Monday, November 7, 2011

Half Marathon Taper, little updates on L I F E w/ photos

Week in Review
11/6/2011 Weights
11/6/2011 Long/E 17.1 mi 2:21:25 8:16

11/5/2011 threshold 6.7 mi 50:23 7:29 avg, 27 minutes T pace- 6:40 goal
4x1 mile w 1min rests

11/4/2011 Easy 6.6 mi 54:58 8:22, PM Easy 5.5 mi 46:00 8:23

11/3/2011 Weights
11/3/2011 Easy 7.4 mi 1:03:17 8:36

Fall:  the best running season here (next to spring, summer and winter)
11/2/2011 Interval 11.8 mi 1:33:21 7:54 avg, 24 minutes Interval pace
1.5 warmup, 6x 4minutes I pace/2 minutes recovery , Goal Interval pace= 6:09/mile
Rating this 9/10 on effort. Really should do this on a flat stretch, but daylight is limited and I didn't give myself time to drive to run the flat areas. COLD but no frost.

10/31/2011 Easy 10.1 mi 1:23:52 8:20 Got teased by my neighbor (while running) for running the candy off :)

I will be winding down my training for the November 20th half marathon. I have spent the last 6 weeks or so rebuilding my mileage base, mostly in the long run, since the 5-15k training ended in mid September. Truthfully, it only took a little shifting around of miles - and the legs are generally a bit happier going slower one more day a week. It did feel like I had been "missing out on something" after I had my first run over 2 and a half hours in who-knows-how-long. I like the feeling of being spent by duration, not just effort in speed. I spent an evening pouring over my log trying to compare last years stats with this year's and finally quit. I am where I am, and God will handle it for me.

 Time to reduce the running a bit if I want a good race. I aim to taper for 10-14 days. Feeling nervous that I can't match the calculators...time to re-read the last bold sentence..over and over again.

Around home

We are artists...
Make that: ONE of us is an artist. :)

Home-made baguette?
Will this be our Christmas card photo ??

OR maybe this one.

For believers
Please click here if you have time to pray for a pastor in another country. He is facing the death sentence for  refusing to recant his faith.


  1. Matthew and Nathan could be twins and I love the first of the two Christmas card options and the Maple leaves are GORGEOUS!!!!

    You are where you are YES, but you are in a very good place Raina! A very very good place! I have great faith that this race is really going to showcase all that work you put into 10K training. You've kept up your endurance AND built your speed. Your resting a bit, you are a proven GREAT racer, the calculators are absolutely indicative of your ability, NO doubt there. PLUS, you have a SUPER virtual cheering squad!!! Be aggressive, be be aggressive, B. E. A. G. G. R. E. S. S. I. V. E! The one and only cheer I know. You probably practiced this one while prepping for your tryout-ha ha!

    Really though, I wholeheartedly believe you are capable of a big time PR and I've seen EVERY workout you've run since last fall:)

    And backing up here to your training, I understand that feeling of enjoying being spent by duration and not just effort in speed. I'm feeling the opposite-somewhat anxious for that speed spent feeling right now!

    I WANT some of that bread!!!!!

  2. Yeah, what Jenn said. And....

    Your kids are so beautiful! Seriously! And those trees! Ahhh, i love fall in Oregon...this has got to be one of the prettiest falls I've seen in awhile. So perfect.

    Love that squash (squash?) art! So cool.

    I am so excited to see you run this half marathon. No pressure or anything...ha! But it certainly is fun knowing that I have a race to cheer for soon! :)

    I'll be e-mailing you soon. Might have to go pass out right now and e-mail in the morning. Long day. xo Love ya girl!

  3. That's interesting about comparing last year's numbers ... I've spent the last week doing that too. I really want to run fast in two weeks at Tulsa, but just don't think I'm where I need to be. You are exactly right, at this point there's no need to worry about it - it'll just happen or wont! I think I might have told you this, but I can't remember - I really love your blog header, it's really well done! Have a great week.

  4. Cute kids, colorful trees and great looking bread! I hope you have a great time at the race - they're always a little nerve-racking, but exciting. So sad about the pastor.

  5. Yes to the bold statement!
    Adorable kiddos--your holiday card will rock for sure. Love the autumn crafts.
    Enjoy your taper!

  6. I love the fall photos:) Good luck to what ever goal you have set for yourself... you are SUPER speedy so I am sure you will rock it.

  7. IT all feels right -- does it not? There is no doubt about your abilities - a clear mind is all that you need now.

  8. I love that you are just letting it go and giving it to God. I love the gourd art. Those were really cute!

  9. Your kids are so dang cute, Raina! And look at all the projects you do with them, hiding under the table over here, LOL.

    OK, you running! You have worked so hard this summer at speed, have an almost sub 40 RECENT 10K, have build up your endurance more than needed for a HM, you are tapering...You are in GREAT shape for a PR. In fact, I don't think there was anything you could have done to put yourself in a better shape than you are. I would bet money that you are going to PR. The question is, by how much. I will be cheering you on. Believe:)

  10. "I am where I am, and God will handle it for me." I absolutely love this! Enjoy the taper, you will have a super half marathon. Stunning photos! I'll be praying for sure.

  11. Love the photos! Those leaves are gorgeous. I wish our trees looked like that here.

    LOVE THIS = "I am where I am, and God will handle it for me." SO TRUE :)

  12. "I am where I am, and God will handle it for me". I'm going to be repeating this to myself over and over again. LOVE this!
    Those pictures are just beautiful..both of the Christmas card options are great.

  13. I saw the song lyrics you posted and I guess took down. I love that song, we sing it at church sometimes.

    Have to go check out this pastor story - yikes! He will be rewarded for his faith. Just like the girl at Columbine.

  14. What an awful story about that pastor...praying!

    My Dad used to have a saying he would repeat to me when I played softball, "Do your best and let God do the rest." I find myself repeating it still to myself when I am worrying about runs. I love your sentence as well!!

  15. This post makes me want to run .... and eat a lot of yummy bread!!

    I'm still toying with November 20th. I kind of want to enjoy my free single-girl weekends again. :-) !!! But I kind of think it would be fun to maybe even do the 5K or 10K. I should probably decide soon!

  16. Portland was a lot of fun to visit! The trees looked gorgeous all around the city, I think fall would be my favorite time of year in Portland.

    My brother lives in Portland, and I ended up flying instead of driving to save on time.

    Your pics above are great, they really remind me of the trees in Portland.

    Can you believe that Oregon vs Stanford is this Saturday? I've been waiting for this game ever since Stanford last game ended in January. It should be a great one!

  17. Hey Raina!! I have been thinking of u lately! Sorry I haven't emailed or texted. Not sure if you regularly get texts? Do u use your cell every day? Anyway... I am super excited AND curious to see you run this half!! I think u are going to exceed all your expectations! I agree wih Jenn, that 10k training will pay off!!!! Taper away and enjoy a bit of rest!!!xxx

  18. I wish I lived closer so I could train with you! I am doing very similar workouts- except I am not quite as up there on the number of weekly miles yet. Great job! I'm sure you are going to have an awesome half!!


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