Monday, May 23, 2011

Slow Weekend Run (with Photos)

Been slowing down lately- It's nice to take it all in sometimes. 
Searching for ways to relax myself enough to run some slower paces, I chose a road I haven't ran on for over 10 years. 
Back then it kicked me in the butt; after a mile I threw in the towel and walked/jogged home. I didn't have much endurance then and the hills took the wind right out of me. I didn't know the meaning of long slow distance yet.

This run would keep me from blasting out of the gates too fast. These days, it's just what I need. I am trying to slow down my easy paces and long runs (more on that in another post, hopefully).

 The first mile from the car, I remembered why I love this road so much- what drew me to want to run it. It's a great road to drive too :) . Hill after hill, but nothing over 1/4 mile long.
The road follows the Umpqua river, which is between the tree line and the mountains behind.
I ran upriver first...But I couldn't say that it was uphill or downhill. It was both, which was perfect for this Saturday.
For some reason, I thought it was about 14 miles round trip. When I got to the campground I had gone a bit over 8 miles- a nice point for a drink. So, I made it my turnaround.

On the way back, I drank in the sights, the smells, the sounds of a beautiful spring morning in southwest, Oregon- thanking the Lord for an opportunity to be out experiencing his good pleasure on this day. 
What an awesome Creator we have.
Stopping for photos helps keep me in the right training pace as well. Sometimes I turned off my watch and sometimes I kept it running. I really tried to just forget I had it on- which I was pretty successful at this time :)

It's almost time to mow hay here...a few more weeks!
This was an interesting green house/garden combo made from recycled glass doors. 
Looks kind of funny, but beats the socks off of my non-existent greenhouse and unfenced garden!
Around mile 14, you can see the near-naked landscape where the hillside was logged (and replanted) in the last few years. Full-grown timber still stands at the top of the ridge. 
The *beautiful* yellow bushes are Scotch Broom in bloom, the aggressive weed that can't be eliminated through burning.
Mile 16 and almost back to the car. Feeling pretty good! Ready to hit a few more hills first, though...

I ended with 17+ miles, tired, but happy. 

Lessons learned (or maybe I should say "lessons reviewed") : 
take your time, smell the roses, enjoy this run as a gift- not to be rushed.

Do you have a rave run that you enjoy just for the sights/sounds/smells?

How do you like your hills? 
I usually run fairly flat ground, but there is one monster that is on many of my routes. Today's run was fun because there were many small hills. I can't wait to go back!



  1. That picture of the rocks out into the river is calling my name. I'm usually laying around watching the kids fish and getting hot enough to jump in the water and float around a bit. You've got me panting for summer days and a camping trip!

  2. Beautiful pictures, thanks for posting!!! They make me homesick!!

  3. I used to love running through the VA because I liked the golf course and the big brick buildings. But I find myself doing that route at least once a week, so it lost its spark. I need to start finding some place around home that I can run for fun and enjoy the scenery.

    I did get in a short run up on this nice paved path along the Columbia River. I think that if I can actually run a longer distance it may end up being one of those nice, quiet, scenic routes for me. Quiet - except for the airplanes, but I kind of like hearing them.

  4. That run looks gorgeous!!

  5. Ok- What are you doing next weekend because I'm skipping the 10k and catching a flight out to "smalltown" to run that with you!!!!! Beautiful!

    Pretty flat here but I LOVE rolling hills! I would pick hills over flat ANY day! Glad you had a great run girl! Love love the pics!!!

  6. Wow ... wonderful pics. It's so hard to slow down sometimes - almost seems like it takes more energy (probably mental more than anything)

  7. My neighborhood is ALL hills so I know no other way of running.. when I visited Florida in March I was weirded out by how flat it was!

    It is SO nice to slow down and enjoy God's creation! :)

  8. What a great post. I love running in the countryside around my town. When the views are as good as yours, it's awesome. In the rain, not quite as much fun!

    Oh, and there are no hills around here. I have to drive to them and don't do that enough.

  9. Awesome running pics! That route is gorgeous! You live in some great surroundings!

    Normally I love hills, because it is really hard to find a flat route to run where I live. I love the challenge of hills and trying to conquer them.

    I'll see what the physical therapist says on Wednesday for what I can do, maybe I will be doing some pool running. I might actually like it better than swimming, haha

  10. How do I like my hills? Well, I don't like them at all....but where we live you absoultely can't avoid them.

    What a beautiful, beautiful place to run. If I had sites like that it might make running alot more enjoyable. I do most of mine within a few mile radius of my house through the subs...just one house after another.

  11. Wow - breathtaking! It's absolutely stunning!

    I bet the run, with no purpose other than to enjoy, was amazing!!!

  12. Wow that looks so amazingly beautiful!!!!!!! I would love to run there!

  13. The roads are very similar to mine. I recently found (LOST blog) a monster in the grading dept. I have been back once already. I look for big and nasty hills - esp ones that repeat forever.

    Looking forward to your "slower pace" post.

    Peace and Godspeed.

  14. Yup, I'm trying to do both speed work and slow down my LSD's. How is that for oxymoronic?

  15. Gorgeous! i'm more relaxed just enjoying your pics! I like my hills rolling, if I must have any at all. ; )

  16. Amazing scenery! I am not a fan of hills....not. one. bit!

    I love the smell of my run lately! Salt water, lilac bushes, sweet smelling trees, sunscreen! Love it!

  17. this run route looks amazing. makes me want to get my stuff and go there right now.

  18. Hey there Stranger! I found you! My favorite route has my least favorite smell.....fried chicken from a grocery store....makes me gag. After looking at your beautiful pix, I can DEFINITELY smell hamburgers on the grill in the pic of the shelter house.

    Packing now.....

  19. love hills.

    beautiful western oregon. only thing better? beautiful western washington of course. except you have better coastline and beaches.

  20. Thats it....I am buying a plane ticket when I am healed and coming to run with you....GORGEOUS!!! GREAT RUN!!!

  21. so gorgeous! i would love to run there....maybe some day!

  22. this is gorgeous! I NEED somewhere pretty like this to run around here!!! gresham...not so much;)

  23. I loved going on that run with you! Thanks so much for sharing such a lovely road :) Just beautiful! I'll bet it was nice to slow down and FEEL it and really enjoy it :)

    One of my very favorite runs is an 8-mile ridge road through a regional park... rolling hills and lots of lovely views.

  24. This looks so gorgeous! Ah, I am so excited to have the summer to just do some running in the moment runs and not be "training for something" runs. I saw this when you first posted but it has taken me forever to get back here to comment.

  25. I like this a lot! That is how I run at least 80% of the time. Just relax and run. I never look at my watch during a run and even during most races. This is how I run and enjoy it. I always take lots of photos and don’t think I lose much time because of it. I have many runs I do just to take it all in. I love hills. Most of our races include many monster hills and climbs so I train on hills nearly every day.

  26. dreamy. this post reminds me exactly why I love running! the kind of run you posted is the kind where you wonder why ipods were invented. just listen to the beautiful nature, your breath, ahhhh. So nice.

    I adore hills. In fact, strangely enough, after over 10 years of running I JUST THIS FEBRUARY started running flat (in preparation for a couple flat races I was running). Now I love flat, because I can go fast! it's fun! But I'll still always love hills. slow and steady.


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