Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Recent Events (in pictures)

In chronological order....

Part I

Green Shirt Guy was a good sport- and a good pacer! 
^ This ^  was taken with probably .2 left to go.

And for some reason, I just thought this ^ was funny.

Part II
Church Family Festivities
I am not sure what that is on his tongue....
Giganormous fir cone.
The best tree swing!
Amazingly special friend with a very small snake...charmed my boys!

Part III
The Hunt

Near Camp Creek

Pebbles& periwinkles for Matthew

Dad sets the bait out in the converted bird feeder.

Snacks on the way- salmon berries

Soaking the feet, while the BBQ coals get hot.

The haul

Total caught: 7, escapees: 2, not pictured: 1


  1. Love all the pics. You have such beautiful form, Raine, you really were made to run! Love the combo of running and family - you've got great balance!

  2. Great pics! Don't you just love July in the PNW?

  3. Great times with the boys! I love that picture of you elevating - Very cool...and a little weird.

  4. Crawdads? Awesome! What a great set of photos! You look so studly when you run :)

  5. I love all the pics! We get to go to Oregon in a couple weeks to visit family and I am so excited!!!

  6. such great summer fun, Raina!! you look like one strong beautiful runner!!

  7. Great pictures! That area looks so amazing.

  8. you look so beautiful running...like you were made to do it! :) How do you get there shots?

  9. Super photos! You were really flying!:) That pic of the friend with the small snake hit home for me...thanks!

  10. Looks like a lot of fun.

  11. I love all of the photos! You are soo blessed :)

  12. Great looking family having lots of fun!

  13. You look strong and determined in the race shots! Great summer pics, too! Would be fun to be pick some wild berries!

  14. I'm with Running and Living, you seem to have perfect form out there!

    For the USA-France soccer game, it's on TV right now on ESPN. It's also available online at this website address:

    As for plank, it is a good workout for your core, it engages the abdominals really well.

  15. Yep- DEFINITELY agree with AM! Great form! I'm also seriously amazed at the way you've managed to master avoiding the pounding by keeping both feet entirely off the ground!!

    Love all the pics. I found a crayfish on the bikepath on my ride the other day. Threw it in my bag to bring home for Max! He loved it:). Come to think of it, I sure hope that baby isn't loose somewhere in my house.

    Nice runs! I went to start a RunningAhead account and imagine that......I already had one from 2008 and I logged tons of runs on it. What the heck! I have NO memory of this.

  16. Are those crawdads?? We used to hunt for those when I was a kid in Iowa - I have totally forgotten about those.

    What a great family time you had...and of course I love all the family pictures.

    Loving, too, that sheer look of determination on your race photos. Totally BA!

  17. I can't tell you how much my kids love to catch crayfish!

    You look great in your race--nice form!

  18. "I believe I can fly ... I believe I can touch the sky!"


    "Believe it or not, I'm walking on air... I never thought I could feel so free!"

    That tree looks like it was born to hold a swing!

  19. "Running on Air"... you are also "floating" in the Boston photograph taken by the church... and you didn't even have a cape on :=)
    Outstanding fun-day with the family!

  20. A very nice post. I like all the pictures.
    Run: you look very very fast and in great shape;
    Festivities: I am glad that the boys are not scared of the snake;
    The Hunt: that is a wonderful place!

  21. i love the race pictures, such a focused look! and perfect form.

  22. awesome pictures!!!!

    looks like summer is going splendidly. i love it!


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