Wednesday, November 2, 2011

October Stats

Don't feel compelled to comment. This one is just some records for the books today.

I had to make some adjustments to my log yesterday after I realized I had made an error. It was only one little mistake, but rather significant. :)

After deleting an entry, I have a more accurate log. And the two people who check my training tab can stop worrying for me :)... If I ever run 18 miles twice in one day, I hope you give me a cyber slap--or ask me if I am trying to hurt myself. Ultras don't count....but I won't do any secretive ultra training...promise!!

(Note to self: make sure you have had enough coffee before doing stats.)

Feeling pretty good about this! I'm on a climb!!
October: 265.7 mi
Time running: 36:53:51
Average: 8:20 / mi
Rest days: 5
Races: 0
Ice baths: 2

Other fun facts for October:
Three-pound containers of 2% cottage cheese eaten: 4-5
Gallons of 2% milk consumed by me: 4-5
Mini candy bars eaten:   266 (give or take)

Looking forward to posting 7 random facts soon. :)


  1. So, I did not see the double 18 miler, ha! And I never worry about you, you know what you are doing here:)

    Yes, on a climb, a 20+ miler and one 18 miler even though marathon training has not started. Nice work! Super excited for Eugene! Bummed you are not doing Boston. Just know you have an open invitation at my place any year you decide to do it:)

  2. Ah! You are too fast, AM!! I was editing :)

    I sure picked the wrong year to do Boston. I WILL come back to exact my revenge and hope to take you up on your offer :))

  3. I'm right with ya on the mini-candybars eaten stat! :-)

  4. Holy charts! Love it...I'm looking at your data with Waylon right now and wrapping my head around it. You are amazing. Wow, wonderful October girl!!! And some great long runs. You are set up with a GREAT base for Eugene training!!

  5. Ha ha! I'm with AM-never worry but when I saw the 18 and then 18.08 I really did wonder for a second if you did an ULTRA double. Only for a second though...albeit an extended second:)

    NICE climb. 265 miles! Great job AND your avg. pace is up AND you're running 20's and 18's before you even kick off here AND you make me SO EXCITED to be training!!!

    HOLY SMACK. 4-5 gallons of milk! From someone who hasn't had a glass of milk since 4th grade, that's A LOT!! Maybe you could get a milk sponsorship!! I'm with you on the cottage cheese. I down that stuff too!

    I'm looking forward to your random facts too!! Yes, I so wish you were running Boston...I will have to wait until next summer to see you....will be asking for your autograph by then:)

  6. By the way, I did see your double 18 miler but I just figured it was a mistake. I noticed that one had your pace and the other only the distance. So there's another person that checks your training...ever since our e-mail about that I have vowed to be better at following the training plans of those that I love. :) And it helps that I'm in training mode too.

  7. Hahaha! Oops!

    266 CANDY BARS?!?!?! I can't believe you actually counted....

  8. What if I want to comment? :) Where do you track your training. It is WAY cool and now we all want to watch! :) Have a great day/night!!!

  9. and I LOVE your stats :) Specially the candy :)

  10. Your mileage is awesome and worthy of some serious respect.

    But....2 ice baths? I believe this deserves more kudos than anything. While helpful, they are pure misery.

    Nice job this month!

  11. Whoa, 40 mile long run?!!? Oops!! I actually entered in a few runs twice last night, oddly enough:0

    I see you're taking your ice baths. Good girl! I have a few tricks for those if you're interested....

  12. I love hot detailed and analytical you are with your training. You had a great October!

  13. secretive ultra training... you do make me laugh at times. Love it.

    Your numbers are great! I'd love to be able to run double 18s. btw- where do you track your numbers? good graphing.

  14. I am in serious awwwww! I love the random facts and totally re-thinking my milk and cottage cheese intake! L-O-V-E the charts, I've always kept track of my mileage the old fashion way with pen and paper but those charts are soooo techno-coolness :)Thanks for the super sweet comment on my blog!

  15. Great job on all the mileage. Love the super organized charts too! I'm sure all the milk is keeping your bones nice and strong! You can tell I'm coming back after a stress fracture... :-)

  16. Mmm, cottage cheese. I can't keep up with your running, but perhaps I can on the cottage cheese consumption!

  17. A great running (and eating mini candy bars) october!


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