Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas, part 2: Barefoot decorating , Merry Christmas to ME!

Tree decorating has gone minimalist!

The Barefoot method is supposed to enhance the experience, feel more natural, and lend to faster decorating as well. I am skeptical, but others in my household are giving it a shot- over and over again.

I am pretty sure it is only a trend. Many of those who attempt this new style will try to decorate too much, too quickly, and will end up injured.

The big question is: Will the novelty wear off?

I have been considering minimalism, but you can be sure any attempt by me will also include THIS or THIS and probably THIS!

* I couldn't resist posting these photos after seeing THIS a while back - our kids are the same age, after all!
Yesterday I was EXCITED to receive a gift package from Secret Santa Karen! (Arranged through Jill's Bog gift exchange).

Inside were all SORTS of goodies: tea, honey stingers (I have never tried these in training, and had to eat one on the way home from the post office. They are tasty :) ), an assortment of GU gels, 2 bars, a flashing light AND an itunes gift card. Holy moly, that was GENEROUS. Thank you, Karen! I am also enjoying your witty blog now :)

I mailed my package off to my secret person  a few days ago, paid for priority, and HOPE it gets there in time. Come on USPS...don't fail me now!!!

Training stuff
There isn't a whole lot to report right now. I am still just working on increasing my volume and letting my body absorb that increase before I start adding in more intensity, (i.e. speed work).

These  V  are definitely making the job more enjoyable! My FAVORITE (neutral gait) trainers.

I haven't done any shouts out in awhile, but if you are looking for a interesting read check out THIS race report by a blogger who experienced her first ultra (ever) 16 weeks pregnant (with doctor's permission).


  1. Fantastic awkward Christmas photos to pull out when they start dating :p

    Hooray for secret santas!!!!!! Honey stinger waffles, YUM!

  2. Ha ha! Love the pictures. So cute and funny.

    My Running Shortz

  3. Great pics. Thanks also for sharing Karen's blog...

  4. Glad I found you blog, and thanks for the comment on my blog. :) I love the Ghosts, too. Merry Christmas!

  5. Cute pictures! I love how serious of a decorator he is!

  6. YAY for all your fun treats from your blog buddy!! I think I may need to pick Karen as my giver next year ;).

    I used to wear the Ghosts pre-injury but have to go more low heel-drop with my foot and Achilles so am going to try the new Pure Flow - I hope they work as great at the Ghosts did! You will love them.

    Love the minimalist decorating - hahah. Reminds me of when my son used to go outside to pee after a camping trip...he was standing naked at our blue spruce tree in the front yard (like your xmas tree) ... the neighbor called to tell me. Oy.

    Merry Christmas!!

  7. Ah! I should edit my post...I have been running in the Ghosts 4's since august, but the Ghost 3's were the shoe before that, after getting re-analyzed. I will enjoy working down to the pure flows, once a week maybe.

  8. Oh, my son would fit right in! I am all for minimalist decorating. Someday he will not get away with that, today is not that day:) I hope he did not decide that the tree needed to be watered though.

  9. Bahaha! That is hilarious AM. NO watering. Thank goodness! He is a BIG BOY.

  10. hah, the "minimalist" decorating is hilarious!

  11. ha ha! So funny. And loving your Brooks pick outs. I have not even looked at their site yet for shopping. Excited to see what they have. What??? Laurie is prego???? Must go check this out!!

  12. Love the tree decorating pictures. I don't think my wife would appreciate it if I took the minimalist approach :-).

    Nice haul from secret Santa. This is my first year doing Jill's secret Santa and had a lot of fun.

    Merry Christmas!

  13. Ha ha Raina! You're so clever:) This minimalist spin had me laughing! Love the pics. I really like the Infinity tights!!

    I got my Secret Santa gift sent out priority on Monday. It better get there! Great haul you got there!

    Have a great day girl:)

  14. Hmm, our tree is visible from the street - no minimalist decorating without my "neighborhood watch" neighbor calling the cops!! LOL, save those pics for his first prom date!!

  15. Hello Raina and thank you so much! I couldn't bring up your email, but want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Your Secret Santa gift did arrive today and while I played with the idea of waiting I couldn't. The flashing lights are awesome (I really needed them!) and the earrings beautiful! I've never tried the Power Protein Bites so I'm really excited to try them! I will look forward to following your blog and finding out more about you. Thanks again for your great gifts!

  16. what a fun box! karen was a great secret santa :) LOL at the the little gingerbread man. go minimalism! haha

  17. He is a clever decorator: cute pictures!
    You received a very nice package. Jill made a very good job with this "blog gift exchange".

  18. Looks like good times at Xmas!

    lol on the tree decorator.

    About the Brooks Ghost, I remember I tried that shoe on back when I was trying to buy new running shoes, but it just felt a little too soft for my taste.

    Funny, I think I got some pictures of the cheerleading coach for Oregon, I could post 1 next post if you are interested, haha

  19. You are so funny! I wish my mom would have censored my young child nudie shots!


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