Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hitting the Limit

Sometimes life is about hitting the limit- in one way or another.

Sometimes I feel like I am trying to cram one more thing into life's closet, while I close the door with the other hand and hope that nothing will pop out of place.

It's summer, and for some reason that means that everything has to happen all at once.

Or maybe that's winter. ?
Or maybe that's just my life....
So often I feel like I am just hanging on for the ride...and I forget that I have some say in how busy things get.

This last week: 
  • I took my boys to the OTC (Oregon Track Club) all-comer's meet for children. What a riot to see them do the long jump, softball throw and 60 meter dash! I loved how they had heats for each age of child. Even Levi ran the 60 meters with 2 year old boys! 
  • I visited my sister, a longtime friend, and met the AMAZING Amanda on a round- trip 6 hour drive while the boys visited Grandma and Grandpa "B". Praise God for a chance to get out by myself and see these wonderful ladies. And thanks to my husband for working hard to make it financially possible.
  • While I was visiting Portland, my dad took the two older boys fishing. They all caught their limit!
Taking a ride on the back of a fish at Leaburg Fish Hatchery
Grandpa helps cast
Nathan reels in a Rainbow trout
Hitting the LIMIT = Dinner!! Thanks for cleaning them, dad :)
Post fishing trip to Belknap hot springs
First time for Slurpee treats
Tough day

  • I picked and froze 66 pound of blueberries, then returned and did 78 pound 2 days later (with help from my father-in-law and husband on separate trips. Nathan even picked a full 10 pound bucket!)
  • Continued with my training plan, but bagged my planned long run. Completely scratched it. I am pretty sure I have never done this in three years of running - except for injury, pregnancy, or race recovery. sidenote: In one way, I felt like a failure. But In more than one sense I see this as a victory. I have never been good at paying attention to the injury signs my body gives - and I would rather have an opportunity to run by myself than sit by a campfire roasting hot dogs. Run first, hot dogs later is my motto :) .  I think my kids and husband appreciated me turning around after going 1/10 of a mile with my running garb on during our overnight campout.
  • I may have found a new limit. I noticed that the intensity or three speed days really DOES take more of a toll on me than two. And after running a ladder I have never done before (4x200, 2x400, 1x800, 2x400, 4x200 R pace) with 2 miles left to get home, running easy is very tiring!
  • I also observed that using the recommended recovery distances/time for intervals makes them harder than I remember. Sidenote: NO WONDER I was able to rock the 1600 repeats in January! I had no Garmin and was giving myself 1600M rest at easy pace (so I could have measured miles)...  I doubt I could hit 6 minutes for one mile right now if I had a million dollar check at the end.
  • Went camping for the first time since having kids. We survived, but I need to prepare better next time! I am glad that we packed the ONE sleeping pad that we did. :) Sadly, our inner tube popped ...and so did the little raft. 
  • Matthew caught a little sucker fish (on the camping trip) with a net I made from a cantaloupe package. The fish was named Sam and was released after a short moment in captivity. Matthew was not happy about the release of Sam....
Upcoming Events:
  • My husband's 20 year reunion is this weekend. It will be fun to sit around the BBQ pit and listen to countless stories reliving the "Glory Days" of the 1A Sate Championship Basketball Games of the class of 1991. Sidenote: My husband actually graduated in the class of 1992, but his school was so small (around 20 people) that they invited anyone who was on that team to come to their reunion. :)
  • I am looking at a race in early August to test my fitness....and hoping that it will go well! 
  • Also, tossing around some ideas about forming a running club in my town- mostly for kids, but maybe for adults and families if there is interest. I would do it on the second Saturday of the month - to coincide it with the day that the local dump (actually a waste transfer site) is open....And we could call the group the "dump runners"...just a thought. Catchy, no? Anyway, I want to find a way to "give back" with running. This may or may not be the avenue. Still just "thinking it out".
Late edit: There is a pretty jewelry giveaway that you can enter HERE.
    On a spiritual note...
    I have had this song playing and replaying in my head over the last week. Sometimes I can't wait for the day to come!

      Kari Jobe- Revelation Song


      1. I just clicked on this and have not been able to read it yet..but first blog I've looked at all day and I can't wait to sit down and really read it. I just had to say that the name Kari Jobe caught my eye because of her song Be Still that Jenn shared with me. Love her!! I'll be back soon. Looks like our 10k together might not workout but still up in the air.

      2. Wow, sounds like you have been busy! Seems like the summers are always so jammed packed.

        I love all the pics of the kids and wow that's ALOT of fish! I bet they had a total blast.

      3. Hey, so much here to comment on, maybe I will reach my limit:)

        OK, I've said this before, but your boys are gorgeous. Love the pics with them. I used to overplan and overstrech myself, now, not so much. I need down time. I know that when I have a full day with Petru I feel this pressure to take him places and be involved 100% of the time, but I keep telling myself (and have learned from experience) that he is happy and fun anywhere and doing anything. Kids are amazing that way.

        I think you did yourself good scratching that long run. It will not hurt you in the 10K. Yes, 3 speed/week is rough on the body, particularly when you add the long run. My plan has me do 3 key runs and one long run, but the key runs are not track workouts, so they are less taxing. I am learning to pay attention to my body's signs, but often run through pain. The only thing that scares me is the stress fracture. Grr! You are seriously going to rock your race! And I have no doubt you could run a 6 min mile, no doubt.

        So your husband is big on basketball. Basketball is my husband nr 2 passion (I full myself that Petru and I are nr 1, ha)

        OK, off to do a late bedtime..

      4. Just too much to comment on.... thats a good thing.

        The best part for me - "I think my kids and husband appreciated me turning around after going 1/10 of a mile with my running garb on during our overnight campout."

      5. Love that song. So moving and just phenomenal!

        I love the idea of a running group. I have been longing for something like that out here. Probably will never happen out here in the boonies! Good luck to you!

        ooo and good to see you post, missed you!!

      6. Busy! Good for you for letting the long run go. Tough, but those boys will grow up so fast!


      7. Like the running group idea, the song and the "tough day" pic! I like blueberries, too, but wondering what you'll do with so many!

      8. Thanks for the song! Makes me want to believe. Maybe I just will.

      9. OK- first of all I was seriously PUMPED to see you posted! I miss reading your posts instead of just stalking your training tab daily-ha ha!!

        OK-I am relating to this ONLY too well! Your boys are so beautiful Raina. The sleeping picture-priceless! I am so looking forward to the day that my little brown haired brillo pad blue eyed Minnesota boy can meet these little wispy haired blondies and catch a limit with them!!

        Run first-hotdogs never.... My motto-ha! Umm-yes I understand the recovery here but I'm with AM. I have absolutely no doubt you have 6 minute miles in there with NO check! I will never forget 5:47 (which is my 100m dash pace btw) and the subsequent wickedly fast miles that followed.

        Have a super fun time at the reuniun!!! Do this August race!!!! DO IT! And YES, catchy. I think you would find great reward in this running club!

        ummm-yes. Kari Jobe. I love the words to "Beloved" Working on an email:)

      10. Holy kick butt workout by the way!!!! Love the notes. This happened to me in the humidity last week. I made up for it with a Butterfinger Blizzard from the DQ-ha!!

      11. Wowza... you have so much going on... but everyone looks like they are loving life :) You really can't ask for much more than that! Hope that reunion is fun... just did mine (35th!) and it was a gas!

        Good for you for taking a day off... it is healthy to do that sometimes :)

      12. Really enjoyed the post. I've got so much happening in my life at the moment and this reminded me to take a step back at some point and look at what is what. I will spend that quality time with my son this weekend as well and can't wait. Thanks for the song!

      13. You have been really busy! But that is what makes life fun :)
        Yay for camping! The crazy moments that happen are what make the most memories lol!

      14. First of all, thank you for sharing this song! Just beautiful. I'm with you...sometimes, I can't wait!! :)
        Also, I think I know how you feel about scratching the long run, because I'm pretty sure I would feel the same way. But, when you say your husband and kids appreciated the end, that's what's important.
        I can't comment on the speed work because I don't really know what that is!! :)
        Hope you can get some quiet time soon!
        Oh, and...that kids / family running club sounds like an awesome idea!!

      15. How fun! Great that you and Amanda got to get together, too!

      16. I LOVE the tough day picture :D

        I'm feeling so busy right now too... it is driving me nutso. So much to do and just not enough time to do it all. The thing I least want to do is work...but it must be done...especially if we're going to go camping next week! Do you think you'll be able to meet up with us? I promise to let you rest a little bit :D

      17. oh I wish I had still been in portland to see you! and I am glad that you ditched the long, mentally tough but good in a way.

      18. Hi Raina! I got your comment through my email. I know it was God's timing! I have been thinking about my blogger friends lately! And blogging is always a great reminder to me of all of God's blessings in my life, I really should get back to it. Thank you for thinking of me :) It sounds like you have had a super busy fun summer!! That is awesome! We've been crazy busy too and the summer is flying by! Jeremiah is doing incredible! Looking back, it was a long winter and spring, but I'm so thankful that he is healthy now!

        I hope to get caught up on some blogs and when we get back from vacation I think I might try to blog again myself, lol! Thanks again for keeping in touch!!

      19. Riana...super cute boys. I know what you mean girl. you hang in there. you should meet up with Julie. seriously. she's bound to make things better.

      20. First of all, HOLY blueberries, Raina!! that is a lot. We picked blueberries for the first time last year and it is a lot of work...those are tiny little things!! :) Love the pics...we are going camping for the SECOND time ever with kids starting tomorrow and I'm trying to be excited about it!! ;) Crazy, how busy life can get. Oh, and in response to your comment a few days ago.. I thought I had emailed you but it came back as marathons...yes, Eugene for sure this year and probably Surf City in Huntington beach in February as a stepping stone to Eugene! Raina, I really appreciate your blog and how you share the Lord so effortlessly on your blog. It is a true gift. Thanks for what you bring to the running community and sharing your faith alongside!

      21. Ok, you have been accomplishing SO much!

      22. Hey girl. just wanted to say that I got back here to read this...I've been off blogs for a few days but glad I got back. Your boys are so cute and so blessed to have such great family.
        Camping! We are going soon. I am interested in seeing how it all works out with Samuel.
        Where can I see your training? Is it on here somewhere like Jenn has hers on her blog?
        Can't wait to see how you do on the 13th!

      23. Busy woman! As a grandpa I love the pics with your kids and your father. I am also a hotspring lover, here we have a thermal bath built by the ancient roman (imperial age).
        Wonderful idea forming a running group in your town and yes, it is catching.

      24. Don't stress about the long run. You will make up for it. And I'm sure I say this every time I come here, but your boys are seriously the cutest ever!

      25. Looks like a beautiful life - even if you are just "hanging on". Ever consider the 10 day cycle (rather than weekly cycles) to get those three workouts in?

      26. Cute photo's! You sound like you have a lot on your plate, but manageable!


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