Tuesday, July 10, 2012

(olympic) TRIALS, Tribulations and a little Progress.

It's been a while since I posted last- not because I have been lounging around...just been up to my eyeballs in kiddos, paint, moving, doubling my family size,  an occasional run, and other summertime chaos.

So here I am, finally, with a post about my trip to see the Olympic trials, which was only really one day of spectating...(But I would have to say it was the BEST day to be there if you are a distance runner; and, no one has taken my running card away yet.)

I owe my brother in law a BIG thank you for the ticket to day 7. Chuck, if you are reading, you know this already-- YOU da MAN. I hope you enjoyed your time "working" inside that little golf cart. Let's talk about a temporary job trade in 4 years. :)

When I showed up, the 1500 prelims were just about to start. I had time to find my seat and watched several heats of ladies and mens races.

After the 1500's I headed to the "free" festival area to get some bites to eat. The free zone is a great place to hang out if you don't have a ticket. All the races/events are live on Jumbo-Tron and all the food is right there!

 Eugene is a "green" city, so it should be expected that all of the food plates were compostable..and that there would be giant hampster wheels for people to charge their phones with. I hope to get one of these in our house so that I can get the kids to earn their screen time.

Why buy tickets, when you can have seats like these and be just steps away from food and three-dollar water bottles? (I made the mistake of buying one before I figured out you could bring in an empty container and fill it. Doh!)

You never know who you might run into when you are wandering around between events...

Sadly, I missed the purported Nike/Brooks airspace wars of day 10, but I got to see what I was most looking forward to of the 2012 trials- the 5k races.
 Having shifted around a bit between races, I managed to end up right behind Mr. Picky Bar himself during the women's 5k.  I spent almost as much time watching him watch his wife race (a hard last place finish), as I did the actual racers.

 The crowd's reaction to Julia Lucas's bold lead was of strong support. A few minutes later I realized someone else's husband was also within 5 yards of me, when Kim Conley edged the hometown darling out of 3rd for a spot on the Olympic team.  He nearly jumped out of the stands.

Then it was on to the men's 5k.

Who knew Rupp had it in him to take the double! It will be exciting to see if he can medal in both the 5 and 10k in London.

He's always a crowd favorite at Hayward!!

This is where I am supposed to write about my own running and how it's going. But I think I'll save it for now.

Next time I hope to elaborate on
  • some new drills I am doing
  • my strengthening routine
  • progress towards rebuilding my mileage
  • working towards a fast short distance race
  • and how important FAITH is in reaching any goal.
Did you get to see the trials? Which were your favorite races or events to watch? Were you surprised by anything you saw?

Would you like a giant hamster wheel in your home?

Are your running and blogging directly related?


  1. Now that is very exciting to see I would have to say! I really haven't been to quite and event since my running days in HS, or when i went to the Jesse Owens games. so, cool you got to witness this firsthand...

    I can't necessarily say my blogging correlates
    directly to my running, but maybe my lack thereof, lol? I have been a bit "stretched" with my posts as well, but some days are just easier than others. Im curious about your talk of "doubling "your family and "moving"...what's going on over there ;)

    Ah, yes...and finally the hamster wheel! What a wonderful tool to have in your home, for all members of the family I suppose. Just think of all the "things" it could be used for...good, bad...and ugly ;) I propose a blog just on "variant uses" of a family hamster wheel in the home. Just think about what comments and ideas would come out of the woodwork!!!

    Glad your back!

    1. Will work on that follow-up hamster wheel post!!

      The family size doubling is a good thing :)
      Some of my husband's close family has been moved close to home for a military job, so they are living here for a few years, on the same property as our in laws, and now us. One big, happy, crazy family. Lots of meal planning.

    2. That actually sounds like fun...not so much the cleaning...but the eating part ;)

  2. Wait...doubling your family size? Did I miss something??

    I'd LOVE a giant electronics-charging hamster wheel!

    My blogging has a huge correlation with my training/racing. Which is why July has been such an anemic month of writing.

    1. August is sure to see a move up the line graph for us both, I hope, Kate. :) See above RE the family.

  3. Wow, still so jealous!!! I just saw your FB post last night. Do you think you have compartment syndrome????? Most of my PT exercises deal with strength work on my left hip because it is a lot weaker than my right side...which is what they are thinking the main culprit was to the CS. I also have really tight hips and my flexibility sucks so I am working on that as well. I have fallen off the bloggin bandwagon because it's summer and I have a gazillion things going on AND because I feel like I have nothing to write about. However, I will make some type of post about my new exercises and drills. :-)

    1. For a while I thought i might have a lower leg compartment syndrome. I am still not 100% sure, but think it was actually an injury to my RL peroneal muscles, and peroneal tendinopathy. Nothing I can't run through, just want it to go AWAY forEVER.

  4. Nice to see you back and it sounds like a great day at the trials. What fun. Sounds like things have been pretty busy for you. Doubling family size sounds a bit daunting but like a good story. ;)

    1. Thanks Tricia! Yes- the family thing is a good story. And aren't we all super busy in the summer?

  5. I have been wondering where you have been :)Lucky you got to go to the trials... sounds like an amazing experience. I'd love to be surrounded by passionate runners for a few days.

    That last graph is one of the reasons I love reading your blog. I love how your mind works - analyzing everything.

    1. Ah! Good to hear from you Christie! I hope to volunteer at the trials if we host again in 4 years...then I will be there even more :)

  6. That is the coolest thing ever that you got to not only witness some great endurance running at the trials, but be up close and personal with some fantastic runners and their families. Seeing firsthand the reactions of loved ones had to be pretty moving...I know I'd have been choked up.

    A hamster wheel in my basement instead of my treadmill might be sort of fun. For a day or two. I wonder if I'd have to take out the ceiling first though. That might upset a few people in my house since the treadmill lies directly under the kitchen and thus the kitchen is out. Hey....I LIKE IT!! :)

    Hope you're doing well. Been thinking of you often!!

    1. It was funny that once I figured out who was near me, I just couldn't watch JUST the races. It is an incredible thing to see someone watch their wife perform. These guys were HUGE cheerleaders.

      The hamster wheel vs the treadmill...not too different from each other. I never want to use incline anyway .:)

  7. Great experience to be at the trials. Our Olympic team is so small we never have trials and athletes have to qualify where ever in the world they take part in some competition. I can't wait for the Olympics but enjoy the TDF at the moment. I would enjoy the wheel for sure!

    1. Johann! I can't imagine you with a wheel at all! Haha. It would have to roll outside. :)

  8. That's so exciting! It sounds like a great time. I would love to have one of those hamster wheel things to power my computer. I'm sure if I have to run to web surf, I wouldn't waste so much time looking at useless videos on youtube.

  9. Awesome that you got to go to this day! This probably was my favorite day of the trials - the 5K mens final was awesome! Rupp is an amazing runner.

    Lol on the hamster wheel! If I lived in Eugene that free zone looks pretty awesome!

    Isn't that Matt Tegenkamp? He qualified in the 10K I think.

    Gotta say I'm not a big fan of the US team jerseys, they are just too red and blinding, lol. My favorite jerseys were the ones from Atlanta in 1996 - blue with red and white highlights.

    And for the womens 5K, Julia Lucas made a huge tactical error, if she had just stayed with the pack, she likely would be in London right now. That was tough to watch.

    And I'm with you on my blogging going up the more running I'm doing! If I'm not running, I just don't have as much to talk about!

    And my favorite trails moment was in the 110m hurdles, Jeff Porter dove across the line to get 3rd!

  10. Hee, your graph makes me smile. I think mine is the opposite - the less I run, the more I post!

    I sure enjoyed the marathon trials in Houston, so I'm not surprised you had a great time. Wonderful photos, and a true feel of the event!

  11. Oh, so awesome to get to see the trials in person, and to sit so close to Mr Fleshman himself! I would have probably forgotten about the race completely! Ha! Loved watching the trials on TV and can't wait for the olympics. I might have to do some TM runs just to see more!
    Blogging and running - hm, not sure. I have lost interest in my blog this year but hope to get to a place where I can get my writing mojo back:)
    So happy you are running again and excited about your FAST short distance races!

  12. Ooooh, the trials sound like so much fun! I am so glad you got to have that experience. And glad you are getting back to training. i have no doubt you will be doing awesome things! And yes - AMEN to Faith being so important in reaching our goals, and in everything else. :)

  13. Wow, the trials look like fun! Both watching the races and the cheerleaders.

  14. I know the trials must have been exciting because I had a great time when the marathon trials were here in Houston. The most exciting part was the day I went for a run at Memorial Park and kept seeing elite women run by me in training for the race.

  15. That giant hamster wheel is awesome! I've never been there, but Eugene sounds a lot like Ithaca, where we used to live... all-compostable plates/cups at events, green living. Makes me miss it.
    I love that you got to spend the entire day there and experience this first hand... track meets are so inspiring. And seeing all the cheering husbands near you must have been so powerful, too! So cool.

  16. OK-I obviously live in the wrong state. Oregon is like my Disneyland:) These pictures look AWESOME. I can't even imagine the excitement in the atmosphere there!! SO SO cool.

    I would have LOVED to see Mr. Picky Bar!! His hardass wife is one of my FAVORITES!! When I was in Boston I was spectating the 5K next to a pretty brunette. Pretty soon the lead runner came (Josh Cox) and she literally scissorkicked over the fence cheering "that's my husband" and talking about how he hadn't run a 5K in forever. I think he ran 14 something.....SO cool to see her so excited!!

    Rupp-aMAzingly cool! I cannot WAIT for the Olympics!!

    Laughing at your humor again and your graphing ability. Ha! Great to see a post from you my friend! XOXO

  17. I am so envious that you got to go to the Olympic trials! I was glued to the TV watching them. Watching the 5K finals must have been so exciting!

    I love your graph, too--totally accurate. ;)

  18. I did not see any of the trials this year so I am jealous, (not really, I am happy for you that you were at the trials)! Galen is my personal favorite! I did not see the trials because my wife and I kicked TV out of the house. Our 5 biological kids are grown and gone and our adopted special needs son isn't into TV, so it is gone. I would love to run in Eugene one day. My old neighbor John Neal is an assistant football coach for the Ducks so maybe one day we will come to see John and Jan and make that dream come true. I tend to blog less when I train more intense as I have less blog time. Oh,and I am not a total nerd, I watched the Marathon Trials at a friends house:).

  19. Run vs blogging ratio - Just the opposite for me. The more I run the less time I have for posting. 1/week.

  20. It is good to see your write again. How much paint ended up on the keyboard? Anyway - I hope that you will return to training as you wish soon. I have a md appt tomorrow - Hopefully I will be released to run.

    btw - are the boys still fishing? It is wayyyyyyy to hot here for any kind of fishing. Bonus = near drought conditions to boot.

  21. So fun to read this. I'm sooo behind on blog reading and commenting. No, my running and blog posting aren't necessarily connected. But I notice that I blog more when I'm INSPIRED and living fully...this usually means I'm running too but not necessarily running FAST. :) Your Olympics Trials experience...AWESOME. You got to some awesome shots and a great spot to watch. so neat to be able tot see the reactions of the husbands. really really cool.

  22. I can't imagine how exciting that must have been!

    My Running Shortz

  23. What an amazing experience, Raina! I would have LOVED to see the Trials.

    Cracking up at that graph too. I am finding it very true. I'm sort of in base mode right now, and I don't have any exciting running things to post about myself.

    I am looking forward to hearing about some of your strength training tips when you report back!


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