Friday, November 4, 2011

Seven (7) Wonders

Somehow I ended up with two different "awards" that each make me list 7 things about myself. 

Conveniently, this happened in the same week, so I could take full advantage, merge the post into one whopper, and rename it the SEVEN WONDERS award. Will that make a third award now floating around like a virus in the blog world? Not sure. But, since I know I like reading other people's non-running posts, I will play along and TRY not to use the R word today.

I will THANK and link to the award givers here , here, and here!

Without further verbage, here are the seven things you  
never wondered about me:

1 I had never done a plank before 2 weeks ago. I tried one and was surprised to find out they really aren't for sissies!

2 There are two feelings that (I think) are beyond awesome: Cleaning my ear with a Qtip, and taking a HOT shower after a cold, wet, jog--feeling the sensation return to my skin.

3 As a child I had a few different pets. One was a hermit crab. They seem innocent enough, and I was a loving kid. So, I did what other loving kids do and took it to the bathroom, so I could kiss it in front of the mirror. Not sure why I need to see myself kiss a crab, but, whatever. While kissing  the crab, it took its claw and pinched my lip --with a totally unknown and unmeasurable force. I loved my crab, but it hurt like HeLLooo. Tears streamed from my face as my dad rescued me--jabbing a coat hanger into the crab until it released and my pet died.

4  One of my high school nick names was "Gumby".  This probably has more to do with what I look like hitting a tennis ball than my flexibility.

5  At the end of the eighth grade I made the mistake of trying out for high school cheerleading. We were allowed to have partners to try out with, and my partner and I spent countless days (like 3 or 4), practicing a routine we made up, at the park, with our boom box. When try-outs came, we had to audition in front of whoever came to watch. You might be surprised...This draws QUITE a crowd of people.  In the end, neither of us made the team. It seems one of us was not following the music like the other...not sure which one of us...but I was highly discourage at the time. No offense intended to anyone, but looking back, I think this was truly a blessing in disguise for me.

6  The first verse I memorized, (after John 3:16), is
1Corinthians 10:13  No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.

7 Sometimes I stay up very late researching. One recent research topic was "how to plank" which led to a discussion with my husband about "how to do the flag".... The answer wasn't settled until after 12:30 am, and seeing several Youtube videos like this one:

It is my honor to award this to seven other bloggers! If you have not yet been tagged with the "versatile blogger" or "Tell me About Yourself award", it's your turn! (only if you want to play). :)


  1. Oh Raina, this is too funny! Seriously laughing here. Not just an LOL but really laughing. :) you and the crab story. HOw traumatic!!! But so funny to read about. And your late night research. ha ha. Now I need to research a plank so I can try it out. The Cheerleading thing...sounds like everything turned out for good. Ha! I"m convinced that anyone great at long distance running doesn't have the rhythm for things like cheerleading, zumba, or dancing. At least not without a lip bite (personally speaking). :) Oh and my mom never let us use Qtips but once I discovered it....ahhh, no joke on incredible. Ha! And that shower after the long Oregon run...heaven...only thing that makes it better for me is grabbing a nice cold micro beer first. Best way to enjoy a beer! After a looong wet soggy run! Love ya. Thanks for making me laugh this week.

  2. I have to second Amanda on the laughing about the crab! Sorry about your lip, but thanks for the laughs! I love reading people's random facts!

  3. Ha, I sympathize about 8th grade cheer leading. I "helped" a friend with her tryout routine but was smart enough to stay behind the scenes. Not sure how much help I was, but she made the team.

  4. Yes to the Q tip! Little pleasures in life!
    I can see you as a cheerleader - blond, long legs, beautiful features. Still, I see you MUCH better as a speedy runner:)
    Staying up late researching..yes, I know! I have never researched a plank, though. And I have not done in over one year...oops!

  5. I love #2. Both of them! I have nearly drained an 80 gallon hot water tank in the shower after a winter run! Best feeling EVER.

    Oh my word-the crab story. I'm laughing at your lip AND the loss of your pet. I am NOT a good friend....

    This is a great list!!! OK-I disagree with AM. I cannot see you as a cheerleader-ha! You would surely look good in a cheerleading skirt though! Countless days (like 3 or 4) Bahahaha!

    I know nothing about late night researching:) I'm always in bed early!

    Have a great weekend:)

  6. #3 ! I laughed and then I felt sad for you.. poor thing!

  7. Hahaha... This is the best post I've read all week :). Not that I've read many but seriously made me laugh!! I'm not sure I ever thought anyone would Google "How to plank", but apparently there are videos, huh? :)

  8. OMG, this was great! Definitely sounds like you have quit the curious mind-so much you'd even kiss a crab! Can't say I ever heard of that before:)

  9. Sad for you ... and the crab. Did you kiss him with the hope he was a prince?
    Great post.

  10. I can't believe you've never done a plank before. I hate evidenced by my gut.

    The ONLY verse I've ever been able to memorize is John 3:16...

  11. I really enjoyed reading all 7 points. So funny and also great to learn these things about you. Super! My son (10) is currently on John 3:16 and looking for his next favorite verse. He found one the other night but then decided it was too difficult and he will leave it for when he is 13. have a good week!

  12. I cannot agree with #2 more!! I LOVE both of those. I will q-tip both of my ears at the same time and my mom just doesn't get how I can do it. We have this conversation probably 2 or 3 times a week when she picks me up for work and we do our ears together in my bathroom!

    Poor little crab. :(


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