Tuesday, December 6, 2011

November stats: Shrinking numbers (comments closed)

This one is just for the books.

November was a drop in mileage and hours spent running for me.
Miles: 192.5 mi
Hours: 26:10:44

The sacrifice of time on the road was centered around tapering and recovering from the two races I ran: the Run To Stay Warm half marathon, and the Turkey Trot four days later. In my head, I know that dropping miles is critical for me to race well. The cut was worth it!

Other stats:
Rest days: 7 ...What?? yes- seven.
Races: 2 one half marathon, one last-minute 4-miler.
Weight room days: 7 (need to work on this, but this mostly had to do with races. There was some laziness too)
Easy (or warm up) runs: 20 some were very short
Interval sessions: 2, but I would put the fartlek session into this category to make 3.
Threshold sessions: 2, but there was a tiny bit of T pace in the fartlek run, too.
Highest mileage week: 66 (first week in Nov., part of Oct.)
Lowest mileage week: 30 (week before the half)

Bring on the higher miles again... Easy running and safe, realistic (for me), building of volume will be the rest of my December and 2011 running goal.

2011 Jan1-Dec6
Total miles 2306.1
Total hours 316:16:01

2010 stats
Total miles: 2,589.1
Total hours: 360:20:40

Sure am glad I never made a mileage goal for 2011, because this would really bug me. Three more weeks left to 2011 and I have no plan to try and match last year's volume. :) That's OK. It means I won't be trying to run doubles 4 days a week just for the satisfaction of a particular number on 12/31. I did something crazy like that in 2009 and decided NEVER again. Haha.

Ah...God has been good to allow me to run without injury and have so much fun racing this month!