Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Training stuff and Blog-up in Eugene w/ Congratulations!

First up:
Major congratulations are in order for each of the racers I got to dine with on Saturday night!!
The lovely Julie (adventure is out there) was my dinner date!!! So charming....I think she's trying to convince me to tri. And..She brought us each a TnT towel that reads "Know Test your limits!" How nice is that?
She ran WAY faster than her goal pace in the Eugene half marathon. So PROUD of you, Julie!
 Fruit Fly and Biker Boy brought some delicious cupcakes with some sort of frosting that tasted buttery :). Just think of the goodies they could cook up if they both lived in the same city! Fruit fly wept on the sister of Steve Prefontaine at the expo. She then went on to run a PR half and vomit on the U of O track (which is MUCH nicer than in Pre's era, thanks to all of my tuition payments).

Stacie (impossible is nothing) and hubby. It was her hubby's first half! She has a really fantastic blog race report about how they raced TOGETHER! Love it- and the awesome medal they earned!

Kim organized the Gala blog-up and brought some tasty gummi bears for us. Treats- even though I wasn't running! How sweet!! (She also made me model my Boston Jacket- no photos here!- which was kinda embarrassing, but also made me feel special.) Her hubby, S., ran the race on essentially NO practice training, and must be pretty gifted. Kim went on to PR and is a HALF FANATIC ! Read her fantastic write up at (Just) Trying Is For Little Girls.
The AMAZING Laurie and her husband were also there! Laurie trains regularly with a stroller (very dedicated!) and finished the Eugene Marathon (her first) well under 4 hours- great debut!!!Read her outstanding race report at (Mis)Adventures of a Jogging Stoller Mom- a very good read.
Beth (SwimBikeRunDC) (center), Amy  (right) and her friend (left), from the DC area- so fun and friendly. Amy finished in 3:44!! Beth's goal was to run under 3:40 and she DID it!! PR !!! She really executed her race about smart!
The whole bloggy group at Mazzi's Italian in Eugene.
(I am throwing these pants in the goodwill donation after this photo!!)

Backing up a bit, before dinner I headed to the Eugene Marathon Expo, where I managed to score 5 free tickets to a University of Oregon track meet- the Twilight Meet (thanks to the Oregon Track Club).

Now I just need to sweet talk hubby so we can go! :)

Training Stuff:
  • I am in the process of rebuilding my mileage after the marathon. In the past, I have been able to return to about 80% of my peak within 4 weeks, but I am not sure if that's going to be as easy this time. I suppose it depends on which peak I go with- the peak before injury, or the second peak after injury.
  • My running is at "easy pace" these days- and that varies depending on fatigue. It can range from about 8:00 miles to 8:40 miles. (My training tab above has specific workouts; the truly curious can click on each run to see the pace/notes). The point is to repair my body and not to take on too much while I recover my muscles, and any bone stresses that have occurred. A mind repair is probably also in order. :) Detoxing mentally and emotionally from race training is feeling pretty good right now.
  • Heart rate training is something I am fairly interested in. Not so much to do all my workouts by heart rate, but just to explore whether I am hitting the right zones; i.e. "easy pace" at the appropriate zone, speed work in the appropriate zone, etc. By now you might think I should have a grasp of whether I am putting out the right effort, but I am still curious. :)  The first step will be to establish a MAX heart rate for myself. This will require a break away from easy paces for a day, so I might wait a week or two (If I can wait that long).  My resting heart rate this morning was 44/45, right out of bed. I think the lowest I have ever seen it was at 39 on some grocery store blood pressure machine.
  • I put in some new tunes in the ipod this week. They are just loud enough to cover the Garmin BEEP on autolap, lest I decide to obsess over my mile splits. (but not too loud, dad, so I am still safe!)
It's kinda funny to see how music can control your cadence! It was a lot of fun to see what happened to my pace during this song....

Not my usual genre. :) Love the tunes...just hard not to let them take over my run sometimes!!!

Do you ever let music take over your run?

What do you do post race to recover? Do you go right back into your old mileage, or take an extended break?


  1. You got to meet some amazing bloggers!! Wow :)
    The cupcakes sound like they were really good too and I liked your pants!

    I do take music on my runs, but only sometimes because I do like to pray when I run too :)

  2. Loved your write up on the blogger dinner! AND YES!! I think you would do so great at would get hooked, you would be so good!
    I hear Sutherlin calling my name if you're game :D

    I've just recently realized how much better I run with music. In the past when I've run with music, I've always made sure it was stuff I liked, however, this year I've tried running with fast hard songs and it's amazing how fast my cadence changes. Now I just need to find fast songs that I really like!

  3. Thanks for the nice write up. We sure had fun, and had to see THE jacket. We're all so proud of what you accomplished in Boston!

    Thanks for posting about how you train after races. I need to figure out a balance this summer, when to PR attempt, when to rest and race for fun and how to train in between without injury. It's freaking me out.

    Do you have a plan for another half? Any chance you can do the Eugene Women's Half in September? I always need people to finish before me who will cheer me on!

  4. reads like a fun post blog up posting should be. sounds like fun. take it easy getting back into it.

    btw - i just bought my Husky pup a toy/squeaky duck to chew on. :) already getting ready for the college football season.

  5. Sounds like fun in Eugene! (I lived there years ago.) After a race, I slowly increase my mileage, starting out with fairly low miles. It really depends on the date of my next race and how I feel.

  6. i think you should do a tri too! You'd be awesome I'm sure.
    Wish I could have joined that meet up, lots of great people!

  7. Way to go bloggies! I've registered for my first tri! Coming up in just a couple weeks! Yikes - time goes by quick!!!

  8. Jealous of all the Bloggy fun!! What a great experience!!!

    Of course I am one of those who regularly clicks on your training tab-ha!

    I always run with music except for when I run with someone. Certain songs will NOT let my legs go easy pace! I sometimes leave my ipod off and then turn it on specifically when I'm breaking into tempo or speed because it's easier to speed up!

    My boys are very jealous of your turkey poop! That is about the only animal we don't have in the man cave.....

    Recovery. My first marathon I took 2 days off and jumped right back in to full mileage and a PR half 4 weeks later. Boston was a little tougher. My legs were fine but my lungs and ribs were weird-they hurt when I tried to run on the following Friday and I kept my runs short for the first 2 weeks. Then I ended up breaking back into hard training and then the hip....I'm not sure what I will do after Grandma's. Such a short season of nice weather-so hard to waste it recovering but then again so hard to spend it on crutches.....Nice work on the runs! Again, love that tab!!

  9. I'm working up to Portland over the summer...I took a week off after my marathon, but then that was just a REALLY long training run and not an actual race like what you do... so my only advice will be to listen to your body and let it tell you when it is time to kick it up a notch again.

    As to the music, hmm, I have been playing with running with the radio on, or different playlists, or the last two runs no music just the nano telling me that "One mile completed". It is harder to keep a steady pace without one of my "normal" playlists, but I'm going faster, so it might be time to change the music.

  10. Thanks for the shout out! I will be back in Oregon to run again someday, everything about this state is awesome.

    Good luck returing to training! Maybe I'll see you in Boston 2012 :)

  11. Thank you for the congratulations! I am still on a high from that whole weekend. I bet your letting me touch your jacket is what propelled me to that big PR of mine! :)

  12. What a wonderful meeting! I am sure it was a beautiful experience. Great pictures.
    I always make my workouts (if I am alone) listening music.
    After a marathon I learned to take a whole week off, after a half 1 day off and the day after swimming ..... but I am old!


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