Wednesday, June 29, 2011

10K / racing rambles, BIRTHDAY BOY!!, & everything else I can cram in.

Would you wear this if it made you run faster?
(Photo from Google)
  • This guy may be setting a new trend in running fashion. I would wear the black mask (and maybe a rainbow clown wig) if I knew I could go sub 40 in the 10K!!...Not likely this next race, but with the recent air quality around these parts, I might not need much to persuade me to dress like Zorro- or a bank robber! (I might even shave my legs! I do have my limits though, so expect me to keep my clothes on.)
  • Recent email discussions have me considering more closely which races I enter. I am not sure why, but in certain UPPER MIDWESTERN states they give out big bucks for age group wins!!. Ore, if you are super lucky, they give away fishing packages. Not here. Here we raffle the prizes at most races, or there are no prizes because all the proceeds go to charity. 
  • (Sidenote: I have no issues with charity races- I just need to increase my raffle chances so I can recoup some shoe money. )
  • I was considering a July half marathon recently,  but scratched it off the list because there were no prizes. Not even a raffle. Is this a bad approach? I also thought about the recovery time needed...
Q: What's the best thing you have ever won at a race?
  • The littlest boy had a birthday this last weekend (and I am FINALLY getting around to posting about it!).  We were low-key as usual, and took the kids to a park to BBQ some fancy/gourmet hotdogs and eat watermelon. It's Levi's favorite. I also made purchased a CHOCOLATE SILK pie for a birthday cake from the local Hometown Foods. Because:  I know my limits. Hostessing social functions stresses me out! He is now the big NUMERO 2!!

 Nathan's reading is starting to take off and we have been spending some time at the library. The summer reading program here is GREAT. They are so excited when they get a chance to cash in their stickers charts (of recorded reading) for a prize from the "treasure chest" !
Last time we were there, my dad showed up and we were able to finish a puzzle. (This was a major achievement since there was a potty-training two-year-old that kept running out of the children's section into the lobby)
More on running: I just can't help it.
  • I am thrilled to say that I am NOT thinking at ALL about marathons right now. In fact, I have decided to put in a 10 Week training cycle for a 10K, after I have completed the Butte to Butte. This is experimental, as I have never trained for a 10K specifically. 
  • I am saving that special sub-40 time goal race for a cooler season and a flatter course- (I really don't think it's in my reach yet), but want to see what I can throw out for my first shot at the Prefontaine Memorial 10K, in his hometown, Coos Bay. 
  • In the past I have avoided this race because it's a slower course, but this is the year- I just want to have FUN. Do you purposely avoid certain races?
Faith stuff
I have been thinking a lot about my blessings right now. Sure seems like a lot of people my age are facing life-changing struggles. Several people from facebook have had cancer, another friend is 40+/- and trying to conceive. These things are so trying!  My prayers are with these people, and I am grateful that no one in my immediate family is facing anything like that currently.
Galatians 6:2 Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.


    1. So much to comment on here. Yes, blessings...I'm really focusing on these lately too. So thankful for my health, my family, my home, sooo much!!!
      Sub 40? Yes! awesome and attainable goal for you girl. I've been really wanting to train for just a 10k too and I think it could be a good race for me...maybe even my best race distance. Don't have any planned but definitely not ready to train for another marathon again until Boston. I'm running the Girlfriend's half marathon in October...not sure if there are good prizes. I have not really been that big into races out of college until now. Now I'm hooked. :) Best prize I've won would have to be my huge box of cookies and pretty plaque (is that spelled right? gee, I don't know that I've ever written that word...ha ha) from winning first in my age group in the napa Valley Marathon...yikes, maybe it was second but I'm pretty sure it was first...obviously it is very important...not. :) It was fun winning something for my first marathon though. :)

      Congrats on the reading and yay for simple birthdays. :) Off to feed these kids my snack!

    2. I meant feed them some snacks. ha ha.

    3. Sub 40 after a 10K specific plan NO PROBLEM for you! I mean it! On any course! I'd put my money on you:) Race prizes...last year I did a bunch of 5Ks and won 3 massages. Loved that. I actually considered doing some of these for the prizes, as I am too cheap to pay for one myself (I do make my husband give me massages, though). I think race medals or trophies are a waste of money; I never keep mine.
      Did I mention to you how handsome your boys are?

    4. OMG-I have a mask just like that but it covers my whole face! My scary robber winter running mask....doesn't make me faster though....ha!

      I have another race for you!!! A HM that has a $500 1st, $250 2nd $100 3rd. Held in July so HOT but last years winner 1:36!!!!!! Get in your RV and booty down here and I'll even let you take first-ha!!! Yes, the fishing package just took away my race mojo....

      I ABSOLUTELY think you will go sub 40 after a 10 week. Even on a tough course. You've got GREAT speed and 10 weeks of focusing on that is going to have some big returns!!! I'm so excited!!!! I will be stalking you daily!

      Happy Birthday to your little guy and remind me to eat before I sit down to read posts because now I only want chocolate!!!

      Yes, I avoid races like the 10K in my home town. I don't like this race and even though I could at least win my age group (48 min last year) I still avoid it. You'll like this-winners in this race got a Ham last year-bahahahaha!!!! Just not worth it....

      Your last paragraph-heavy on my heart today with a dear friend. Need to count our blessings FOR SURE!!!

    5. I watched the US national championships this past weekend, that was weird seeing Galen Rupp wear that mask! I guess it was because of his asthma due to high pollen count in Eugene? Anyways, he seemed to toss the mask as the race got closer to the end in the races that I saw him run.

      The US national championships were awesome to watch, I've been meaning to do a post about it. I love the crowds at Eugene - especially the rhythmic clapping as the runners come down the home stretch each lap. Seems like an amazing place to run a race. I hope Eugene holds all of the big meets in the US from now on!

      Good luck in the Prefontaine Memorial 10K, that sounds like a great race!

      And I bet you will get your sub 40 10K or get really close to it if you do a full on training program devoted to it. The course will have to be pretty flat though to have a good chance. It seems like you got your 20 minute 5K without really trying it seemed like, so my guess is that your real 5K PR is somewhere around the low 19s or so.

      For things won at races - I've never won any money at a race before, but in high school I won medals/ribbons for placing high enough, that is about it =)

    6. Counting my blessings daily! It is always hard to see others suffer!

      I'm glad you put it out there but I love race swag! My friend and I scope out the swag and will return to a race based on it!! Never won anything at a race...hoping to do that next week. Fingers crossed!!!

      You could do a sub 40 10k no prob!!! But yes I would dress like Zorro to reach a pr any day!!!

      Happy 2nd birthday to your little man! I am curious how you are potty training. I tried my daughter earlier in the year and she was not so into it. Now I am ready for potty bootcamp! Any suggestions?!

    7. Happy Belated birthday to Levi! He is just adorble, I so miss that age when they are just cute and innocent. Not mouthy like my teenagers. Well, they aren't mouthy for the most part but geeeez... enough on that. :)

      I'd wear a mask and a wig, too, if I could run a sub-40. I'd wear a mask if it meant I didn't cough a gazillion times after a 5K. I saw some guys out on bikes the other day with masks on, I guess it was allergy related. I have horrible allergies ... I wish I could wear this and not look like a dork!

      We all race for our own personal reasons and if you don't want to race because there's no good swag at the end, then that's your reason and it's perfectly okay! Do yo own thang (as my mouthy kids say ;)). I've never been i na position to win anything big by overall or AG placement, but I have won some pretty cool stuff in drawings. Just last week I won some super awesome purple Smith sunglasses, retail: $129. Woot! I guess I did win a free entry to one of several races when I got first in my AG at the duathlon series I did..I haven't used it though cuz you know, my heel and all :(.

      And I'm just rambling on about nothing so I'll close the comment from Jill now! :)

    8. I have never seen the black mask thing (um, on a runner) but I once trained with a mouthpiece (no, not me). It was an actual plastic piece (like boxers use) and if you want to "hit the wall", try running even a 50 yard dash with it in. A trainer told me to try it....he said it would improve O2...blah, blah, blah. A.W.F.U.L.

      Happy birthday to little L. Where did that 2 years go? He is so cute! Those pictures are priceless!

      The best thing I ever won at a race was.....the whole thing! I won a 5k a few years ago. Granted, there were only a handful of people running it but I felt pretty good (shamefully) since I had run a marathon a week before the 5k.

      Whenever you want to carry my burden's, I'll let you.

    9. Yes! Yes! YES! I would wear a mask like that if it would make me faster!

      I love that you are going to fucus on shorter races. Having a goal to move toward that doesn't take the time and toil of marathon training is awesome.

      Ahh, blessings. Been thinking a lot about that this week. I have been struggling too much and have forgotten to look for the little blessings everywhere!


    10. I doubt if I would wear anything that makes me faster. Maybe years ago but nowadays I only care about distance and endurance. No more worry about time for me. I avoid some races that are to big/busy with too many people and traffic. I hate crowds! I once won a week for two in Mauritius, all inclusive as a spot prize. How cool is that!

    11. Happy birthday to your little guy--so handsome!
      Best win swag has to be a GC from Fleet Feet, otherwise it's the usual stuff.
      I think sub 40 is so in the cards for you!

    12. Gives a whole new meaning to running as a bandit. Maybe I'll have Galen run for me one of these days.

    13. Like Jenn, I too have a FULL FACE mask. The winters in Utah are freezing... so I totally sport the robber look in the winter!

      Good luck with your 10 week training - Sub 40 aint' got shit on you ;)

    14. Well I had a 10K PR within my grasps at the Prefontaine last year... so if I could almost PR just think of how great YOU will do at it! I definitely should start some hill training this year though so at least maybe I can beat last year's time!

      The best think I ever won at a race that wasn't from a raffle is my ONLY earned prize. That was my first place age group in a 5K and I got a medal. I'm so happy it was a medal and not just a ribbon or certificate. I wore that medal with pride for hours!

      That's quite the birthday cake. I feel like it was just begging for fingers to poke at it and get some early licks in!

    15. I have avoided a race .. maybe I will buck up and do it this year ;)

    16. i think its great to focus on other races and take that little break! 10k will give you speed, thats for sure. and what a blessing, birthdays are precious

    17. Happy belated Birthday to your little dude.

      Best prize I won from a race - hugs, kisses and high fives from my kiddos and wife.

    18. I am sure that, following a plan, you will break the 40 minutes barrier, you are very fast.
      I would not succeed in running with a mask.
      Best prize... I won many material things but the best prize was to get the qualification to make part of the Navy - Southern Italian Department - Cross Team. It was a wonderful experience.

    19. Your posts always get me thinking Raina! Um, the mask? I guess so if I can breathe better/run faster??

      You should so go for a race with prize $$--YOu are FASSSST! I know you could bring home some dough!

      I like your faith comment: it is so important to be mindful of our blessings isn't it? I fall into the complaint trap at times and don't like who I am then.

      Happy 4th to you and your fam!!

    20. i shaved my legs today and got 14:23 miles out of it. scratch that one off the list.

    21. i heard you broke 42 minutes. NICE!

    22. You are one heck of a blogger. Always thinking and keep me thinking.

      You already know that you are fast.....well done on your sub42


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