Saturday, June 25, 2011

Boat ramp rescue, Interval questions, Updates and a few disorganized thoughts

It's always lovely when I can head out for a little tempo something-or-another toward the boat ramp. Really lovely when it's not raining and not dark..Summer is special.

Thursday, as I was about a mile into the tempo portion of my planned 8 miler, I saw, hobbling toward me on the gravel rollers, an old man. (Sorry to any old men reading this...just lacking better description). He had a cane. In the middle.of.nowhere.

It seemed a little out of place, so I pulled out the ear buds and tried to hear his words over the crunching rocks.

I was kind of hoping I'd hear him say "Hellooooo!!!!" as I kept up my tempo, but that was not it. There was something about "Help," and "Could you?" I came to a full stop.

We both must have looked a bit out of place. He was at least a mile from the nearest house that direction. Turns out he was parked at the ramp and his rig wouldn't start. Could I help, or get someone? Sure. I told him I'd run home and send out my husband.

And I was off again, restarting my tempo, which (to be perfectly honest), I really wasn't feeling really on fire for up to that moment. But emergencies called and I had a new reason to run fast. He hollered "How far?"
I held up some fingers and said "Three miles", and figured he was going back to his rig to wait.

When I got home, I sent Jon out and he took care of the old guy. It turns out he made it to the first house (my dream home), where no one lives most weeks of the month. When they went to jump start his rig, it started right away- no charger needed! They guy was a little embarrassed, but I think both Jon and I were happy to have had a chance to be someone's hero.

There is a life lesson in here for me somewhere...and a running lesson too:
I am sorry that guy had an "emergency", but it's nice to be needed sometimes, and to be able to provide help.
I felt fatigued after doing a double with the last one late the night before, but when emergency came, I pulled the pace out. Tempo goal pace: 6:51 for 20 minutes (adjusted for each 5 minutes afterwards) 7:03, 6:50, 6:43, 6:53.
More running stuff:
  • My long run was on the short side today- about 14 miles. bahhhhhhhhhhhh. I just wasn't feeling it. Tired legs. Maybe that's a good sign that training is going well. Still trying to keep my E paces in the 8:32 range (for the 50 VDOT number).
  • Had a great 8x400 workout this week. I have only started doing TRUE intervals since getting the GPS watch and resuming speed work after a long recovery from Boston. My I pace for 400M is 1:33...I set the recover time to 1 minute, but am not sure what is the true recovery period for intervals...longer than 1:33 for rest would make it more like a repetition (R), which stresses form over cardio...Or that's what I get from my reading. If you regularly do intervals, how do you determine your recoveries??
  • I am getting geared for the next race on my schedule- the Butte to Butte 10K. This is Eugene's largest race (participants wise- I think it's bigger than the Eugene Marathon/half combined). My plan is to race hard, but I am still going to put in plenty of miles up to the race. Also, I am looking for some AMERICANA to wear...rub-on tattoos? Anyone know where to find rub-on tattoo flags?
  • Did you race this weekend? How did it go??!!

Random life stuff:
  • Matthew has healed nicely since stepping on a decking screw. We are SO blessed to live a mile from a very competent ER Dr. - we have a good rapport with him. He has stitched Matthew up once before on his granite counter top...
  • I haven't changed a poopy diaper in over a WEEK!!! That's right!! Although it was a bugger toting the injured middle boy around everywhere while he wasn't walking, being stuck at home was actually a good thing for some of us. There have been a few accidents...but my youngest boy (Levi) will be 2 on Sunday and I am d.o.n.e. with diapers! 
Faith stuff:
  • My kids and I have been enjoying mornings with Youtube praise music. Hillsong kids has some great kids worship songs...My kids are only 6,4 & 2, so maybe your teens won't like them, but mine love dancing/singing to the upbeat praise music. I have even considered finding a kids CD by Hillsong to buy so I can put it into my running music.
  • Also, we have been attending a group couples discussion about the marriage video series "Love and Respect".   One nugget I got from a recent session was "If you want to motivate someone, find out what their deepest need is and meet it." I LOVE that. 

Have a great weekend!


  1. Whooooo hooooooo on the diaper. I am dreading potty training for my son. I guess as long as its accomplished by Kindergarten right? :) That is so sweet about the old man... always feels good to help someone.
    Have a fabulous rest of your weekend!

  2. On another note, LOVE the Love and Respect course! It has truly been amazing for our marriage. I hope you get tons out of it.

  3. What?!!! Tell me how to potty train?! My girls didn't need training...they just did it. I can't believe you have a less than 2 year old boy already trained...even at night?!! This is crazy talk. :)

    Wow, you're really doing great Raina. These are some great times you are running for tempo. I have a feeling you're going to surprise the heck out of yourself for this 10k. Good luck! I would imagine you'll run in the 42's don't you think? or faster.

    Great to read this Raina. I'll be thinking of you on the 4th. My husband and I both signed up for that race I've been thinking about. Yep, he has never run one nor has he trained properly for one. Longest run he's run has been a half marathon about a two months ago. Yikes. We shall see. It is all fun! :)

  4. High Fives on the diaper business - what a milestone!!! I think my twin boys were almost 3 when they finally got it, your at 2 is doing fantastic!

    a 4th of July 10K will be great! I have no idea on the stickers....I was always the worst mom out there with decorations. Our neighborhood always puts on a 4th of July parade for all the kids and I was always awarded the worst decorations - go me!

    Good luck, have a blast!!!!! :)

  5. WOOOHOOO!! something to celebrate in NO diapers!! congrats. Second, your tempo paces are amazing!! Yes, so nice to be needed. sweet man! I know veggie tales can be annoying but they have a great worship CD with Matt Redman. My kids love it!! great idea to check out youtube. Thanks. have a great weekend, raina!

  6. I think you will go way below 42 on that 10K. My prediction? in the low 40s, or better, depending on weather.

    I get the helping part. I absolutely love to help random strangers, particularly older folks. I love older folks:)

    Your running is going so well. I am so happy for you! You have such talent and I get so excited about your races

  7. Anonymous is Ana-Maria - I was signed up on my son's blog:)

  8. Nice job with both ends of the generation gap.

  9. I love the first story!!! It really is an awesome feeling to feel needed and be able to help! Great pace with the tempo as a result!!! Especially with the double the day before. You are really starting to click girl! This is getting FUN!!!!

    I will keep my race number predictions for you in my head:) Praying for some nice cool weather and I'm imagining your shiny new PR on your sidebar will be a BIG BIG one!! If you aren't doing a fall marathon and continue to concentrate on this, sub 40 in cool fall conditions for sure!

    Oh yes, LOVE that final quote.

  10. As an ... old man I like the first story!
    About the diaper my grandson is 2 and half and this is the 2nd week "off".
    You are making a very good job on the run, congrats.
    Have a good sunday.

  11. I love being able to help someone on the spur of the moment. And what could be better than including running in the helping!!

    Intervals: I usually do 1/2 the distance of the interval or approx the same time.


  12. How awesome that you helped that man! Way to be :)

    Yay for being done with diapers LOL!

  13. I love that quote, as well. That is an amazing potty training accomplishment, I have to say...especially for a boy. :) And, those paces? Wow!

  14. Being someone's hero is always great. Your training is going well. How many runners for the 10km? My idea of a big race and small race is different to people over there. I've been asked if I wanted to join a charity group to run for. It is a group that works in Sudan, one of the worst countries in Africa to spread the Lord's Word there. I'm still praying and about me decision.

  15. You can get rub on tattoos at Oriental Trading:

  16. Hooray for no more diapers!
    That's nice that you were a hero, especially for a little old man. I have such a soft spot for grandpas.

    Butte to Butte ... have fun! I'm 95% sure I am NOT doing it this year, but I don't know. I want to so that I can beat my time from last year, but I am still tired from Saturday's half marathon. And I have another half in less than a month, so I figure I should just stick to being good to my legs and training. Hm.... what to do?? If I do go, I'll let you know and we can meet up!


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