Thursday, June 16, 2011

Racers on the loose!

(Man I hope I didn't tick anyone off that I borrowed these photos...)
  And God knows how patient this woman is! How hard she has worked and how much she deserves a perfect 60F day with no need to carry a fuel belt! This gal is a gem ...heart of gold and a hard and honest worker. Stress fracture recovery behind her, and 900 miles of training in 16 weeks...with several new PRs at shorter distances.
Grandma's won't know what hit!!! Here comes tornado Jenn!! 

  She's put in the hours and the hay is IN THE BARN!! Can't wait to see how you do in the Patriot HIM, Ana! You have so much talent and a real desire to work HARD. The SKY is the LIMIT here!!!! I have enjoyed reading your blog, even if I have NO clue about most of the bike or swimming stuff...I can always pretend to and learn something ....just in case...:
Ana, I really value the support I got from you during my most recent marathon. You are an inspiring mom and a DRIVEN Athlete! Wishing you ALL the BEST!!
Wish I could run beside either of you ladies this saturday, but I think I would get left behind!


  1. Ha! I need to link your post here from my post about them! So cool. Love this!! Great minds think alike. xo

  2. Oh yes, all the best to them!

  3. Ha ha! Next time photoshop Ana Maria's legs on my body, Okay!!!! Thankyou SO much Raina! A true friend....If you would just get on that plane, I would let you be my fuel belt!!!

  4. This is awesome!!! Good luck ladies!

  5. OMG, Raina, this is AWESOME! Totally made my day and you better believe I will be thinking about this during the race! Who knew you were so creative, on top of everything else?
    Thanks again XOXO

  6. i don't think either of these amazing women will mind ;) too sweet!

  7. what a wonderful post! wishing both of those ladies fabulous races :)

  8. Good luck ladies!!!! All the best.

  9. So awesome!!! Good job both to Jenn and Ana!! You are the best Raina!!


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