Monday, December 12, 2011

Sore Buns, Long Runs, Answered Prayers!, Hair bands & MORE

How does one run with sore buns? on. I might have discovered the secret art.

I had taken a vacation from the weight room during the taper and recovery periods before the EWEB half. Not so surprisingly, I got sore from a fairly light workout the first time back to my strength routine.

My glutes ("buns region" for those who unfamiliar with the term) were the muscles most affected, and they were noticeably sore during my last long run. With each step they seemed to bark a reminder, "If you love us, Ding-dong (as they affectionately call me), you would not wait so long between doing lunges!"

DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) is a cue to me that I need to be consistent with the weights, if I want to maintain my strength, muscle balance and any other benefits I might be getting from it. I combat soreness with another light workout about 48 hours from the last. For me, it targets those muscles and gets the blood flow back in there for rebuilding. I do love using weights!! and think it helps in many aspects of running.

How did I get through this painful little excursion called "long run"?  I did a little bit of cadence counting: 176, 182, 180. My goal was to hit about 180. I am sure this number slips a bit when I am not paying attention, but it is a good exercise- I think- for getting a good turn-over rhythm going. And it worked as a distraction (a little)

Training recap since the Turkey Trot
  • 11/25 Easy 10.0 mi 8:29
  • 11/26 Easy 5.1 mi 8:33
  • 11/27 Easy 7.4 mi 8:27, Weights
  • 11/29 Easy 7.7 mi 8:21 Weights
  • 11/30 Easy 5.8 mi 8:24
  • 12/1 Easy 7.4 mi 8:30
  • 12/2 Easy 5.4 mi8:25
  • 12/3 Long (easy) 16.1 mi 8:29
  • 12/4 Easy 7.7 mi 8:24 Weights
  • 12/5 Easy 2.5 mi 8:29
  • 12/6 Easy 9.6 mi 8:22
  • 12/7 Easy 8.0 mi 8:23
  • 12/8 Weights, Easy 2.0 mi 8:27, Easy 5.5 mi 8:13
  • 12/9 Easy 5.1 mi 8:16
  • 12/10 Long (easy) 15.6 mi 8:22, Weights
  • 12/12 threshold 10.3 mi -avg 8:04 for run., Weights
That's a fair amount of easy running, if I can comment on my own training a bit. I finally couldn't stand the "easiness" of it all, gave way with a few strides recently, and that final run with 10 minutes of T pace. Hooray for speed!

Answered Prayers/ Faith stuff
I have been doing a lot of thinking recently. Pondering WHY I run and WHY I want to be competitive. Could I ever go back to just running for "fun"? I am not sure I could. Maybe I could...but it might have to happen as a serious accident, or as something incremental, for me to accept it.

On a recent run, I spent some time asking the Lord, "Do you want me to even be running at all?" Circumstances have caused me to question the expense of training, time spent in it, etc..  The following day I received notification that I was accepted in to the Brooks ID program. (THANK YOU Brooks!!) To say I was surprised is an understatement. This is a huge blessing to me, and I am honored to be selected to represent Brooks. Now I am seeking God's guidance as to how I might use this opportunity to best serve Him. I am excited to be running and to see what direction this takes me!!

It might have been an bad idea, but recently I decided to expose our sheltered kids to some music from my youth. Up to now they have pretty much only listened to contemporary Christian music. I was pretty careful about which 3 or 4 songs I played on Youtube... This has opened a whole new world to them. Now my 6 year old wants to grow his hair out like a rock star! I am trying to figure out how to put the snake back in the can. Haha!

(Put this on full screen for maximum effect.)

The best part is that Matthew now sings the words as "Ohhhhhh, oh, Living on the Prairie!,"  Nathan has asked if we can have Brandon (worship leader) learn and play this piece at church.

So...if you were wondering: YES!! Home-school is going well!!! (It really is.. :) )

Have you had any prayers answered lately in unexpected ways?
How do you combat DOMS?
Do you like the 80's/90's "hair bands"?


  1. Ok, from the bottom...laughing here at the "living on the prairie" song. Petru sings "laid" by James and calls it "lazy" (thank you, thank you). My son loves Shakira, Rhianna, Eminem....makes up his own words. I drew the line at the Pump up kicks song though:)

    Glad homeschooling is going great. I knew it would.

    Yes, awesome about Brooks and they made such a smart choice. Keep figuring out why you run but do not stop:) Yes, the high cadence gig is great. Makes for easier and faster running, and less hamstring fatigue, too (I should know). I know all about the DOMS...I did 3 lunges a few months ago and was sore for one week:)

    Oh and you know I have seen every single of those runs in your log. Love it!

    Love 80s, 90s music. I recently got the hits of the 80s and 90s remixed with a faster rhythm. Awesome for running.
    DOMS - yes, a light workout and compression. Oh, and sleep. I combat everything with sleep.
    Well, we could say that the Brooks deal was an answered prayer for me too:)

  2. much good stuff in this post.

    First congrats on the Brooks ID and wonderful to have a prayer answered. It's interesting timing that you post this...well my sister and I had a conversation today where she basically told me that my running was selfish. She didn't come out and say that, but she just said, I could never spend 5 hours on myself and feel ok about it. That kind of hurt...not sure how to handle that.

    I love 80s music - especially Bon Jovi - I've seen them in concert 3 times. I totally think you could have them sing Livin' on a Prayer at church right?? Just change up the words a bit. Lol!

    Great job on the mileage and runs! I am just so amazed by fast runners.

  3. Bon Jovi - that is too cute! I wasn't really into hair bands during their day, but we ALWAYS sang that song at the piano bar we frequented when I worked in Disney World!

    A wise runner once told me to do lunges. Listen to her! ;)

  4. hate how that stupid doms always creeps up on me and plays me for a fool, why don't the muscles just retain the strength forever? that would be lovely :)

    lately i have been pondering a lot of thoughts about my life centering around fitness and if this is really a part of his plan for me, and then just like you the next day i had an email that i've been selected as a fitfluential ambassador. for me i think that this is a gentle reminder that while my heart pursues its own desires, i'm powered by him. what a great reminder.

  5. I believe God has given me the gift of the run in order to have a "voice" to set an example. While I'm known as a mental runner, I consider myself a spiritual one at my core.

    Re. weight training-keep it up, I think it's SO helpful!

    ...and yes, I have DOMS as I type this;)

  6. Ha ha about the prairie. :) So glad you got the Brooks thing. You truly inspire daily and I think they made a good choice. Great answer to prayer. For me, I had forgotten that I'd even applied and then when the e-mail came, it was a huge uplift. It was also sort of an answer to my prayer about why I'm blogging and if I want to continue...been in a rut. So with this Brooks thing, why yes, yes, I will continue to blog. :)

    I did Jillian Michaels once not too long ago and it put me out for a week. Haven't done it since. Ha. :) I do want to do more weights though. At least lunges and light hand weights.

    Lots of easy running for me too. Excited to be picking things up a bit here and there now.

  7. Love this post Raina! It made me smile! The only bad part is now the Bon Jovi song is stuck in my head :)
    I learned a lot this year about competition and how that looks in a believers life. I plan to share in an upcoming post the philosophy my sons football team taught on this subject. It really changed the way I looked at running and especially competing. It is based on the idea that athletics can be a form of worship to the Lord. I saw this heart attitude personified each week on the football field and it was life changing. I would say Raina that God is pleased with your running when you worship Him through it. I know you understand what that mean. Running is a gift from Him to you and I know He will continue to use it to draw you closer to Him.

  8. Hair bands are an important part of any child's education!

  9. Livin' on a prairie, take my plow and we'll make it I swear....ha ha! I love Bon Jovi!

    I'm looking at Amanda's comment. Interesting as that's almost exactly how I felt. Almost ended the blog and now....well, keepin' on!! Congrats Raina! Really an awesome rep you will be!

    Running for fun. Funny how some of the enjoyment has been lost out of that for me. I used to love to run without a watch, without a workout time goal, without even knowing exactly how far I'd gone....Now, I find this incredibly stressful-ha! I don't find quite the satisfaction or release in just going for a run when it's not a means to an end:) Maybe this will change again with time.

    I am not doing a lot of weights right now but I've been a lunging superstar. A few days of being stuck on the toilet and needing help to get off made me SWEAR not to let myself get to that point ever again-ha!

    Ahh-going to put on some Def Leppard right now:)

  10. i think running is the perfect time to talk to the Lord. He is there, listening and guiding our footsteps.
    I love how you shared that Raina!

  11. I have lots of prayers answered lately. Most to do with our wedding on 14 Jan. Right from day one the Lord has been guiding and showing us what where how when. Actually his been giving us quite a hard time for taking so long to finally take this step. :) I love 80's and 90's bands and music. My era that. I don't often battle with DOMs and I think it is just because I've been running for so long and nearly always 6 days per week.

  12. I was so excited when I read on FB that you got the Brooks gig :) (I get on FB like once a week so I was happy I didn't miss it) - definitely going to help with some of the expenses of racing and running for you and your family. YAY! The Brooks thingie I'm doing is through the local running store so a bit different than yours - not as "elite" :).

    I haven't been consistently hitting the gym like I should be and need to get back at it regularly. Just in a little funk, so to are always inspirational and I am always glad I pop over to see what you're doing, always uplifting for me. I will go to the gym today...and be sore tomorrow. Ha.

    Have a fantastic week!!

  13. It sounds like your children are hilarious! I always giggle at the stories you tell of them :D

    SO happy for your answered prayer! Way to go to the Lord and ask what HE wants for your life.. Gods plans are so much better than ANYTHING we could ever think of. I love that :)

  14. Living on a Prairie- I just love how kids think!! Congrats on the Brooks sponsorship too! My running buddy and I have often remarked on whether or not we could go back to running "just for fun" anymore. We both feel like at this time in our lives we want to compete, challenge and push ourselves. That IS fun to us. Someday we may decide to take a break and just go out and run with no goal or purpose but that is not where we are right now. I say just enjoy where you are now and what you are doing. God has blessed you with many talents- one of which is running and it's awesome that you are using it! :-)

  15. Thanks Jill- I am not an elite. Maybe some day....with Christ ALL things are possible.


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