Friday, November 11, 2011

The Prodigal RETURNS!

Some time ago, (August?), I discovered that a beloved friend had left me.
Only one word fits: Special

It had been my partner through two years of racing and training.

blog post photo
Eugene Marathon 2010

It had been there for me on runs where my eyes would have been blinded by bright sunlight, protecting my forehead from burning. It kept my head warm and dry when it rained for 13 18 straight miles once (well, most of the way)
Eugene Celebration Mile 2011. In the same race outfit?
Even though the flashing light died long ago, it was still my go-to hat. Bright and reflective, with a nice DON'T HIT ME, LOG TRUCK DRIVER look to it.

 I am not superstitious. However, I have wondered if the reason I did not go sub 40 in this race, or this one, or this one, was simply because I did NOT have my hat on.

My special hat...

Neon Yellow
Light broken (with no way to replace the battery)
Logo falling off
Edges frayed
Water repellent

But I have it back now.

It spent some time wasting away in town, and finally was found frolicking with some unsavory dust bunnies under family member's sofa.

Tonight I will celebrate its return with a feast.

Less extraordinary, but still reliable.
My other hat is a bit jealous, but it will have a place of honor too. It was faithful, dependable and there when I needed it.

Today I am thankful for the return of the lost.

Have you found anything you lost recently?  


  1. love it! I have a favorite hat too. Welcome back lost friend :)

  2. HAHAHAHA. You know the visor I'm wearing in, well, all my race photos?

    I found it in Yosemite in, hmm, 2001. I had it with me on our sailboat. It flew off my head overboard from the dinghy and I made my husband go back so we could dive for it and retrieve it. It went to New Zealand with me. It went to Ecuador with me. When I raced that horrible windy half in March I took it off and held it in my hand because I didn't want to lose it. I gave an aid station worker my tiara. I hung onto my visor.

    It is stained and frayed and I don't know how much longer it's going to last. If I lost it I would cry. I'm so happy you found your old hat again!

  3. Glad you got your lucky hat back! I don't have a favorite hat but I have a favorite sweatshirt. It has holes and is ratty but I just can't get rid of it!

  4. Ahh, it looks good on you too Raina! I'm so glad I got to not only see you in your special hat but I got to RUN WITH YOU while you wore that hat! Ha. :) Wish we could run together more often.

  5. Yes, magic hat that makes your legs pump faster and get you that sub-40!! I am VERY superstitious and know there are certain articles of clothing - even socks - that I have deemed lucky (or un), so I know how special that has is to you! :)

  6. Woohoo! Sub 40 here you come! :). So glad you found it. I found my spendy compression socks not too long ago. Not lucky socks but a frequently used item, nonetheless. :)

  7. I like this post because I suffer when I lose my usual running clothes, friends of many miles and many adventures.
    Moreover I don't want to throw all my clothes of the past (in heavy cotton, the technical items were unknown at that time): they will be always my best memories. I have again the outfit of the Navy that I wore in 1977 (yes I am old)!!!!

  8. OK, so i read this post last night and have been searching for a hat with a light. I did not know they made them. Totally worth it! I found one and will buy it bc I hate running with a head lamp.
    Glad you found the hat just in time for the HM:)

  9. I just wanted to tell you thank you so much for the 'ABC's' suggestion for my ankle. It seriously has helped SO much.

  10. Hooray!!!!
    Let's see...I found 4 of the 6 missing library books yesterday. Where the other two are will probably remain a mystery until a day after I have to pay the library in full for them.

    I think we're OUT for the turkey trot. Mai has been sick off and on for the last two weeks and has done NO running. I think the 4 miles are just too much for her at this time. I'm also dealing with some yucky ankle and foot pain. Darn it!

  11. That's the famous hat in your blog header! You need that hat!

  12. Oh I'm so happy you found the hat!! Now you go put a leash on that thing!

  13. Yay for finding your hat!!! Sometimes stinky pieces of clothing are the most beloved :)

    I lost a bracelet that I wish I could find!!

  14. Ha!! I have a favorite hat too! Well, I actually have two now... I bought another because I needed a back-up. They are both white, dry-fit Nike visors. I wear it for all my runs. I totally get the importance of a good hat! Glad you found yours!

  15. haha nice that you got a new hat!

    That Stanford-Oregon game was painful to watch, Stanford played their worst game since the last time Stanford lost to Oregon last year. Oregon just demolished Stanford, they are in a whole nother league than Stanford is. You guys deserved to trounce us the way both teams played. Hopefully you guys will get to play in the National Title game or Rose Bowl. Stanford should still finish at 11-1, and hopefully they will still go to a BCS bowl somewhere (maybe Fiesta or Sugar)

  16. Ah!!! Your lucky charm back just in time! I have an old Under Armour Visor that is my favorite but honestly it is so nasty that I really think I'm going to need to retire it. Maybe one last race, Boston 2012 perhaps:)

    I need to lose something so I can find it and celebrate with Salmon!!! Joe is traveling. We are eating cereal as I'm just not into cooking for my family-ha!

    Nice run yesterday!!

  17. Glad you got your hat! I've got a favorite one too and would be very sad to lose it.
    Thanks for stopping by today. I know how you feel about being blessed by accident. Hope you have a great day!

  18. My mind! LOL

    In all seriousness, sometimes it's the little things that make such a difference for us.

    ...that and now I'm strangely craving salmon!

  19. One thing after watching that Stanford-Oregon game, Lamichael James is insane. I don't know how he isn't in the running for the Heisman trophy. He should be. Right now I'd give it to Lamichael James instead of Andrew Luck, he just seems better to me.

    And while USC might be a tough game for Oregon (I still see you guys winning by 10-15 or so), you guys will smash Oregon State by 40 or so.


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