Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It must be Race Week

Sure signs it must be race week
Weekend weather forecasts for Eugene call for a chance of snow (28-34 F lows).... That doesn't happen often in Duck-ville, but last year there was snow twice: Thanksgiving weekend, and then again in April, (I think). I don't mind snow, but I would prefer not to race on it! We are not equipped for winter weather around here, and drivers, as well as runners, are likely to act a little crazy.

I came down with a teensy little cold this week. This is deja-vu!!. I was sick the same week, same race (Run to Stay Warm) last year. I had a lot of fun though, meeting up with a few OR bloggers (Kim, Laurie, and Fruit Fly) and walking away with a 6 minute PR that day.
Laurie, Kim and I on the course

I know I can't expect an automatic PR anymore. As as I gain experience, I see that any PR I can earn will be significant and require good training, study of the course, great race plan execution and everything else to "fall in place" on race day (i.e. God's intervention and blessing for it). You could say that I am completely unsure of what to expect this year- but hoping for the best.

Rundown since last training post:

11/7 Rest
11/8 Fartlek 8.6 mi 1:06:13 7:45
11/9 Easy 5.8 mi 49:58 8:37
11/10 Rest
11/11 Easy 10.7 mi 1:30:12 8:27
11/12 Easy 8.0 mi 1:06:02 8:16
11/13 Weights (Again..only one time this week-  Pathetic!)
11/13 Threshold 11.0 mi 1:24:11 7:39 (wu, 3x10 minutes @ T pace, 3 minutes E pace between)
This actually went really well. I drove to do threshold running on a flat area. It was daylight and I was able to hit the paces. Perhaps a bit of a long workout for a week out, but it felt great! 
11/14 Easy 5.5 - G battery low, 8:21 pace
11/15 Rest day

Plan for the week:
  • Sleep in at every opportunity. This is not hard because my kids have been sleeping in and I am a stay-home mom. School is starting late this week. 
  • Drink lots and lots of fluids. I made a killer vegetable beef soup from prime rib leftovers. Yum!
  • Get in a few miles here and there, probably take Saturday completely off.
  • Go in for a pre-race massage with Carol at Massage Central (She has promised to go easy on me!)
  • Spend the night at Hotel Mom and Pop before my race. 
Random Thankfulness
  • I am grateful that we were able to pay our property taxes. Having a place to call our own is a gift I hope to never take for granted. I often find myself grumbling about circumstances, but really, we have been blessed just to have shelter and clean water. So many are without.
  • I am grateful for my husband who A) has a strong desire to provide for all of us, and, B) has been faced with some very difficult decisions recently. I am so glad that he has been seeking God's guidance in his decision making- and setting an example for the rest of my family. Though I sometimes try to take charge in our home, I am very fortunate not to have the responsibilities he has on myself.
  • I am grateful for home school. This has NOT been as easy as I had hoped, but I am seeing my son grow as a reader before my eyes. 
  • I am thankful for friends and family who have reached out to me and cared for me in unexpected ways that I really needed.
  • I am thankful for a taper and a good excuse to REST UP, even if this race ends up being a training run. :)
Other random stuff:
I finally merged my two Athlinks accounts into one. This is nice! The new merge shows all my races except a few that had results that were never published online. Lots of Personal Worsts and pregnant races. SWEET. Do you ever use Athlinks?


    1. Because I am practically a professional, (ha!) I shall now give you some advice for this weekend's race.... don't run into any people or garbage cans!

      I will have to cheer from home. I kind of didn't register, and I want to do 8 miles this weekend. So more than a 10K, less than a half. AND I have to help my mom shop for Thanksgiving dinner and prepare her house for the holiday. I love this time of year!

      So GO TEAM!!!!

    2. ooooh, a Raina post. Can't wait to have some reading time tonight! I'll be back.

    3. Back sooner than expected. Never used Athlinks. Not even sure what it is...perhaps I should check it out? Sounds like you have a great taper plan! Sleep is so important. I hope that I'll be able to sleep on the red eye flight I am taking to Boston on Friday night/sat morning (our attempt to get to Boston on Saturday and still enjoy the day but not leave our kids for too long...maximizing time in Boston and minimizing time away from our children. Some might see the red eye flight as really STUPID only 2 night before Boston but we shall see. Maybe I'll take a really strong shot that will knock me out. ha!

      I have really great hopes for you in this race Raina. Really excited to see you run. Your training has been so strong and you've been so smart. You've definitely been blessed with a gift to run...excited to watch you unfold more and more over the next few years.

      Hoping for no snow this weekend for your sake. And yay for reading progress! This is awesome! Thanks for the laughter this week again Raina! Your sense of humor gets me every time ...few people who make me seriously laugh out loud...a real laugh....I smile a lot and laugh but you really make me laugh..this is good for training so I will keep you least until Boston is over. ha ha. xo

    4. Yes, it is race week. Did I ever tell you that I always get sick before important races that I taper for? Somehow though, they never affect me and I end up feeling good race day. You are right, the fitter we get, the more it takes to get the PRs. I no longer expect 10 min PRs in marathons, ha! I love your thoroughness with the race prep. You are going to have an amazing race, no matter the weather. I have my own prediction which I am not telling to you:) You've had an amazing season of speed, and I cannot wait to see what you will do at this distance, which I think is a GREAT one for you! Go get 'em! I'll be anxiously waiting to hear the result!
      Oh, and I love that you were snoopy! The ONLY ONE, ha!

    5. Somebody once told me to run the tangents...oh yeah, that was you! Good luck...and if I remember right, don't you have a birthday sometime soon? Happy Birthday! So sorry I won't be there this weekend, but looking forward to reading all about it.

    6. Great job on the mileage! I love your random thankfulness points and the reminder to not forget gratitude for the little things.

      Enjoy the taper!

    7. Just looked myself up on Athlinks. They don't even have Boston for me but they didn't miss any of my slow races-ha ha! Actually only my Marathons and HM's. How do they gather data I wonder? Would be nice to get all my races on there somehow.

      When's your birthday?

      I ran 1K's in snow last night and if it's just coming down nice and there's no wind and it's not slippery I love it-really not bad-well it's bad if you get hit by a car I guess...... Anyway, if it MUST snow, I hope this is the situation for you(not the part about getting hit by a car-ha) We'll just hope it doesn't snow though!

      I'm glad you're getting some extra sleep. I think you have a little more than a teensy little cold here but lots of rest, lots of fluids, and the fact that you whooped up an awesome race last year in similar circumstances should be reassuring for you!!

      You are so right about PR's but I think you have some big ones coming still!!! Big BIG ones! Automatic-NO, but more rewarding I think to really have to work for them! I hope you get a great massage. I sure hope I don't have to spend all day Sunday being a super sleuth again this year:):):)

      Love your random thankfulness. I'm randomly thankful for YOU and how much you've inspired and encouraged me in running and otherwise... Hoping you wake up with a clear head and a fire in your legs on Sunday morning! I will send you a Ham if you PR....and not a Spam ham either-ha!

    8. I LOVE athlinks! I often go there to look up the races of people I've just met... its a little stalky and very fun :)

      Good luck this weekend!!

    9. I like reading your posts. Good luck this weekend - remember: God is on your side. :)

    10. I like Athlinks. My name makes it easy to find my times--and yep all the slow ones are there.

      GOOD LUCK with your race, Raina. The sleeping in part.....ahhh! I was hoping to do that today (no race, just travel this weekend), but my poor little girl is sick again. We'll see how my long run goes tomorrow!

    11. Woot! Good luck in the race - and yeah, I seem to get sick before a lot of races. Calls for Extreme Taper.

      I am on Athlinks! I admit I tend to use it mostly to look up how well other people who are running the races I'm doing are likely to run :whistle:

    12. You and I have discussed Athlinks at length I think :). There are no races from when I lived in Alabama (5 years, and I raced about everything then) nor when I raced in high school and college in Iowa. Alabama is always behind the times, I think.

      Hope your little cold goes away quickly and I'm thankful you get to sleep in a little this week to help combat that thing. Race strong this weekend and have a blast!!!!!

    13. I really hope it doesn't snow and that your cold goes away before the race! These things always seem to happen no matter when we sign up for races, right? I am very jealous your kids are sleeping in. How do you manage that? My youngest still hasn't figured out the time changed!! Enjoy the taper!

    14. Good luck!

      I almost never assume I'll run a PR. I ran so much faster in college that I have to set goals based on how I'm running now and not be so focused on a PR. I do think I have some more half and full marathon PR's in me though. I'm betting you PR. You've been running pretty darn fast...

      I've signed up with Atlinks and made sure most of my races were there, but haven't really been back there much. Do you use it for anything besides race tracking?

    15. Eeek! Good luck! I hope your cold goes away! I like going on Athlinks...shows me how much progress I have made as a runner! Prayers for your hubby...what a great example he is being for seeking God.

    16. I hope that everything went well in the week-end.
      Wise thoughts about the PR, I agree. Now it is impossible for me to earn new PR established 20/25 years ago.


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