Monday, October 31, 2011

Registered!, a SPONSOR? , and a MARATHON in April

Yesterday I registered for a November 20th half marathon! I don't like a Sunday race, but It's been at least a year since I have done one- and this is the closest among the certified courses for me. It should give a good starting reference for marathon training, which I will do to gear up for the Eugene Marathon, April 29th.

I have enjoyed Vdot training, since I started in May of this year. But, I haven't spent much time hashing out my training schedule yet, just spent a lot of time researching a couple of sticking points with following a Daniels marathon plan.
What are my hangups, you might ask? Just these two:
  • Long run should not exceed 25% of total mileage for the week (that means 80 MPW in order to run a 20 miler)
  • Long run should not exceed 2.5 hours (this would limit me to 18- maybe 20 miles, if I ran an intense 20 miler)
After some research (and a lot of muffled grumbling about not having the perfect plan at my finger tips), I decided that my best option is to just go with one of Daniels' plans (for volume increases and most workouts).  I will have to trust that I know my own body well enough to exceed his mileage cap and time limit. I cannot begin to imagine going to race a marathon with less than several 20 milers and one good 22 miler. The justification I will use comes from JD. Daniels suggests that runners "should gear their training toward racing for a particular period of time, such as 4 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or a few hours, as opposed to a particular distance." (pg 213, Daniels' Running Formula)" Yes, time on the feet causes wear and tear, costs recovery time, but I am going to go on the evidence that I can handle it. As long as I keep the other training stimuli in check: i.e. the speed work.

I am really very excited about this training cycle! It will be a year since my last 26.2 race, but the lessons are still quite fresh in my mind. Things I plan to do differently are:
  • Run at marathon pace within some of my runs. This is not an easy pace for me to find!! My legs either want to speed up or slow down. I should practice it from time to time, though my opinion is that MP is not all that useful for speed development, just confidence. I could use a truck-load of confidence, however. It's essential to racing well.
  • I fully intend to listen to my body if it starts to speak up. I have NO need to deal with injury again, especially if there is a race on the calendar. Last marathon cycle, I knew something felt "not right" for at least one or two runs before the whole 3-week layoff (when I should have peaked) took place. A week off with no running costs little in fitness, but can save a goal race.
  • My peak has not yet been determined, but I plan to find it BEFORE I start officially training. Yes...that's right. I am trying to find a peak for my marathon NOW. Then when training starts, it will not be new territory. Maybe 70-75 MPW? I am too far out to go much beyond 70, unless maybe I ...
  • Incorporate some doubles.
  • That will require that I go to bed earlier! :)
  • Since I did NO racing in my last training cycle I missed out on some awesome opportunities to PR in the 5k and 10K, while getting in a great workout. Instead, I opted to run my workouts as time trials and wound up with nothing to show for it. This time I hope to race a few times building up to my marathon, all shorter races- 10K or 5K, probably NOT a half marathon anywhere near my peak or taper, just because the recovery would take me 2 weeks!
  • This bullet I am VERY excited to list. Carol Duncan, LMT, has offered to support my training and racing by providing her skill in massage therapy! I couldn't be more thrilled about the prospect of regular visits to her.


  1. WOw this is so exciting! I'd have the same hangups as you do with the Daniels plan. BUt that said I know a couple of people who have done SO well with it.
    Congrats on the sponsor--sounds like the best gig ever! Massage therapy is music to my muscles! Enjoy it.

  2. A teaser post......I am looking forward to reading more. Nice - massage therapy; never tried it myself.
    No words of wisdom from the good book? maybe the next one.?.

  3. Massage therapy ROCKS!! I'm so excited you are doing Eugene!! It's going to be SO SO SO fun!!!

  4. sdjfhjkhjkhjkehrhuivhuisafdhfkjvhk. Right back atcha.

    First, SUPER pumped about the half which I think is going to be killer distance for you!! Also, excited to see that you are for SURE doing Eugene! Thanks for the page number:) I have all the confidence in the world that you will execute a fantastic training cycle. A fantastic training cycle followed by a MASSIVE PR in April. All my money on you! Shoot, that's not much right now-ha!

    I agree MP is not necessarily useful for speed development as is not the necessarily the goal there. Speed is necessary for speed development. That being said, I think it has far more benefits than just confidence:)

    I am so with you on the going to bed earlier. And the listening to your body and more races....

    Nice job on 18:)

    I am TERRIBLY jealous of your masssage therapy opportunity. TERRIBLY.

  5. Hurray for the racing news. I am so happy you pulled these off, ha!

    OK, so I have to say something about your statements on your injury during Boston training. I think injuries are part of the game and no matter how hard you try, they are bound to happen. Heck, elites get them all the time. I think one week off during peak training is going to hurt one's marathon, particularly if that person is over 35, and even more over 40. I think it is easy to look back and say, yes, there were signs for an injury, and I should have stopped. But, what if the pain would have gone away? Can you think back of instances when this happened? I will say that when I trained for Baystate I had 2 weeks of constant arch pain, every run, with every shoe; I did not stop, and it went away. I was aware that was a choice I made and it could have meant injury, but I believe one needs to take risks in marathon training to see the PRs. So, my point is that you should not feel bad/guilty for your past injury:)

    As always I love that Raina thinks for herself. Always. I admire this gretely about you:) You ask, you listen, but you think for yourself:) I know that you are going to have an amazing HM and marathon, and am so excited about watching you get faster and faster.

    I agree with Jenn. MP running will not make you faster, but it will create adaptations that will make your body run more efficient at that pace.

    And the massage gig, HUGE score here!

  6. Thanks AM! YES...Eugene, 2010 was fraught with mysterious tendonitis that I iced and ran through on my 4 day running week. :) It's hard to tell sometimes when to rest and when to run...

  7. Are you running to stay warm on 11/20? Good luck!

  8. Love this! So excited for you and excited to watch you go through it all. How awesome to be sponsored. I find myself very blessed with a sister who is a LMT and altho sometimes I take a back burner to paying clients she always fits me in and it is such a help! Wishing you the best week ever!!!

  9. yay for eugene!!! that is one killer sponsor for sure!!! Can't wait to see what is in store for you, raina.

  10. What a fabulous sponsor! Excited to follow your training. Go eugene!

  11. Congrats on a sponsor! You will do great at the half marathon!

    And did you watch the Stanford vs USC game? I was there, insanity!!

    I'm actually going up to Portland for the Oregon State vs Stanford game this weekend (my brother lives in Portland), and I already can't wait for the Oregon vs Stanford game in 2 weeks!

  12. Woo-hoo!! I am so so soo excited for you :)

  13. Soooo glad you posted this on facebook or I would have missed it since I am such a bad blog follower anymore. I get on there and if I see a few at the top of my roll, I click but then I miss things a lot! Can't wait to have a chance to devour this!! I hope we get to talk marathon training next week!!! I'll be back in a bit after I have some Samuel/Mommy time!

  14. Awesome on the massage!! Sweet! What do you mean you are too far out to go above 70-75? I didn't understand this. Um, I hear ya on the go to be earlier gig! Definitely. I am still going back and forth on what to do with my training. I like some of Run Faster but I don't agree with everything for sure. HIs long runs seem too intense for me...too long at marathon pace...just seems like a train/injury wreck waiting to happen for me. Daniels, on the other hand...hmmm, I don't really know enough yet since I still need to read up. Waylon has though and so he has been a great sounding board. I might have to figure out a way to combine the two. Right now, mileage at 8:30s seems nice. So glad you are racing some this time! I want to figure that out too! I'd like to find some 10ks and a half marathon. 5ks...uggg, I guess so. :) Maybe. Really excited to have some coffee with you or a run in Eugene. I'm so in training running talk mode so I will be able to hold a good conversation about all that number, charts, analytical that usually make me roll my eyes. I don't know what to say about the long runs. All I know is that for my first marathon I don't think I went over 18 or maybe I got to 20 once. And almost all of my running was done at 8 min pace and I had repeat 800's one day a week. That was my fastest marathon. But that means nothing really since I was only 24 or 25 and now I'm close to a decade older so harder to compare. :) Whatever you decide, I think it will serve you well my friend. I love reading about your training!

  15. I feel like this is a foreign language to me ... but have fun doing it! Are you doing the EWEB again? Or a different race?

  16. Very exciting!!!! That's awesome! Can't wait to follow your training!

  17. Yay for massage! can be such a blessing! Im going for one at our clinic tomorrow:):) I almost did the run to stay warm half last year...good luck! you will do GREAT Raina!!! Funny....My coach just told me today that a half is not a great idea during boston training b/c it takes too long to recover so we'll see. he said he would love me to do lots of 5 and 10k's though...just not sure I have the time. I am also really excited for you to run the Eugene marathon! you are going to do amazing Raina!!!!

  18. Oooh, I'm so excited for you!! As you probably have seen on my sidebar, I have a massage sponsor and I think it is perhaps the most useful of all of them-especially when running pretty stout mileage.

    Smart training perspective too, work the system, have a little faith, and watch it all unfold:)

    Hmmm, now to just get you a mascot?!

  19. That is so awesome that you are getting training and racing paid for while getting massages, could there be anything sweeter? I think NOT! Congrats on that gig, very envious over here in blizzard world (we are getting a huge snowstorm as I sit here and type).

    I love to use the expression: we're all an experiment of one! No two elite runner have the exact same plan, even when coached by the same coach. So you do what works for you, you know your body best. I do think as seasoned runners, we tend to push too much and one day, perhaps, pay the price.

    Excite about Eugene :).

  20. @ Jill- sorry if I was misleading! I meant that Massage Central will be providing me with massage therapy services. If I am blessed enough to find endorsement with shoes/gear/race entry fees I'll be sure to let you know.

  21. Wow, a weekly massage! That would be *wonderful.* I try to get one a month and I always feel so much better afterwards.

    I am going to play with getting to over 50 miles per week with this training cycle. Maybe someday I can go higher. Baby steps....Good luck to you with that! I'll be following with great interest!

  22. OH wow, thats a huge plus for a sponsorship! you will need it. COngrats and so good to hear things are going well.

  23. Yea YOU!!! I don't know how you cannot have a truck-load of confidence. I am in awe of you every time I read a race report.


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