. There was a point, early on, I turned to my wife and said "We are outta here. No one remembers me." It felt real awkward. She insisted that we stay 15 minutes longer. It seemed like forever. Then out of nowhere---one of my neighborhood long lost friends approached us. Glad that we stayed around.

    Hope you have a great time.

  15. Hope you had fun! I skipped my 5 year, but actually enjoyed the 10 year. We were far enough out at that point that some of the old cliques no longer seemed important.


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