Saturday, April 21, 2012

One Week Left

A week from tomorrow I will race my best 26.2 miles I have in me. Whatever pace that is.

I will be packing everything, just in case.

That is, I will be packing everything except my Garmin- unless I find it this week.
I lost it yesterday, yet I am not worried enough to buy another one (yet).

I have some pace bands printed...but I don't know which one to use yet. Two or three will be on my wrist.

I am waiting to feel "tapered" still.

There is a mega-load of pollen flying about and coating the car right now.

The fuel belt WILL be worn. That is 100%.

 I will use this and this for fuel- along with water and have planned miles for taking them.

As for the rest of the race outfit......?

I have MAPS printed out.

Plans are being made for potential potty stops, shirt exchanges if necessary, seeing FRIENDS and FAMILY cheer.

Post-race plans are in place.

There is a lot of planning to do still, but the most important decisions won't be made until race morning.



Some things that make me SMILE:

Sixty-one days until the Olympic track and field trials!

I have a certain cheerleader who I was tempted to post a picture of HERE.

This guy's 5th birthday is on Friday!
Guess what we're doing to celebrate.

Winning these SWEET little shoes from THIS blogger and!

No explanation needed.

My thought for the week: (there's only room in my head for one right now)

 A man’s heart plans his way,
but the LORD determines his steps.
 Proverbs 16:9


  1. YAY!!! One week at this time I will be trying to force myself to sleep while totally freaking out on the inside!
    I like your course elevation better than mine but I know the view will be worth it. Have a WONDERFUL run and I'll send you happy running mojo from Big Sur!!!

  2. SO pumped Raina!!! SO pumped! One week!!!!!

    Find your Garmin! If not, I could mail you mine tomorrow!! This would work out GREAT! I would love to have your wicked marathon stats downloaded to MY log! Oh my, it would be SO pretty then-ha ha!! Seriously though, I would drop it in the mail in a heartbeat!!

    LOVE Clif gels!! I started using these awhile ago and they are my very favorite!!

    You are SO organized and so well thought and NOTHING is going to jump out of the bushes for you on race day! You WILL BE prepared for ANYTHING!!!

    I can't wait for the trials either!! Are you going?

    I think I know one of your cheerleaders;) Peppy thing with a nice rack of tonsils!

    Sweet Matthew!!! Happy birthday little fisherman!!

    Dove chocolate-NO words:) OK, my email comment over! Give me an R, Give me an A......

    1. Jenn and I commented at the same time. Only I didn't think about the stats on my Garmin...this is an even better reason to loan mine to you Raina!! Jenn, you are brilliant! :)

  3. oh, I feel such good things in store for you my dear Raina!!! So much to say. I am so glad you won the shoe giveaway...such awesome shoes!! And a reason to add to your list for why blogging is a good thing. First the money win in the race to support your running habits and now the shoes to support your blogging habits. Sounds like a sign that you're doing the right things for your life. :) ha! I wish you would have posted Jenn's cheerleading pictures! You should. :) You can borrow my Garmin if you can't find yours. It is not the same model but I could always drive it down on Saturday night or we could meet somewhere. We are going to be in Albany the night before so not too far away. I could have it charged and ready and whatever screens you need!! You let me know. Same with how I can assist with the race. I'm there for you girl!! So excited and i will be proud of you no matter what! Whether you run a 3:30 or a 3:05 or a 2:40. or a 4:00 (yeah right!) :) Let me know about the Garmin. Love you!

  4. One week to go, I'm excited for you! You are going to do great.

  5. Hope you find your Garmin! I know I hate not having mine. It's an addiction I tell ya! Happy almost race week. :)

  6. I am so very excited for you and to hear all about it! Will be thinking of you and praying for you until the finish :)

  7. One week to go, enjoy the tapering and .....after run like the wind.
    I am sure you will do great.
    I hope you find your Garmin.

  8. I'd say you're ready! I LOVE your attitude! My marathon PR was set without a Garmin. Regardless of gear, pollen counts, or whatever else, going in knowing you'll do your best is awesome! Have a happy taper week with your "cheerleaders":)

  9. WOOT!!! Can't wait to see you cross that finish line!!!

  10. Another Garmin offer here. It's a lucky one, I think:) My 305 died and got a 210 which I love.

    I'll send you a note a bit later, but you know I believe in you so much. You are always a straight shot in my book. You go out there and execute and squeeze all the available training out of you. This will results in a ugh PR and the time goal that you set out starting this training. I am so excited to track you come race day, and share with Jenn the cheering process (no outfits here though), as A will be right there with you.

    Love you Raina and I believe in you!

  11. Sounds like you have a good plan of attack!! Have a great race and enjoy the post race festivities.

  12. You totaly GOT this! Woot woot! Rest well and enjoying a week of doing things OTHER than running a lot. :)

  13. One week!! I'm so excited for you... sounds like you've thought it all through. I hope the Garmin turns up. Will you be stressed if you run it without? Hope your legs start to feel well rested this week.

  14. I'm so excited for you, Raina! Really looking forward to hearing how it goes. I'm so impressed with your attention to detail too. Hope the Garmin shows up soon!

  15. Raina, I am so excited for you! I know you are going to race a KILLER race! I need to talk to Amanda b/c I would LOVE to come down and see you race!!! need to talk to my hubby!!
    sure love you!

  16. ONe week!! I'm so excited for you Raina!! Your preparation is always to be admired.

    My hubby was in Eugene this weekend for baseball--ah, if only they played next weekend, I would've made the trip and cheered you on!!

  17. Sounds like you are ready. I know that you will kill this race. Cannot wait to read your report. Good luck and pulling for you.

  18. I am excited for you! Have a good race.

  19. Good luck to you! You are going to ROCK. You have prepared well, and you have the smarts to adapt and adjust as need be. Woohoo!

  20. Good luck with your race! I look forward to hearing all about it!

  21. Good luck and have lots and lots of fun :)
    My Running Shortz

  22. It's funny how the Lord works in the verse you have at the end. Proverbs 16:9 has always been a verse that seems to be a part of my life...looks like I won't be running on Sunday due to injury and I need to come to a place of acceptance, knowing that His plan is perfect. He directs my steps no matter how much I plan, train, dream... Working my way to being okay with it and still praying that there is a chance I'll be able to run. If not, I'll see you guys next year!! :) Good luck, Raina...whatever pace plan you end up with, I know you will ROCK it and give that course the best of Raina!!! Enjoy your victory lap!!

  23. I've kind of not hidden the fact that I am not excited about Eugene at all. I think Boston was just so BOSTON that Eugene feels blah to me. BUT getting your email about a get together perked me up and is making the whole thing seem more exciting, so thank you!!

    I can't wait to see you - and I hope to be able to finish fast enough so that I can cheer you on through the finish of your race!

  24. Many prayers and well wishes for you this weekend Raina. I know through Him you can do all things! Praying He will give you the desire of your heart. Can't wait to hear all about it!

  25. Good luck! Happy 5th to the tiny tyke! And safe travels!

  26. Good luck this weekend. I will be virtually cheering you on :)

  27. Raina...of all the bloggers I have met (through print), I would LOVE to see you run the most! I have no doubt you are prepared, mentally and physically...and your PATH has been well thought out and planned...enjoy every STEP of it ;)

    Best of Luck...keep us wounded going through your journey!!!

    btw...he is so so so freaking cute i could eat him!

  28. Can't wait to hear how this exciting race goes! Best of luck!!

  29. Good luck and sending good vibes. Went to Oregon as a kid and miss it a lot. So good luck!

  30. Good luck and sending good vibes. Went to Oregon as a kid and miss it a lot. So good luck!


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