Monday, June 20, 2011

Could I possibly forget?

If you caught my post yesterday (and a few of you did...), you might have thought that either 
A) I forgot it was Father's day, or 
B) I didn't care about Father's day. 

Well...I didn't forget, but I did accidentally, mentally move it to this next weekend.
Sometimes I do things like that! 

But it looks like my last post hit the blogosphere at the right time for a few of you anyway, and that's what I call God's timing. 

My earthly Dad is understanding and patient with I doubt he will mind much if this comes a day late.
This photo of him was taken in 1967, somewhere near Vietnam. Surfing on air mattresses was an R&R hobby for a few GI's.

I almost lost my dad 8 years ago to a heart attack (odd tumor). I am so blessed to have him around still! I hope to make the most of each visit I have with him.

I have to be careful of what I ask from him, because he'd probably give me anything I asked for.

He taught me that "Integrity can't be taken away from you". And he lives by that motto still.

 Super Dad, Loving Grandpa and my hero.
Love you dad!


  1. That's a pretty cool photo of your dad in his floral shorts! And he's sporting a six pack.... go dad! :)

  2. Awww, love these photos. Your dad sounds so loving and from what you've already mentioned of him in the past here and there, it is obvious that he adores you as a father should! So wonderful! I thought you purposely posted that post just for father's day...ha ha. Good timing! :)

  3. Goodness then and now he looks like the coolest of cool! You are very blessed!

  4. fun! thanks for sharing.

    great pictures!

  5. Your dad loves you is proud of you. The six pack has turned into a keg.

  6. I'm with Amanda I figured yesterdays post was a 'wake up' for all of us to think about the holism of life and not just what Hallmark wants us to think of Father's Day.


    When my mom was growing up with her sister and parents they would frequently go out to Stinson Beach near SF to ride the waves with their air mattresses. Only difference they would use those old school mattress covers for beds. It worked well - I tried it years later.

  7. that photo from 1967 is AWESOME!!! I LOVE old pics!!!

  8. I love old photos!! So great!

  9. I love the pictures...especially the surfing picture!!!

  10. Look at your dad's 6-pack in the surfing pic, how cool is that?!?! What a stud :). I'm so happy he's still here on earth enjoying your precious boys!!

  11. Your dad's 6-pack is awesome! Looks like good genes run in the family!

    I love old photo's they make my day. This year I put together a little photo book of all the old photos of my father & I. :)

    "I have to be careful of what I ask from him, because he'd probably give me anything I asked for." -- my Dad is the same way, have to love it <3

  12. Your dad sounds like one cool dude and you are totally blessed to still have him in your life! :)

  13. God's timing is perfect. What blessing to still have him and I can tell that he has impacted your life so much!

  14. A very nice post about dad. Man in uniform who served in Viet-Nam.
    I left my silver cross (Italian Navy) under the wall when I visited the Viet-Nam memorial.
    Here Father's day is march 19th.


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