Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Would you pay $20-$25 to race ONE mile? And R is for ________.

  • First off, I am EXCITED that my son (age 6) was Baptized on Sunday during our outdoor church service. He has been asking about if for a year. My hubby and I held him off a bit- but when he had the chance, he jumped at it. What a wonderful feeling to know that he has taken this step in faith. Before he was submerged in the river, he was asked why he wanted to be baptized. He said (to a crowd of people) it was because he wanted "to be God's son and he wanted to follow Jesus". I am a very happy mom!
  • In other exciting news, we are currently a wildlife refuge for several new tadpoles, two GIANT beetles, and a lizard. Izard the lizard lives in a plastic tote on my kitchen table. The tadpoles are kept in a turtle pool in our yard (in case you wanted to come get a few...Just call ahead so I can mow the weeds and pretend like I am keeping things up around here.)
  • I wish I could show you some photos of the new pets and our river excursions, but my camera isn't behaving. I turn it on and the screen goes black! Then it tells me that the batteries are exhausted (when they are new. Not sure what's going on there, but I might try to replace it.

Rambling about Repetition Workouts & other running
It's a little strange not to be running a long run over 2 hours. I am trying to stick with Daniels' outline for 5k-15k training. And, to be totally honest, it's not too hard to say..."Meh. I don't need to run 18 miles for a long run." when your legs feel shot from doing 3 days midweek of threshold, interval and repetition work.

After the last race, I have a new VDOT number and that means new training target. One workout called for 6x200 meters Repetition pace (43 secs) at the end of some threshold running. After failing to meet the prescribed paces 4/6 times,  I decided to look back through the chapter on Repetition pace running and discovered that I have been doing repetitions incorrectly!

  • I knew the purpose of the R pace was for mechanics, but it turns out that I am not giving myself enough recovery to run them properly. Think top speed for a short duration.
  • Daniels suggests that to get the benefit or repetition running, you need to be able to hit a very fast pace. With shorter recoveries you end up running it more like an interval, or VO2 max session, which is designed to push you aerobically. Repetition is supposed to be anaerobic and purely for improving form
  • Daniels says to take up to 4 times the duration for recovery- so a 45 second 200M at repetition pace earns up to three minutes recover- even walking. This is to allow you to run each one at your very best effort. Each repetition should feel as manageable as the first. VO2max sets are an entirely different type of  workout and should be saved for Interval pace (lung bleeding) running (which I also do). That should make some of my workouts a bit easier! Easier, but longer...
  • I tried giving some Repetitions another shot- with plenty of recovery time- at the end of an easy run and coincidentally hit 200 meters with one of them. This time in 39 seconds. Much better. Looking forward to another chance to do these at the end of a hard speed workout. I am sure that threshold running first will bring that number closer to 43 seconds. 
I thought I might look for another 5k in the area for Saturday, but have not been able to find one close enough to suit me. But, what I did find was the Eugene Celebration Mile road race. This is chip timed and done in a single mass start.

I looked at this last year, but my thought was that it was crazy to pay 20-25$ to race one mile! So, I didn't. This year,....well,...I am still a cheapskate! I hate to pay even that much for a 5k! So...here's my question: Would you pay 20-25$ to race a one mile race if there was any chance you would have a new PR?
I'd hate to spend the money and NOT come away with one. Ha!

Late edit: Just having a little fun with my blog header...I don't really fancy myself as SUPER anything :)


  1. In this neck of the woods $20-25 is cheap for a 5k. You are in prime form. I say cough up the dough because I see a PR coming!

  2. I would do it for the PR. I haven't done a 1 mile race, but I would love to just to see how fast I could do it with all the race adrenaline pumping through me.

  3. 1 mile races hurt too much. No way would I pay for that kind of pain. My lungs are still recouperating from my run this morning...which was rather slothish.

    We had a new katydid the other day, but I set her free in the middle of the night and told Mai she escaped. I just can't handle all the guilt trying to remember if I fed all her wild animals or not. She saved 10 slugs from heat stroke the other day :D

  4. I like the supergirl/wonderwoman header!!

  5. Yes, adding a 5 something mile to one's list of PR's which is merely a walk in the park for you is worth $25. DO IT!!

    You know if there is one good thing about winter in Minnesota is that my kitchen is FINALLY empty of swamp creatures-ha! I'm sure that wildlife refuge must be a tax write-off of some sort right??

    Interesting on your repetitions ramble. I am certain I would have been doing those wrong if I was following your plan. Always learning from you Raina:)

    Congrats again to Nathan.

  6. Yes, pay the darn $25! It will motivate you to run fast! I say sub 5:45, and I am not just saying!

    Did I mentioned I love your new blog header. Beautiful pic.

    Interesting about Daniels and the repetitions. You know, I always mess around with the recovery time, and it makes sense I should not.

    Congrats to Nathan!

  7. Daniels Running Formula is so technical, maybe that's why I haven't tried it yet, haha

    I would say pay the $20-25 for the 1 mile race, it will be pure pain, but you are in amazing shape right now!

    And yea, that sandwich pic that I posted in my blog was awesome, lol

  8. Love the new header. Keep it around for awhile!

    I love when you talk all "fast runner technical" on us. Makes me feel smarter for thinking I understand it all.

  9. the new header is cute! i love it.

    i would probably sign up for the race if i was in racing shape -- 1mi races don't come around often!

    congrats to your son! what a great event!!

  10. First off, second to salvation, there has to be no greater moment in parenthood than hearing your son say he wants to follow Jesus to a group of people in baptism! So awesome, Raina. My 8 year old has not made that decision yet. I unfortunately waited until I was an adult even though I was saved in 2nd grade. I cry every time a kid is baptized at our church. Love watching kids' faith develop in their own time.

    No I wouldn't pay 25 bucks to run a mile in a race but not to say you shouldn't. You are a different level! :) On that note, love reading your training thoughts/notes...I have so much to learn on the technical side of things.

    Love the new header!! it's a keeper! We know that YOU don't think you are a super woman, but we do! :)

  11. i love the new header. too cute!

    And congrats on your sons baptism. what a special day. As for the mile run, it depends on if its for charity.

  12. Congrats on his baptism - very awesome!

    I'm cheap too, I usually don't pay $25 for a 5k. I once thought about how much a mile costs. In a 5k, a mile costs like $8-10. In a marathon, a mile only costs around $3! You definitely get more bang for your buck!

  13. I love the header picture, you look like you're just contemplating your next big run - superwoman style! :) I hope you keep it, at least for awhile.

    Very cool to your son, congratulations to him on his baptism - I know you are very proud!!

    I'm sort of one of those who will pay for a race if it provides me with something - such as a PR or a needed fitness gage or to test improvement. I think the idea of running a mile in your fantastic conditiong would be very exciting!! I say go for it!!

  14. I think you should do it! You'll run a PR and it will be good preparation for Pre!

    If I was in shape to run fast and be competitive, I would do it in a heartbeat, but that's just my track background and affinity for fast and high intensity running like the 400, IH, 800, and 1500/mile talking! :)

  15. Hhhmmmm, so much here.

    Science class is now in session @ STR's house. The county fair brought a whole reptile exhibit this year - it was a lot of fun talking with all the ten year old boys!!

    If you want a new mile PR, just bring someone to the track with a stopwatch.

    And finally: 43 second 200s as repetition work? Girl - you can go faster. I just did 13x200 @ :39-:41 for each interval with (200m recovery @ :65). And our PRs and training are very similar.

    I love doing my striders/wind sprints -or if you follow JD-Repetitions at the end of a workout. Though I stick to fast 100m in about 18-19 seconds. I focus on being smooth, starting smoothly, accelerating through 50m holding (and staying in control) it to 80m and then slowly backing off. But even on short R work like that I go for full recovery because the idea behind them is neuro-muscular coordination - teaching my legs what it is like to go fast. So think R-Repetition, Recovery.

    So, anyway, my point in all of that is girl, you can go faster in your workouts!!! I SWEAR!

  16. Yes yes yes! Do it! I say you'll def do sub 5:45! For sure. Congrats about the baptism. So special. Love the new header. this is the only blog I think I've read today. Gosh I'm such a blog slacker! Good to check in on you!

  17. what are the odds of a single mass start allowing you to run full speed from the start? If it's crowded and you start out relatively slow then the whole thing's moot, no?

  18. I'm happy for your son and your family. Thanks for the running lesson. I like your blog changes. I'd add finishing times to your races page to save people the time from having to click on each race to see that. I like the blog header - beautiful scenery and fun, too!

  19. Awesome about your son.

    Great info on R - thanks

    As for super "anything" -- seems to me that you are a supermom!

    Nope - my income is pretty tight and I couldnt validate to myself the entry fee.

  20. Congrats to your son on his baptism!!!!!

  21. Personally I won't pay that for a mile race. To be honest I won't even pay to run 5k. Yep, I've never run a 5k race. Only 10km and up. Here in SA we don't have 5k races. Hundreds of 5km fun runs but not official races.

  22. First of all, great to hear of your son's baptism, an experience he'll never forget.
    Secondly, my copy of Daniel's Running Formula doesn't advocate running at TOP SPEED in Repetition runs, but just a little faster than race pace. The idea is to run fast over short distances using proper technique with minimal wasted effort and minimal energy spent. Last Monday I bent the rules a bit in my very last rep (3.26 min/mile pace) and limped home with a pulled hamstring. Lesson learnt!
    Thirdly, great Blog you have here.

  23. Thanks for your wise comment on my blog.
    I wish you had posted it right away for others to read, because I actually agree with you!. I hesitated to use "top speed" in the R pace description, but went ahead anyway for lack of time. I suppose it feels like top speed to me, but it really isn't. It feels very close to 100% for that distance for me to hit the prescribed pace. I used to perform all of my intervals and tempos incorrectly and way too fast (before using Daniels) and ended up hurt a couple of times. Thanks for adding in your thoughts!

  24. Beautiful header!
    Congrats to your son, I am sure it was a wonderful celebration.
    Glad you have new pets, they are always good friends. Here I rescue many lizards; the cats are terrible hunters. The lizard I cured after an attack was named Liza.
    I have never run the mile, too short distance now and I don't have the appropriate training.

  25. Something about races vs fun runs. Here in SA we have to run road races with a road running license number. When you join a running club you get a license for the year and pay for it each year. If you don't run for a club you must buy a temporary license for each race you want to run. That is only needed for official races and not for fun runs. Fun runs you just run and no timing or referees or anything is involved. So we have a clear difference between a race and fun run over here.


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