Sunday, August 14, 2011

10K PR , 40:XX while *almost* Norwegian, a prize! SCANDIA RUN 2011 Race Report

Sometimes you just have to play the part!

Saturday was a test-race/training race at the Scandinavian Festival in Junction City.  
Sidenote: I don't like the idea of a training race, because if I am training hard, I don't expect I will race as well as if I am rested. (and I don't like to waste money and fear coming away feeling defeated).  But the idea is starting to grow on me---for the shorter distances.

I've been trying to follow my 10K training plan (see here) but got all wore out after many hard weeks and 14 consecutive days.  So, I played sick this week. 
That makes it a rested training race, right? 
Or maybe a regular race with a short taper?
Anyhow...I wasn't sure what to expect. But you never can be sure in a race.

Here's the course map: (I think it's been around since the 70's...I did the run.)

Course background/details
The Scandia Run 10K had a few hundred people this year...
In the 70's and 80's it had a few thousand participants, but it was also a night race where the runners headed directly to the Scandinavian Festival beer garden after the race. I am pretty sure that led to some problems;  now it's at 8 am and has a smaller crowd.

Even though the race is small, it is a fast course. Prize money was offered for the top three male and female finishers- $75, $50 and $25.   (I didn't win any cash- nothing new!)

Thursday and Friday before the race, I tanked up on Nuun (electrolyte drink) and water. I really think this helped a lot. For breakfast I had a homemade banana-blueberry oatmeal cookie, coffee with milk and sugar, and more Nuun (cola flavored) on the way there.

I arrived by 7:20 and broke my first racing rule: NOTHING NEW ON RACE DAY. I put on a pair of new Brooks Launches from the box, went and registered. Then I ran about 2 miles slow for warm up and 2 or 3 fast accelerations. I set my watch to "pace alerts" to beep if I slowed under a 6:40 mile. 
It was cool for August, no rain just overcast. Perfect summer race weather.
Right before the race start I ate a pack of Gu (orange flavored), but didn't wash it down with anything since I had no time to go to the port-a-pots again.

This time I went to the front. It almost feels normal at small races to do this..almost. 
I took my place behind the top men, and some ladies I had spotted from other races took a position on the line to the left of them. 

I spotted my dad and did something else I have never done since having 3 kids... I took of my shirt, threw it at him, and ran a race in just my skirt and jog bra. Modesty was out the window for the day. Sporting stretch marks and all, I was going to be comfortable this year.

An older lady with 0% body fat joked with me, "I think we should have made a team," referring to the only group (men) that was obviously running as one (neon green shirts). The team competition is a new element this year.

There were no chips or timing mats, just a line and a big sign to stand under. I am not sure if the course is still certified, but it used to be- and hasn't changed from previous years.

The race
The course is flat and goes through residential area and farmland. What I like best about it is that you can see other runners at several points on the course. Also, water is at one point, but you can hit it 3 different times. I came prepared with a straw after learning my lesson here last year!

Mile 1/ 6:16
When the gun fired, everyone took off.  There was a little positioning, but all done easily with plenty of road to move through.

Mile 2 /6:17
There was a little jostling for positions in this mile, as some men passed me. Then another female and I began taking turns leading each other. She was young- 20something. She stayed mostly in front of me for the next 2 miles.

I had a guy who was slowing down a bit in front of me, so I cut in the left to pass.

He commented, "Couldn't wait for the corner, eh? Had to pass?" This with several other people around.

I thought  he was serious- he sounded like it. I didn't know what to say, and just replied, "I'm not a professional. Sorry!" 

He told me he was joking...but I am still not sure. He sped up right at the corner, anyways :)

Mile 3 /6:27 
I admit that I am a spitting runner on occasions, and today was one of those days. Had to clear out to breathe, and I do hope I kept if off the guy that was on my right! * hack hack* sorry!

I noticed my Garmin read 19:30 something at 3.1 miles. Probably looking at my watch too much!

Younger female CHEERED as her MOM ran past us in the opposite direction with the leaders.

Mile4 /6:28
We hit a hair pin turn just before the marker- and I was thinking....How soon should I try to increase my pace? I thought it was too soon. Now I think I might have waited too long...or just wasn't aware I would slow a bit for mile 5. I reeled in the younger female I had been running with and tried to put some distance between us.

Mile 5 /6:35 do recall the alerts beeping quite a bit more for this mile.

Mile 6 /6:24
I was just trying to bring it in as fast as I could maintain. There is a corner to turn for the last loooong straight stretch.  A gray haired dude passed me. Go, old guy, go! funny...He didn't look like a runner.

Last .29 / 6:29 pace
I thought this took forever...and the finish line clock was not visible until I was almost there. Still, I huffed to catch old guy and enter the chute at 40:21. It is so weird not to have someone clip a chip...

Post race
After the race I was handed a token for a free sundae at Dairy Queen...and headed to the refreshment table which had as much orange juice, lemonade or chocolate milk you could drink. (Dairy Mart was a sponsor). I got a bottle of water and headed out for a 4 mile cool down run (and some time to reflect on the race and pray), before I found a few other runners.

First, I met up with the daughter of the mother/daughter duo. She was very kind and congratulated me for pulling ahead of her. We chatted about whether we were happy with our results for a while and I met her mom who placed 2nd!
Talking with Jill (44) and her daughter.
I also visited with another woman who I have seen before at the EWEB half marathon. (She was wearing yellow adidas - the Boston model - and I had to ask about them!) I look forward to racing with her again. She lives in Salem and we talked a bit about racing shoes, and her next marathon, NYC. I love races when you come away meeting new people!
My parents found me (THANKS FOR COMING!!) and we hung out at the awards ceremony, where I received my prize for 2nd in my age group- a FIVE dollar gift certificate to DARI MART(...the PNW equivalent of a drive through 7-11)! That might buy a couple of gallons of milk :)

A few more thoughts
God has been very good to me. I am very pleased with this finish time. Looking ahead at the next 4 weeks, I know there is a chance I might hit that sub 40 goal, but it's also very possible that I won't. The Prefontaine course is very hilly and not a place to go to PR. Still, I will do my best! After that race I will make a reduction in training, as there are BIG things (people) that will be needing my attention. I have committed to home schooling my first grader this year, and that will take at least as much effort as I have put into my training.
So... One adventure comes to an end, and another begins.


  1. Fabulous job! Sounds like a very exciting race! Wishing you the best with both the sub 40 and the homeschooling!

  2. Raina! You inspire me! Seriously impressed with you. These splits. Your attitude...loved reading this. The picture of you talking to those ladies is so funny. They look like most women look internally when talking to other women who are their competition and who they view as a bad A....haha...the looks on their faces...just funny to me. :)

    I don't have a lot of time here since we just got back from vacay and the kids are at each other's throats and overtired. Just wanted to give you a virtual HUG and say congrats. Your hard work is paying off. Amazing you!

  3. You are amazing! This would have been a sub 40 for you on a 6.20 mile course. I can't imagine running 3 more miles after a 19:30 5K. Wow, wow! You are so speedy Raina and you could PR any distance at this point in time. So excited for you and nice to see your hard work is paying off!

    Homeschooling - I agree, that will take a lot of effort, and not many people (me included) could do it well, but I know you will do an awesome job.

    So how did it go with the straw? I remember you using it in races before so it must work for you:)

  4. Wow, you are speedy!! Great race!

    Also, I think it's great that you are home schooling. I am in awe of the parents that decide to do that and stick with it. The kids seem so much better off because of it.

  5. Awesome job, those are some incredible splits! Great job placing second in your age group.

    I am also in awe of you homeschooling, not sure I would have the patience for it.

    i love the after race socializing!

  6. Zoomy run! And I have to echo what Ana-Maria says - I can't imagine a 19:30 5K, let alone running another 3 miles!

  7. Raina, Congrats!! What a great race!! i'm with Amanda on the looks of those women talking to you!! I think they are impressed with you! :) I'm impressed. Way to rock that race, congrats on your ag award, and good luck homeschooling this year. As much as I would like to have that gift, I don't think I do. :) Praying that the Lord gives you every bit of strength you need for that as you do in training! :)

  8. You are so amazing and so inspire me to tears! (when you said you grabbed water and went for a 4 mile cool down and to pray you completely touched my heart) I love everything about you. Congrats on your big big award :)

  9. Raina, you are amazing!!! all your hard work is paying off and it must feel so good! I love that you give credit to God but you have done the hard work too:) your splits are awesome! can't imagine running those right now....can't even run ONE:/.....
    and homeschooling..just not somethign I could ever do..but good for you! that is a TOUGH job! I really hope you come race up here soon! any chance you'd run the pumpkin half in Lebanon with me on oct 29?

  10. Amanda and Julie- they were seriously NICE!!! :) but probably caught off guard by my dad snapping their picture. I expect to run into them both again very soon at another race :)

  11. That is seriously fast, well done! Congratulations with your age group placing as well! All the best with your training...that sub 40 will come when the time is right.

  12. Congrats on a fine race! And $5!!!

  13. Great job! Congrats on an awesome PR and Dari Mart winnings! :)

  14. Outstanding performance!

    btw - I like your kicks

  15. Hope homeschooling goes well - so rewarding! Your pre-race cookies sound good! What a fast race you ran! Congrats!

  16. 40'21" is super-fast! Congrats on the PR and the podium!
    The sub 40 is near.
    A very nice post-race.
    Have a good sunday.

  17. Wow, what a race! Your sub 40 will definitely be coming soon!

    That race map is awesome, haha

    You wore shoes right out of the box on race day? No way I would have the courage to try something like that!

    At mile 2 what is with the guy giving you grief about passing him? Some guys need to swallow their ego on the racecourse. If girls are faster than you, that is okay! I know I get dusted by tons of girls in races, and to that I say - great!

    Impressive mother/daugher duo!

  18. Enjoying your blog. Good stuff! 16-year-old daughter's name is Rayna. :-)

  19. Well, now that I've read this at least 18 times, I can comment!

    OK-I want to start at the top but I just have to say how freakin' amazing this run was one more time. Seeing your race splits here-19:30 at the 5K!!!!! That is CRAZY to pull out another 3.19 after that!! You SHATTERED your 5K in a 10K girl! Essentially 2 PR's in one day!!!! You are sub 40 on the right course right now! Regardless of what Prefontaine brings, you have to be THRILLED with this training and the progress you've made here. You are looking at sub 19 minute 5K's in the near future here!!! I can't wait to see that Raina!

    I love that you listened to your body. IMO this little cutback week was EXACTLY what your you needed and I think the confidence you got here from running a quality race was SO worth it.

    Banana Blueberry cookies-YUMM!

    I wear the Launches right out of the box too. I always break the nothing new on race day rule. I spit AND farmer blow. Remember that when we run together:)

    I could comment on a million more things (I read it all many times). Really really awesome race. I could NOT be happier for you. I could NOT be more excited to know you and follow you! Going to email tonight:)

  20. GOSH I can't believe your speed. You've come so far and I am so impressed. Keep up the good work and good luck with the homeschooling. God has given you patience for sure!

  21. You, my friend, write an awesome race report!

    Incredible job at the race. I get nauseous just thinking about running that fast.

  22. Wow! You are fast! Great job on the race.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog.

  23. That is just amazing. Excellent race! :)

    How did you like your Launches? My sister runs in those, and I almost left her running store with a pair a few weeks ago, too.

  24. Dang, Raina - that is FANTASTIC! I know that sub-40 is in you and I hope it's in your next race! God has blessed you with some fast legs and a heart of gold...congratulations on a fabulous run!! :)

  25. Next time Mom and I will eat our breakfast faster so we can catch you at the finish line. You will ether have to slow down or we will have to eat faster.:=} 40 min is a fast breakfast.


  26. Raina!!!! A gift card to Dari Mart? Some people have ALL the luck! I never win anything ;-)

    You had such a great race! WOW! SHOULD be running in just your sports bra. Some people should and lots of people shouldn't ... but you've got the bod, girl!!!

  27. Awesome on you going to University of Oregon! I figured that, but didn't know for sure.

    Yea, the Stanford-Oregon game this next year in November will basically be for all the marbles - likely the Pac-12 North winner will be the winner of that game. And that team will go on to the Pac-12 title game on Dec 3.

    Last year you guys beat us fair and square - Stanford got out to a huge lead, but just couldn't stay with the fast pace that Oregon was running, you just ran our team out of gas.

  28. Awesome PR! Look at that speed!! Great job!

  29. Your speed is pretty awesome! God has been really good to me too. I have two beautiful daughters, a supportive wife and the ability to go roaming on the trails all day every few months. Both speed and long distances can be painful, but it makes you feel so alive, doesn't it? And running makes me feel closer to God, for some reason... Have a great day, Raina!

  30. Great job!! Your pace is unbelievable!! I only wish i could get in the 6's. Keep up the good work and knock em' dead in the next race!

  31. You just made me determined to PR at the Prefontaine! ;) I haven't done a 10K since then, and it is my 2nd fast 10K time. My goal is to beat last year.

    Congrats on your $5 gift card! .... seriously, I couldn't even say that with a straight face. $5? Dari Mart? Eh - better than what I would have won!

    Okay, the guy saying something to you as you passed him? I was even uncomfortable just reading about it. I think he's just a sore loser 'cause he was passed by a girl. Go You!!


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