Tuesday, July 19, 2011

10K Training Plans, Daniels & Galloway special, & other Mumbo-Jumbo

Note: If you comment on this post, you are either really interested in 10Ks, really bored, a really loyal reader, or looking for a blog comment.(I'll do my best to reciprocate :) ) This post is for me (and whoever fits the above descriptions). I haven't been reading or commenting on many blogs lately- need to catch up!
I finally finalized my training plan for the Prefontaine 10K after much deliberation, "plan shopping" and unpaid research.

Several online sites (www.coolrunning.com, www.runningtimes.com, etc...) offered some 12 week plans, but most didn't appeal to me for one reason or another. I even put in a week from Hudson's level 3 10K sample, but eventually came to the conclusion that I wouldn't have any confidence in it - too many modifications (lots of hill work to scrap- I have a bad history there). Another strike against it- I still need to buy the book. (BIG Thanks to the friend who emailed me the copies of his plan! You are awesome!!- I DO plan to get the book- soon).

Since i have been training with Daniels' paces, and reading the book Daniels' Running Formula, I thought it might be good to try to complete SOME semblance of a Daniels' plan.
His stuff is demanding, but allows the runner to create an individualized plan based around Quality workouts and the formula presented in his book. I am HIGHLY un-scientific, so this was almost more than my pea-size brain could handle. (Maybe that's why I have steered away from Daniels for so long).

Does this scare anyone besides me??

I did my best to write a plan and follow his 5-15K workouts. Counting backwards from race day, I started at week 15 of 24.

Daniels' plan has 3 quality days most weeks, not including the long run. The most I have been doing (to date) is two speed days/week. I realize this kind of jump could cause injury, so I fully plan to play it by ear and eliminate the third Q day if it seems necessary. 

I am a little nervous posting my plan on my blog. This is the second time I have posted a plan; the last time I ended up injured. so ...um Trusting all will go better this time! Here are the first 6 weeks:

If you click on my training tab (above), you can see more specific details of my plan. Just click on one of my workouts and look for "training plan" on the left side.

*PLAN SUBJECT TO CHANGE*  :D(some workouts have already been moved from this version!)

So far, so good here... The roughest days recently involved some poor planning. Increased mileage and a late late 9 mile run, followed by a 15 miler, 6 hours later (the following morning). Yep. Learned my lesson! (Maybe).

While I was on the aforementioned 15 miler, I had the pleasure of listening to an interview with Jeff Galloway on Marathontalk (free podcast).

Some marathoners like to bash Galloway (because of his run/walk training method), but I have total respect for the former Olympian. In his interview he mentioned a few things I thought were noteworthy:
  • He has ran without injury for 32 years.
  • He advocates a strategy of taking regular walk breaks, starting early in a race.
  • The fastest marathoner he know of who benefited from using the Galloway method was a 2:33 marathoner who improved to 2:28.
  • He no longer does any speed work, or advise his run/walkers to, since it can cause injury. (again- I respect his decision- though I don't follow it!).
  • Galloway does not stretch or advocate stretching for the same reason he doesn't advocate speed work.
  • He said he has seen the barefoot running movement come in 5 different times in his life, about every 10 years. Generally, the trend is to barefoot- until a bunch of people get injured, see a sports doc, and then the injury is blamed on barefooting. Then the new trend becomes NO- barefooting.  (again- just a bit from the interview...not my personal experience or opinion). 
  • Galloway also mentioned that you can take 1-21 seconds off a 10K time by barefooting, but most of us don't race or train on the correct surface for it.
  • He said that he is SO focused on enjoying every moment of running that speed is no longer a part of his thinking while running. He has totally deprogrammed all thought related to speed while running.
And just for kicks, I thought I would throw in a 10K training plan from Galloway for comparison...

(From his website recently, * in miles/ minutes)

That concludes my fascinating 10K training presentation.

Also, if you are running the Portland, OR Marathon, you can save 10$ off your entry if you use this promo code: MARATHON10 today.

Verse today:
“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” 
Isaiah 41:10


  1. Ha! I will be back to read this more soon...might start training for a 10k. Otherwise I'm here to say how impressed I am with your thought and serious planning here! And that I can't wait to meet you on Thursday!!! Are you running the Portland Marathon??

  2. So, I'm watching a parade and commenting on your post. Not my real comment, that will come later:) Just a hi and you know I love this stuff kinda comment:) :):):)

  3. What timing! While you were writing this post I was booking a hotel room in Coos Bay for the Pre Memorial! And then I was studying every bit of the newly redesigned Pre Run website. I'm so excited for it, yet I still have 4 races to go before that one is here. I see great things in your Prefontaine future, yep!

  4. Fabulous planning and organization! I am going to dig in it a bit more this evening but LOVE it! The Galloway stuff is for sure interesting. As I sit here with a sore heel and knee, I wonder :( I tried it for a while but felt soooooo guilty and just wanted to run!!!

  5. So I am not looking for comments, and am not doing a 10K, yet I am very interested in this. I think I mentioned I was v impressed with Daniels book. I think his plans are solid. Your 10K plan is serious kick ass. You are running as much mileage as I am for my marathon! Interesting he has you do 15 and 16 milers for the 10K. I am sure there is a good reason for that, though.
    Anyhow, you are going to rock your race and I bet you could even run a marathon at the end of this plan:)
    Oh, so since you did not do a double, did you run during the night and then again early in the am? Wow!

  6. Your 10K training plan looks serious - seriously tough, but you'll be ready for a race when it's done! Don't worry about not commenting on blogs - just keep it fun - no stress. : ) Besides, you might be too busy running!

  7. Thanks for the info. Crunching numbers now. I like this post. Does that make me a weird one? I really dont care - just curious.

  8. AM/Chris- I love always love your questions!!...yeah, I don't need to run so long on the LR. I have thought about it, and old habits die hard :). If I run shorter on miles it will probably either come from the LR or I'll take out the occasional Sunday run. I plan to do those in the PM, so not to interfere with church- and to get in more rest from Sat.
    FF- looking forward to seeing you at the race!!
    C2- weird is OK. crunch away. I might have missed something- still have some crunching to do to see if things balance out OK.

  9. I love the verse from Isaiah! love it!

  10. I needed to thank you for turning me onto RunningAHEAD! I love the way I can put my training plan into it. You are going to rock this 10k!

    I have been very interested in Galloway after reading about some very fast people use it. I have been adding 1 minute walk breaks about every 10 minutes to my long runs. Starting it early seems to help me avoid some fatigue at the end of the run. I am hoping to run the Wildwood Trail (30 miles) in September with a group and know that I will need to walk some.


  11. Our track coach is a true believer of the Daniels' plan and uses it for our kiddos - and can I just say that they are ranked 3rd in the state this year (and the season hasn't even started!!!). It's tough, but it works! (Matt Fitz's book - Brain Training for Runners is drafted from Jack's book also).

    I love all your planning and plodding out your numbers. Awesome!! Is that an excel spreadsheet? Love it!!

  12. I will need to re-read this when i start my 10K training in a month.... very interesting indeed!

  13. I'm putting myself in the really loyal reader category.:) I'm a very detailed planner myself, but I always use my own plan only. I plan around a few major goals I go for each year but generally try to be ready to run up to a 50km at any time. I agree with the Galloway 100% on every point you mentioned. He actually reminds me of myself.

  14. I kept reading hoping for some Mumble-Jumble. I want my money back!

  15. I recently bought a book by Galloway.. he is super awesome!

  16. That was all actually very interesting. Thanks for sharing. I have been think about the Pre's Memorial run... it's another race I've never done but always wanted to (kind of like Butte to Butte). Maybe I'll see you there. :)

  17. I love training plans :) I've heard wonderful things about the Galloway method...

  18. jeff galloway helped me through my first marathon with that method. I think he's great for beginners. Your plan looks....detailed! which can be good. Enjoy!

  19. I'm so glad you post4ed this! I signed up for a 10k on 9/4 and have no clue how to train. Starting to research plans. Great post R!

  20. Umm, maybe I'm a big dork, but I love looking at people's training plans! I'm actually planning to do my first 10K in November. I'm not sure why I haven't done one yet.

  21. Okay, I think I just might have to get my Daniels book out and follow his plan!

  22. wow, raina, that is some hardcore training. It would definitely intimidate me. You are going to kill it. What do you use to write out your plans? I love your discipline, organization, and focus on your training.

  23. Interesting post. Usually I don't follow a plan for the 10 k. Now because I cannot stress my "broken" leg and before because the 10k were not my main goal. I agree about the injures related to the speed work but I think that we have to do that job if we want to increase our speed. I had a similar experience when I tried to enter in the Navy Running Team; a trainer helped me and I succeeded but the speed work was and became part of my weekly schedule.

  24. Hey, I can't respond to your comments as you are listed as Raina .
    What is your email?

  25. The coach for my running club has seen barefoot running come in/out and he says about the same thing. It's a fad and it'll go out again. I do think that it is shaking up everyone's thinking though and some good things, studies, products will come out of it.

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  28. Ha! I was just searching online for a template for a running schedule and your post came up! How funny! How are you? I realise this is an old post - but I love your template. You wouldn't consider sharing it would you? Perfectly accept a no, but if you would, I'm at petraduguid at gmail dot com. xxx


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