Saturday, September 3, 2011

Recent Events (in pictures)

Visits with Grandpa Frank include blackberry feasts and tractor rides.

August sunset, and a couple of bucks, over the ridge.

Picking and canning peaches is made easier with friends and other kids to play with. Sixty-five pounds and I need to make another trip!

Workouts programmed 3 times a week for speed work sessions on the road. This session had me doing 400M and 200M Repetitions 1000M at Interval pace- except that I programmed it at .66 (2/3 mile) instead of .62 (1K/1000 meters).

How do you do your speed work? I do all mine on the road, so the Garmin has certainly broadened my options. I no longer have to stick to the places where I have spray-painted the road with 400 and 800 markers :) .

Best wishes to those racing the Eugene Women's half and the Disney half!!


  1. I think Levi likes the tractor. Don't know why I would think that:)

    I'll take the peaches. I'll trade you plum chutney for those peaches-ha ha!

  2. We have some of the best peaches here in Colorado - crazy since all other fruit here is craptastic, but Palisade peaches are heaven. Will you come over and can some for me?!?! I tried that once and was afrid my kids were going to get botchulism.

  3. Aww, I miss canning peaches with my grandma. I love that beautiful sunset pic!

  4. You know...I have NEVER done any speedwork anywhere other than a track!..would be intersting to try it on the road...and how did you program that? do you mean in your garmin??? curious.

  5. Nicole, Yes, the Garmin (I edited that!) . I can email the step by step directions to you, or ....maybe we can figure it out if we see each other in October. :)

  6. Thanks for your kind words and checking out my blog! I'm glad you did because yours looks pretty awesome as well:)

    I do have a decent relationship with my Garmin, and it is a must for new routes and my progression runs. I am using it less and less, however-but that's because I'm so Type-A!

    Keep up the great training!

  7. Since I have a Garmin I do my speedwork on the trail/path most of the time - better scenery. Your spray paint - funny!

  8. I was just starting to think of doing speed work and then heat and Meniere's derailed me. After the Portland half marathon I'm planning on being a very dedicated runner and doing speed work. I think at first I'll start on the track, so I can at least get the feel for it ... but I do have a Garmin as well, so maybe I'll feel comfy and hit the open road after a while!


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