Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Photos from home / Faith stuff

If you can't change the weather, at least you can change your boots.

It's been wet, wet spring.

We gave up on getting some dry weather and decided to get to work on some major construction projects.

This is our "recess"  activity. I don't need that water bottle anymore...

My dad is a volunteer at the Cascade Raptors center in Eugene. He took me and the boys on a tour and we were able to see many many different birds. The Raptor center rehabilitates injured birds and returns them to the wild- if they safe to be returned. The ones who are not able to be returned are cared for at the center and adopted by outside donors.

Who? Who?

American Kestrel- they like to eat my hummingbirds.
One of many, many owls.

In case you thought we didn't ever do any real work around here.:)

It's a special week to me. 

I am reminded of how Christ looked past all of my faults: bitterness, anger, envy, pride, resentment, unfaithfulness, unforgiveness, impatience, and was able to see someone worth loving enough to die for.

 Luke 23:
34 Then Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.”
And they divided His garments and cast lots. 

Truly it is an amazing thing.


  1. Yes, a beautiful week to celebrate and be thankful for. Thankful to be loved so fully. Raina, your pictures and stories with your boys remind me a lot of the stories my mom tells me about when we were little. Even being homeschooled. They had plans to homeschool all of us before my dad died. We lived in a very rural area on top of a mountain in Colorado and my dad had his own excavation business (hence the backhoe). Small house, small living, but dreams for their future and living the way they wanted. Your pictures just reminded me of some that my mom has of us at our table doing school work as kids. Hope you are feeing good after your 22!

  2. Okay, that was really random about me. Nothing really to do with yoru post. Sorry. Ha! This looks like such a cool experience for your kids. Love the pic of the owl and the kids popping their heads in the holes. :) Love it! You're doing such a good job at motherhood and teaching Raina! Love how you let them just play in the water and mud! The best learning happens like this.!

  3. What is it with mud puddles that attracts kids?!?! They look like they are having an awesome time.

    Our God is an awesome God!!!

  4. Oh, love, love how the boys play in the mud. That is the best. I love it. I used to do it as a kid and Petru loves it too. Love the pics! And Nathan looks so serious studying! You are simply amazing doing that Raina! I only have piano practice with Petru and I feel my hair turning gray every single time. Are the kids getting Good Friday off?

  5. i hope our kids are as cute as yours.... when we have them. hehe

  6. Great pictures! The ones in the mud remind me of building dams like that when I was little. That never gets old.

    Thanks for reminding me it is a special week. I hate to admit it but see going to church as an inconvenience instead of a privilege sometimes.

  7. Whenever I see a post or comment from you I think faith and God - thanks! very special week for us as well and we have a very special program at our church leading up to Friday. I am a huge bird watcher/lover and grew up with a dad that is a huge bird photographer. Raptors here in Africa are awesome but also battle humans for space to hunt and breed. Have a wonderful Easter Raina. Peace and happiness to you and your family.

  8. Your boys are beautiful!!!! Happy Easter to you, too. :)

  9. Happy Easter to you all. May this week be unforgettable.

    I recently posted about Good Friday -- I work around many people who have forgotten or have yet to find true meaning.

  10. I love the pictures of the birds! That is a really cool job!!! And you are so right. I love this time of year. Even though it is true all year round, this week just feels extra special. God bless you and your family!

  11. Happy Easter Raina! Very special time of the year for our family as well. Yet, the meaning of it all lasts for an eternity.

    Love those orange rainboots in the pix! great kids you have!! Plus the great example from not only their Parents but Grandparents as well.

    Soccer (regarding comment on my last post) - in Vegas rain falling from the sky is like an Alien invaision. Any amount making the slightest puddle on the field - the games are called. I really miss playing Soccer in the Pacific NW. Soccer was meant to be played in 50-55 degree weather and constant overcast.

  12. I love all the pictures of the raptor center, what a cool volunteer position for him! And I always appreciate your words of faith. Each year, I am gaining a greater appreciation for how radical God's love is, and what that means for how I am called to love.
    Oh, and I didn't get to comment on your 22, but wow- those splits are so impressive! Looks like you are strong and ready to go!

  13. Oh Raina! This looks AWESOME! My sweet boy would LOVE a trip to the raptor center!!! When we visit:) I was just thinking of Matthew tonight! There is no ice on Lake of the Woods but Max and Joe are going fishing for Northern Pike tomorrow. It is the time for BIG ones! I don't think Max will sleep tonight! He's SO excited! Your boys would LOVE this!!

    Truly an amazing thing.

  14. Yes, it is truly amazing what Christ did for us. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and the verse from Luke. Happy Easter!!

  15. We've had such a dry spring; not a fun thing if you want to build dams. Your boys are sure busy ... so miss that age!

    Definitely, definitely an amazing thing Christ does for us. I feel so lucky, even when things aren't always going my way. Most of the time anyway ;).

    A very happy Easter to you and your beautiful boys (adult ones, too :)).

  16. The Raptor Center is so cool! We have a neighbor who does raptor rehab and she gave us a tour of her facility once.

    I love the photo you've added on the top of the Viking cheering squad! Run Raina Run!

  17. My school has a huge ornithology lab and we have a raptor club. I've always wanted to go tour, but I've never had the time. Reading your post makes me want to go.

  18. In the Raptor Center they make a very good job. The love for the animals is very important and we must teach our children how the animals are part of our life and we don't have to kill them for fun or sport (?????).
    Beautiful pictures.

  19. Hope you all had a blessed Easter! Great pics-I'm especially fascinated by owls. Can't say why, just am!!

    Hope training's going well:)

  20. Happy Easter, Raina! Those raptors are beautiful (and my kids are also where water bottles go to die).


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