Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Recent Events in Photos

It's been tough to get on here and write lately, but LIFE is still happening all around me.
 Here's a run-down of the last 2 or so weeks. I promise to write a bit more next time. :)
Rexius trail, Eugene- Trail recovery run with lots of stopping and stretching.

 Heading off the trail to a nearby residential area, only to discover an adult kick ball game. I had no idea that this was a new popular sport. Or maybe it's only popular in Eugene. ? Anyhow, it's proof I should crawl out of the cave now and then.


Heading up to the park we made a short stop at Pre's rock. I grew up in Eugene, but had never seen it before. If you didn't already know much about Pre - here's a little info about him, our local legend.

Prefontaine was an aggressive runner, insisting on going out hard and not relinquishing leads. He was quoted as saying, "No one will ever win a 5,000 meter by running an easy two miles. Not against me." He would later state, "I am going to work so that it's a pure guts race. In the end, if it is, I'm the only one that can win it".

On May 30, 1975, returning from a party, after dropping off friend and distance champion Frank Shorter, Prefontaine was driving down Skyline Boulevard, east of the University of Oregon campus near Hendricks Park when, for unknown reasons, his orange 1973 MGB convertible swerved into a rock wall and flipped. The overturned car trapped Prefontaine underneath it. The first witness on the scene, a nearby resident, ran outside and found Prefontaine flat on his back, still alive but pinned beneath the wreck. After trying and failing to lift the vehicle, the bystander ran to get help. By the time he returned with others, the weight of the car had crushed Prefontaine's chest, killing him.
Prefontaine is buried at Sunset Memorial Park in his hometown, Coos Bay, OR
(source: wikipedia)

Mom and I went to Hendrick's park for Mother's day, and it was in bloom.
Above, the view of Skinner's Butte and downtown Eugene.

After the walk and dinner, I went to catch the end of the Twilight meet at University of Oregon.

Hayward field with temporary new bleachers to accommodate the Olympic trials.

Women's 1,2,3 in the second heat of the 800M

Fast ladies changing room!

Line up for the 3K. Andrew Wheating on the left- 

Wheating steps off the track after 6 laps (pacing maybe?- or just a fast training run?), and Jordan Mcnamara finishes as the winner!

PROUD mommy moments these last two weeks, as my oldest decides to ride his bike without help. It's been a struggle to get him to do it as we live on a gravel area and that makes it bumpy and hard to start. We took it to a widened area on the paved road and wa-lah. He's riding! 
Now he will not get left behind when his cousins get here for the summer :)

Coming up soon: 
  • Attempt(s) to establish a max heart rate and what I plan to do with it
  • Training plans
  • Some thoughts on contentment


  1. Beautiful photos. I really like the future Ironman training on the bike!

  2. Nice pictures Raina! Hurry for learning to ride a bike! Now your back will be saved from trying to run along side holding the seat.

    So are you going to do the lactate threshold test where you go all out for 30 minutes then use the average of the last 20 minutes? That test is no fun :-)

    1. Actually, I used a different test- a hill sprint test that is much shorter in duration. BUT I am not sure I got accurate results, so I might try another test this week. After my calves recover :)

  3. Great photos Raina! Are you going to the Olympic Trials this summer? I would love to go, but don't know if I can wing it. We shall see. Looks like the Twilight meet was fun. I always used to go and watch the Pre Classic every year with my parents. That was back in the day when Suzy Hamilton and Regina (forget her last name) were the big shots. Crazy!

    I hope you have a great week!

    1. I am going to try to be there for at least one day! It would be great to catch one of the mens or women's distance races. I might hang on the fence if I have BIL is working there, so maybe he can sneak me in :)

  4. Those are gorgeous pictures, Raina. So blessed to live in such a green area, so different than Colorado.

    I had forgotten that it was Frank Shorter who Pre had dropped off moments before; I bet that was hard for Frank. How cool would it have been to see Pre of my favorite quotes of his: "You have to wonder at times what you're doing out there. Over the years, I've given myself a thousand reasons to keep running, but it always comes back to where it started. It comes down to self-satisfaction and a sense of achievement."

    Huge milestone for the new bike rider in the family, congratulations on his big achievement. Now he can ride this summer with his cousin and maybe his mom, too. :)

    Looks like a perfect Mother's Day spent with your family.

    Looking forward to the contentment post.

    Sorry for the choppy one sentence's 4am and I couldn't sleep so reading half groggy :).

  5. Amazing pictures...I love posts like these!! They make me feel so, i don't know, humble maybe? so nice to spend such a beautiful day with your mom...I really miss those times with mine!

    Ah, the bike...what an accomplishment for a young lad. It's funny how looking back it seemed so easy learing how to ride a bike...but my youngest is having much difficulty and just refuses to do it...maybe showing him your little one doing it will give him another go at it...and a bit more encouragement from me as well ;)

    I have been a lazy blogger too keep wrtiting so I can read yours ;)

  6. Nice post and beautiful photos! Just like Jill I also forgot it was Frank Shorter... I love watching athletics and sadly good meetings are very rare here in SA nowadays. Our athletes all go run in Europe and most good ones never return home.

  7. Great pics! What a beautiful place to be!!

  8. Beautiful pictures. Just beautiful. So glad you were able to get out there and enjoy it all! And SO happy for the rite of passage into riding a bike. Proud mama moment!

  9. Ok, I must go up to Oregon-sooner rather than later!! The pics are beautiful, but I imagine it only captures just part of the story.

    "To give less than your best is to sacrifice the gift". Pre

    LOVE, love that quote!

  10. Really liked the pictures!!!

    Yeah !! for the biker!!

  11. Gorgeous gorgeous pictures. I'm ridiculously jealous. You running on that trail is like right out of my dream!!! And the track meet!! SO jealous of this too!!

    Still smiling for Nathan and thinking of how proud he will be when his cousins arrive!!

    Looking very forward to the coming attractions;)

  12. Such beautiful pictures! That trail is gorgeous. And you captured some great track meet shots, too... I can never get good action shots. Your little biker is too cute!

  13. Great photos!
    Hey, did you change your blog? Didn't it have a black background before?
    I LOVE this look :)

    My Running Shortz

  14. Beautiful post. The quality of life is better when you live in a green place like that. Moreover the workouts in the country are a lot better: the time flies and you have many things to see while running.
    When I began to run (1985) I bought 2 books: the J. Fixx' one and another on Pre.

  15. That is so cool that you got to go to the trials!

    But that trail?!? That trail. Mercy. I am so jealous, that looks so awesome! Those views are incredible.

  16. SOOO beautiful!! Thanks for sharing those pics. Love all the homage to Pre!

  17. I love Hendricks Park. So pretty. I have tons of memories of being up there as it was a major party place for us!

  18. I LOVE the new blog look! :) What beautiful paths! So jealous. I say that but know there are probably tons around here and I am to stuck in my ways to venture out! I want to branch out and sometimes swear I am going to just pull over sometimes when I see a trail and just RUN! ha! That would be "off schedule" tho and I dont do so well with that. I want to go see the trials so badly! and how exciting about the bike!!! If only I can get liam to learn how to turn on his trike. All in time and before we know it they will be driving AGH! :)

  19. Great group of photos, Oregon sure looks pretty at this time of year!

  20. Love the beautiful pictures!

    My Running Shortz


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