Friday, May 20, 2011

5 Random Facts and Goooooo Jenn!!!

Jenn @ Running Sane is running through her half marathon this weekend. Please go cheer her on! 
She says she has no "real" time goal, because she is running 70+ miles this week to prep for Grandma's Marathon in June.
Funny thing is, I bet she will surprise us with what she can do on fatigued legs!!! 
And how does she do it? On a diet of popcorn and old Easter candy...
She's become a great friend to me. Love you, Jenn!

Also another shout out to Jim @ 50 after 40- who is running Fargo marathon. Sorry if I missed anyone else's a general shout out to all racers :)

And - a little late on this bandwagon- 5 random facts for Friday:

  1. My left foot big toenail is hanging on with about 15% of what it used to...not sure when it will finally come all the way off. Looks really special, though.
  2. I cannot understand why anyone would ever want to put syrup on sausage or bacon, or pineapple on pizza.
  3. If I had to choose between racing or training, I would choose training ALL THE WAY. I'd be a basket case without it. But I do love racing.
  4. This summer I hope to get our above ground pool running in time to swim in it before Memorial Day Labor Day...Someday I will get to sleep on the floatie mat while my kids swim- they are still a bit too small to touch the bottom.
  5. Still find it *funny* that I ran 26.55 miles in my last marathon . I am sure someone measured the course, but I forgot to run the tangents.
Are you racing this weekend? 
Do you like fruit and meat in the same dish? Not me.


  1. Hubby makes the most amazing apricot/jalapeno glaze over plank grilled salmon. It is seriously amazing! So, yes to the fruit and meat.

    I would take training over racing any day of the week and twice on Sundays...literally if I could... Racing is okay, but daily running makes me happy!

  2. Go Jenn! She is wonderful! I'm not so sure what she will do. I'm kind of thinking she is serious about keeping it slower but who knows...she might just surprise us all, including herself. :) Way to make her a sign. I'll have to get on that sign action for her 10k! :)

    meat and fruit. Can't say that I've given it much thought really. :) I'm not racing this weekend. Nope. But sure am excited to be racing in 2 weeks! Just had a sports massage and an adjustment and I"m feeling pretty...well, I guess pretty sore from the massage but pretty good to know that I needed it so badly and will feel better in the long run. :)

    Toenails.. just had one fall off the other day. So much for that nice pedicure!

  3. No sweet and meat... doesn't work for me... not even sweet and sour pork or chicken or whatever at a Chinese restaurant.

    I love your cheering sign for Jenn! That is so sweet... and to remember who is running what and when... you are a good friend and follower!

    I hope you get your dream of lounging on the floatie mat... I so hear that one :) Someday....

  4. Oh Raina!! You are a sweetheart! I obviously have more to say. Thank-you SO much for your support. Now pray for me that I survive the monsoon out there that I'm attempting to run in! No racing for me today. Just a fun run in a poncho I think:). I'll shoot you an email! Again, thank you girl!!!!

  5. Hawaiian Pizza, man! Salty canadian bacon with sweet pineapple. YUM!
    Have a great weekend, Raina!

  6. Love pineapple on pizza but hold the bacon.

    Ahhh, swimming pool.

  7. Hmm, the only fruit and meat I would eat together are like chicken and pineapple or like chicken with a fruit relish. Even then it is a little strange LOL!

  8. HATE pineapple on pizza. :) That's what I'm beginning to love about this blogging supportive everyone is of each other. So awesome.

  9. This is great! I love Jenn and Jim. You are too cute Raina!

    I have several toenails that could join your big one and I wish they would leave already! :)

  10. Good luck Jenn and Jim.
    I have the same opinion about training and racing.
    I race tomorrow but I don't care about the finish time: the race is a 5 km too crowded and I had many troubles in this last period.
    I hate fruit and meat together.

  11. Just read about someone running Badwater, I think - had her toenails surgically removed so they wouldn't bother her anymore!

  12. Oh, Raina, you are missing out... Hawaiian pizza is the BEST!! :)

  13. Hold the pineapple but I'll take a special with anchovies and a thin crust.

  14. Ok-I'm back! Pineapple on pizza-WRONG!!! I'm with you on the training over racing. I generally only have maybe 2 major goal races a year! I do however LOVE the feeling of completing a BIG race! I miss our pool. I was came home from a hot sweaty run once and did a HUGE cannonball into the pool only to remember it was only 3 feet deep.....Hurt my knee and couldn't run for a few days....I've learned A LOT of lessons the hard way-ha!

    Your running is going well! Mileage getting back up there and speed soon!!!! Nice work! Thanks again for the shoutout and the sign Raina! You're so awesome and I just LOVE you! Can't wait until you have another race that I can virtually cheer for you! Dying to see you with a 5 or 10k. You could blow both of those out of the water fully trained!

  15. hope everyone had a great race! I love syrup on bacon. haha.

  16. syrup on bacon...yum.

    My parents are heading down to the shad hole at Tyee tomorrow for some fishing. Looks like the weather might be pretty good. I need to hound them a bit about picking some camping dates :-)

  17. Pineapple pizza is my favorite! But no meat. Just the pineapples. Yummy yummy yummy in my tummy tummy tummy.


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