Friday, September 30, 2011

Small Town Hero Spotlight

I have some running heroes, but most of my real heroes aren't runners.

Pam probably won't see this post because she's kind of busy this weekend.  She was selected to speak at the National Conference on Breast Cancer.

Pam is unique. Many things make her special: She's 37 and a mom to three teenagers, has coached the local high school track and cross country teams, serves as a volunteer for the school district, works, and is battling her second fight against breast cancer.
Pam and her beautiful daughter.

The first time she discovered she had cancer, she was four months pregnant and opted to wait until her baby (son)  was born to start treatments. This time she is opting for no surgery, and to attack the disease through treatments and a special diet.

A brave woman she is.

She will be the only patient from our state speaking in front of thousands. A natural chatterbox and firecracker, this actually has her nervous. I know she will have JUST the right words at JUST the right time.

Always doing "whatever" with a big smile.
I salute you Pam, for your fearless faith. And I salute the many who are fighting their own battles.


  1. A big salute to your friend Pam!!!

  2. I salute your friend, Pam, also!! May her voice be heard loud and clear! And I pray her treatment kicks that cancer away for good!

  3. I have met Pam and she is as you say, A VERY SPECIAL PERSON. If the world was full of people like her what a joy it would be. I wish her the best.

  4. Pam blows my mind! People like Pam make you think about things and put life into perspective....Thanks for sharing this special person.

    Get Up & Go

  5. Very cool. Sounds like an amazing lady... a great hero to have.

  6. You are right she is a hero.
    As a cancer survivor (1990, long time ago) I send to her the best wishes.


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