Thursday, February 2, 2012

11 randoms

I got tagged by Rena and Slowmohusky so I will play along :)
Somehow, I lost the rules though, so you will have to visit their blogs for them! And I probably got this all wrong. But I have ran out of my blogging time for the day, so here goes:

1. What did you do for fun in your childhood?
Honestly, I watched way too much TV. 
Before I discovered sports my sophomore year, you could come to my home after school and find me plopped on the sofa watching Sesame Street, 3-2-1 contact, or Dukes of Hazzard, or Happy Days, or Love Boat - whatever came on. But not Scooby Doo; my parents couldn't stand it. 
I also played outside some and enjoyed weekend trips in the car to go fishing or hiking.

2. What's your hobby other than running? 
And I like to garden, perennial flowers mostly, but my yard looks really bad since I had Levi (3 in June). This is the year to reclaim it!

3. What's your most embarrassing workout related moment? 
It's not really a workout moment, but I scored a goal for the other team with my head once in high school soccer (trying to head the ball OUT of the goal- I slowed my jump when the keeper called "MINE"). I actually cried because it ruined her shut-out.

4. Would you rather run a 50 miler or do an ironman?
Definitely the 50 miler. I have seen people falling across the finish line in Kona, and I am reasonably sure I could finish a 50 miler in under 12 hours. But I am not really tempted to find out!

5. Which celebrity would you run with? 
Any of them that can run a 39 minute 10K.

6. What's your favorite movie of last year? 
I watch a lot of movies, but don't pay attention to new or old...I like a lot of BBC stuff. 

7. What's your fashion must have? 
Fashion? There is NO fashion here. I had a friend give me a pair of her DKNY jeans recently, so I have a pair now to wear with my mud clogs and Brooks rain shell. 
8. What's the one material thing that you can't live without? 
Only one? Contacts or glasses...but I do like to have clothes and be warm. Tough call. 
Don't want to be naked and see it, so I will go with clothes.

9. What's one of your life goals? 
 To be debt free, or to change my identity so that no one can track me down when I go hide somewhere warm and tropical, and only wearing contact lenses.

10. Which childhood place holds most memories?
My grandparents home in central California. It was sold to pay for their expenses when they were moved to assisted living. Someday I hope I can reclaim it, or at least take a peek in it again. My grandpa used to grow the most fabulous vegetable garden and the biggest tomatoes.

11. Where in the world would you go if you can go anywhere? There are too many great places to go that I have never seen! I would love to see the Great Wall, Vietnam with my dad, Germany with my mom and aunt...If I had to choose just one, it would be Jerusalem and the surrounding area- with my family. 

I think I will stop the tagging insanity here. Unless someone feels up to the challenge. ?


  1. You could totally finish a 50-miler in under 12 hours. On a flattish 50-miler I wouldn't be too surprised if you ran it in under 9 hours. Someday, you should plan to run something like the American River 50 in Sacramento, and visit your Grandparents' home on the same trip! I'm tempted to tag myself... I'll think about it... Have a great day, Raina!

  2. Being debt-free would be amazing. We watched a lot of TV as kids, too. My mom worked, so we were planted after school and Saturday mornings. My poor yard has suffered mightily since I took up running and biking. I'm sure the neighbors are thrilled.

  3. Hey Raina~ the dukes of hazard was fimed in hazard Ky...near where I grew up, so that show was a "MUST" in our house!!! very funny!

    thank you thank you for following me...I am a total newbie and looking for some motivation and inspiration.
    you inquired about my surgery...I had hip surgery in NYC late Aug for a right hip labrum tear and cam impingements...I had injured it the year prior, however at the time did not realize the extent of it and was still running and practicing yoga...It continued to worsen, the pain intensified, so I finally went to see someone. You can read more about it on my "where I've been and where I'm headed post, or "Do you follow protocol"... It was a hard diagnosis to find as it is apparently a relatively new surgery being performed....but i went to one of the best docs in the country so I am sooo grateful. It is a rather frustrating, slow recovery...but I am trying to be patient!

    hoping you are just curious nad not experiencing something similar???? If so, I can certainly give you more!!!

    Again...thanks so much, love your blog and look forward to reading more about you! you're a damn fast runner girl! inspiring!

  4. Had you grown up in Romania, you would have watched maybe the 10 min daily cartoons at 7pm. Ha! But I did love Happy Days when I came to the US at 19. Still love that show.
    Fun post! And I have no doubt you will get to where you want to get with your high ability and strong work ethic:)

  5. thank you so much. foosbobetr good Archive

  6. No Scooby Doo?? That is tragic. Although, I wasn't allowed to watch GI Joe and I am really not sure why but my husband says it is because my parents were hippies (which they weren't). Love number 8 and 9!

  7. Love your answers, which I can relate to very much. If you can do a 50M, you can do an IronMan without falling over the finish line.

  8. Fun fun! I've been tagged and have to do this too. One of these days....My parents were dictators-ha! We were not allowed to watch TV on school nights and limited on the weekends. So sheltered...

    I used to LOVE to garden before this running stuff messed up my yard. Now, it looks like we are having a constant rummage sale around here....

    #8 makes me laugh-you crack me up!

    The world is right when you're wearing a Brooks rain shell and mud clogs. My personal pairing for the Brooks jacket is cowboy boots and a knit hat so I'm obviously a fashion guru....

    Loved reading this!

  9. Glad I'm not a celebrity so I don't need to get my 10k down to such a fast pace :-).

  10. Any time you need me to pace you in that sub-40 10K, you just holler girl and I'll be right over! ;) You have some of the best answers to these thing. I have been tagged a few times and was working on it the other night and all my answers sounded way too dumb to post.

    My favorite childhood memory is of my grandmother's place in NE Iowa (I'm sure I've mentioned this a time or 40 before)...something about grandparents that make us all warm and happy! I hope you get to visit your special place again one day - soon!

  11. haha, tagging can be a bit much. i agree. But i do like finding more about you. BBC is awesome!

  12. The tagging insanity has to stop somewhere haha. I'm glad you played along though!

  13. Viet-Nam and Jerusalem are also in my dreams.
    Of course I visited Germany because is near Italy.
    About the Great Wall have a look here please:

  14. Excellent answers. #8 -- way too funny. Btw - BBC is tops!

  15. LOL I think I watched way too many episodes of Dukes of Hazzard myself! (sad but true...)

  16. No fashion here either. :) LOL at 5--no slowing down just because someone is famous! I grew up when the TGIF series was on Friday nights. Full house, step by step, family matters... Etc. I wasn't allowe to watch "Sabrina the teenage witch" - I think because it had witch in the title. Haha.

  17. So true, blogging is definitely a hobby! I have great memories of my parents and grandparents' large gardens too... yum!

  18. I'm not too familiar from BBC, but I do watch Sherlock. I love that show1

  19. You can run a 39 min 10 k? You are one fast girl!!

    Your "material girl" answers are TOO funny:)

    My Running Shortz

    1. Um --not yet on the 10k! I tried a few times this summmer/fall. Maybe with a celebrity push though...

  20. You are one funny girl Raina! #8 and 9 so funny. Would love to visit Jerusalem and the surrounding area one day too!

  21. I have special memories of helping my grandparent in the garden, too. I recently planted some flowers in my yard. Now, I just have to keep them alive - that's the hard part.

  22. I watched way to much Scooby Doo (and too much TV in general) as well. My mom thought Scooby Doo was really stupid, but she never forbade it. Actually I think she thought the Brady Bunch was more stupid. Thinking back on those shows now....she was right....I wish I had played outside more. I don't let my kids watch TV at all and I think they've already had more outside time in their five years than I had my whole childhood.

    That's so funny about your jeans! I just bought a pair of DKNY jeans at the thrift store (to go with my clogs and hoodies). I didn't know what brand they were until I got them home--I just bought them because they fit.


  23. No Scooby Doo? No Old Man Jenkins and those 'meddling kids.' LOL, you're parents knew what they were talking about - Scooby grates on my adult nerves now, even if I loved it as a kid!

  24. I loved learning more about you :-)

    I have great childhood memories of my great-grandmother's huge backyard garden in Eugene.

    I never really liked Scooby Doo all that The Love Boat!...that's a different story!!

  25. 3-2-1 Contact and Dukes of Hazard were my shows, too! I think really I just liked to see them get in and out of their car without opening the door. Sometimes I would linger until my mom went inside just so I could exit the car via the window, too!


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