Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's the little things ...

Random bullets and photos today!

My (biggest) Little Man getting his muscles on... 
We have no idea who he is dressed up as. Probably everyone else reading knows, but we don't watch TV (except for the Amazing Race and Survivor over the internet). He wants to be called "Eagle Head".

Freshly painted lines on the road. 
I LOVE this. Much easier to see the fog line while running with the headlamp.

I think I saw a swan on my run Friday. I haven't seen swans in the wild before. Not sure what type it is, since my camera doesn't have a lot of optical zoom. I think it might be a tundra swan since we are in the right range.

Saw an elk herd the same day. Definitely in their native area, still cool to see though. 
We played a game of "sneak, charge and run" again.
The tree in our yard is one of the prettiest around here!  Most of the trees in our area are evergreen, or go straight from green to brown, skipping yellow, orange and red. This one flames up very nicely! It seems to be a different color each day.

These are just a few of the little things that bring me joy!

  • Racing announcements:  
Half marathons
I am looking at a half marathon sometime in November or December. Super bummed not to be able to do the first year of the Runaway Pumpkin half, but I (am still in detention) don't think that's going to work out. Several options are out there. We shall see what comes up!
I am about 90% sure I will race in the Eugene Marathon in May (barring that I am uninjured, etc...). I will try to sign up as soon as I can (to get the discount). As much as I would like to train using a Jack Daniels marathon plan, I have ran into a stumbling block there. Don't get me wrong...I LOVE Daniels Vdot training and think it has worked well for me- just not sure any of his marathon plans will work for me.
I may expand on that in a future post.
OK...the truth is...I really have no idea when I am going to race again. Life is a wild roller coaster ride and I am just hanging on for my sanity. But, I will run as if I am training for something...sometime. I do still have a free race entry for Turkey day... :)
  • Training Run-down
The newest fad is learning to run with 9 toes.
If you ever wondered, the little toe is really not essential to running an easy pace. I might have taught my kids a few new words when I accidentally kicked the sofa yesterday. So far so good, though. Looks like I am able to proceed, as long as I don't try to do any side-to-side running. You also aren't likely to see me in a basketball stance, though that wasn't much of an issue before either...
    • Blogger upgrades
    I have been playing around with the blogger templates and thought I might change to the new "DYNAMIC" templates. But I noticed a few things that kept me from doing the change-over: No header photo, no font / color options that I could find, no gadgets (?) and the HTML scripts I use for my training tab are not supported- so the instant mileage posting would be non-existent. Boo. They do have a nice look to them though, and the flip cards, etc...are pretty cool!
    • For believers
    Reading John, Ch 10 gave me a serious recharge the other day! You can read or hear it HERE. I really enjoy listening to the Bible read aloud when I am loading the dishwasher or folding laundry. Then I go back as I have time and read it. It seems to sink in better that way for me.
    I heard this in a podcast on this morning's run, and the truth of it hit home :

    "There are two kinds of people: those who say to God, 'Thy will be done,'  and those to whom God says, 'All right, then, have it your way.' " - CS Lewis
     What are the little things that bring you joy?
    If you have tried the new blogger dynamic templates or interface, what do you think about them? 
    Racing anytime soon?
    Have you read or heard anything lately that really impacted you?


    1. I loved seeing the pictures and reading your updates! Your son is adorable.. makes me want kids :)

      Can't wait to hear about possible upcoming races!

      Also, the CS Lewis quote is awesome :)

    2. I tried the dynamic for a day or two - LOVED how it looked...but people had trouble commenting and it took a long time to load. For the time being, I'm back to plain jane until I have time to play with it. Let me know how it goes!

      We're still contemplating the Turkey Trot. Mai has been sick and her training plan went out the window. Maybe she'll just do the 1 miler. I think there's a 1 miler that day. I'll check into it further. Either way, we'll be down there and would love to cheer you on even if we're not running...but don't count us out of the race just yet!

    3. Eagle head-bahahaha!!!

      OK-I was most interested in the parts you crossed out...Kidding, it all interests me:) I don't doubt you will stay "ready" regardless of when the right opportunity presents itself.

      I will let you expand later but maybe the Daniels and the long run?? OK-it was crossed out....I will stop commenting. I'm reading the book.

      I'm not laughing at your broken toe, I promise. I saw it in your tab though and wondered what may have caused it!! A "few" new words-ha ha!

      Love the pics:) We have tons of swans up here!!!

    4. Love the swan. I once saw two swans and a deer drinking out of a stream... in SWAN VALLEY, IDAHO!! That was crazy!

      I also thought about the new "DYNAMIC" view but swayed away from it for the same reasons... I am hoping that Blogger will probably update them soon.

    5. Eagle Head does seem pretty appropriate for that outfit actually!

      As you know I'm racing on Saturday. I should go as YOU for my costume, maybe then I'd be really fast!

      I keep wanting to do things with my blog, but I'm a weenie and scared of messing it up and not being able to get it back.

    6. Thanks for the verses, as I now have some new devo material this week!

      9 toed running? Perhaps you should do an experiment on that;)Hehe

    7. Little things that bring me joy...cuddling with Naomi reading Click Clack Moo. Grocery shopping today with my kids...it was funny. the fall leaves. Sunshine and blue skies (oh, that's a big thing!!) :) Running. you. Love Eagle Head here. I'm really unsure of what I will do for marathon training but if you trust JD and Waylon will write the plan with some tweaks for the long runs and maybe some other things then I'm on board..You going to be our virtual training partner??

    8. Eagle-head another super-hero to defend us!!!! He is very cute.
      Sorry for your toe. When I had this problem I cut a part of my shoes to run: it worked.
      I love the animals, glad that you can enjoy them during your runs.
      At the moment no racing plans, I am at home with a strong bronchitis and high fever.

    9. No TV..so this is how you manage to get so much stuff done!

      Eagleman, yes! My boy has no interest in dressing up, he only wants the candy!

      I am learning that no plan is perfect for me. I have never followed one to the dot. I use a skeleton plan and change it around. I am pretty confident now that I know what I need in a plan. I am sure you know as well:)

      Oh, I really wanted you to race a HM. But I will take the turkey trot instead:)

    10. Thank you for the audio link. Never knew something like that existed. I guess I should crawl from under my rock every so often.

      Tv - I watch one hour a week. Dont miss it. Your son looks pretty cool -- I have no idea who Eagleman is.....does not really matter as long as he is happy.

      peace and Godspeed; hopefully things will relax for you before the holidays.

    11. I don't know who your son officially is either, but I like Eagleman, and love those muscles he's sporting :).

      Use this time as an off season ... keep up the mileage and be ready to run whenever the right race works out for you (with a just a little prep work).

      So sorry about the toe, that STINGS!!! Hope it's healing up quickly!!

      I need to jump on the podcast bandwagon, I'm sure it'd be a lot more helpful than the same music I list to over and over.

      Have a wonderful day!! Snowing here in Denver today...

    12. Hmm... Just looks like a white swan to me! ; ) I know that some bloggers changed their template to one of those new ones where I have to click again to see the full story. Unfortunately, another click takes more time and there are lots of blogs to visit! Hope school is going well!

    13. Love the costume! No TV here either so I have no idea...my 4 year old is super excited about her dragon costume. She keeps telling me everyone will be scared of her!

      I have trouble planning races too. Things are nuts with little ones running around. I do love a good turkey trot though!

    14. I LOVE CS Lewis! have you read his books? i have mere christianity and the Screwtape letters. He is a genius! I'm sad I won't see you this weekend. I hope we can race together soon...xxx

    15. Lovely post Raina! I also can't help with who that might be. I have been so busy with life myself...life has been busy with me maybe. I have many things on my mind at the moment and faith is playing a huge role. I also joined a team that will be running for the spreading of the Word in Sudan. This will be my official charity. I'm still getting things together and will update about that soon. The team is called Sudan4Jesus. I'm very excited about this. Life has been hard but also extremely rewarding for me. I'll give you some updates on FB sometime.
      I will stay with my current template for now.

    16. I'm with nicole - love cs lewis. He speaks of christianity with such passion and intelligence. I read Mere C and other stuff, but recently read chronicles of narnia for the first time. Ii can't believe I never read the whole series before!!

      I'm nearly sure your son is posing as a Power Ranger!

    17. What beautiful scenery as always! Your lil man is adorable--maybe you can all be superheroes?!!

      I like your idea of training for something without knowing what that might be. Training is truly rewarding to me and race registration can be super stressful.


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