Friday, May 27, 2011

Go JOHANN!, Go JENN! and A few random things

Yay! It's race weekend! Jenn @ Running Sane is ready for a SUPER FAST 10K!!! She's almost done training for Grandma's marathon and is primed for a fantastic new PR in both distances! Can't wait to see how she does and read the race report. GO JENN! I know you'll be sporting a fantastic new 10K time =D

Johann @ Run Tall, Walk Tall is taking on the grandaddy of Ultra-marathons: Comrades in South Africa. It is a true test of endurance with a serious cut-off time. He is READY for this! GO Johann!

EDIT: Also - Good luck to Laurie@(mis)adventures of a jogging stroller mom on her second marathon in a month (and second ever!): Ridgeline ramble, a trail race. And to Kim @(just)trying is for little girls!

And a big shout out to all other racers this weekend!! Have fun!

Now, on to the random..
  • My toenail is still hanging on by a thread. I think there is supposed to be a new nail under there, but where?! I don't see it....I wear a band-aid on it to keep it from flapping around.
  • Nathan (my oldest) is really starting to catch on to reading. Small words, simple sentences, but I am SO proud and happy to see this door opening up for him.
  • My neighbor gave me a really interesting hydration pack. He used to use it...not sure why he doesn't still. I am blessed to have people like this in my neighborhood!
  • I finally tried about 2 miles of tempo this week. I kept it pretty slow, as in I wasn't trying to beat my actual suggested training paces, so I wasn't "racing in training". This is all part of my new approach, which looks a little like my old approach pre-Boston training cycle. 
  • My GPS watch ran out of battery today mid-run. :/   Luckily I knew that it was about to happen, so I watched my other watch. But now I a new user of this do I get the info for my run into my Garmin log(s) ? I should look at the manual...when I have a spare second.
  • The circus came to Yoncalla yesterday and we went. My husband really did NOT want to go, but he put on a happy face :).. My kids LOVED it. Pretty sure one of them would like to run away with the performers! I was pretty impressed with the juggling act. Very fast! This was a one-ring circus, very family friendly, and only a few animals...

Do you use a back-up watch in training?  
When you are running, do you turn your watch off for every stop?
Do you like the circus?


  1. Hi! Good luck weekend racers!!

    When I run, if I stop for more than just something minor, I do pause my Garmin. I am anal and need to know actual running stats, and don't want to see how long it took me to refill my water bottle or go to the bathroom.

    I'm fascinated by your toenail. Sick, but true!

  2. I don't use a backup but I am very anal about making sure it is charged up after every run. I finally learned how to set my Garmin on autopause so when I stop it pauses, though sometimes I forget and stop it.

  3. Excited to hear more about his hydration pack. :) No I don't typically use a back up watch. Only if I'm too lazy to take my watch off when I put my Garmin on. Way to get out there and get some tempo in.
    Yay for the circus. NOt so sure I love it but my kids would. I just feel bad for the animals. :)

    Go Jenn and Johann!! Most definitely turn my watch off if I am really timing something seriously and have to stop. :) I'll be back to read more in a bit in case I missed something. Toe nail...sounds sexy!

  4. I'm assuming that you use a garmin gps watch?

    To get the info off the watch and onto your computer, you need to plug the usb cable that is used to charge the watch into the usb slot in your computer. You will need to install the garmin software that came on the CD. Then it should automatically download the new run data into the program. Looking at the data via the program provides even more data than looking at it on the watch - elevation, etc.

    And you can also log onto and access your data online, another way to view it.

    I don't use a backup watch, I just make sure my garmin is charged, I charge it about once a week or so.

    The circus is awesome, I'm assuming Cirque de Soleil qualifies as a circus, I saw O in Vegas, that show is amazing.

  5. You run with 2 watches?! When I'm not using mine, it's being charged up so I've never had it die on me. I usually stop mine whenever I'm not running.

  6. Ah, on that part I have no idea. You might be able to manually do an entry for the part that was not recorded by your watch. But this is too advanced for me, haha Maybe in the software scroll across the file menus to see if anything looks like it might work.

    And I usually stop my watch if I plan a rest stop on my run for water or bathroom or something. Though if my goal is to run during a section and I need to walk because I am exhausted, I keep the watch moving - because in a race the clock would keep rolling. I don't want to setup an unreal time to beat from training that isn't accurate due to stopping my clock incorrectly.

  7. Ha! I can relate to the whole toe nail thing.
    I am torn if I should stop my Garmin or not for stops. Part of me says I should be realistic...if I have to stop for a bathroom break in the middle of the race, it still gets added to my time. However, I hate seeing that obvious stop when I upload my stats. It's kind of discouraging.

  8. I do not turn my watch off at each stop, I just let it go unless it's a long I stop by my house to take off my jacket or something.

    I use the GarminConnect account at - it's better than the program that comes with Garmin. It's pretty cool.

  9. Good luck to all the racers.
    Beautiful pictures.
    I don't use a back-up watch;
    I turn my watch off for every stop but only during the workouts, never in race;
    I don't like the circus if they use the animals.
    Have a good week end.

  10. I often don't even wear a watch on runs or any timing device. I HAVE been using my nike+gps app on my iphone on some runs and I do pause my workout at stop lights and such so I can get a better idea of my pace. For instance, in my last long run, I was stopped at various stoplights for over 5 minutes total!

  11. Raina, Raina! Thank-you girl! TRULY!!! Beautiful beautiful boys you have there.

    I gagged at the toenail reference. Ish-very thankful for my toenails right now! Yay for Nathan!! So crazy how little minds catch on. I wondered if Max would ever even speak and now he LOVES to read.

    Ha ha! Your slow tempo is still faster than mine! I'm glad you're feeling ready to bring that back in a little!!

    I'm like a Garmin virgin who won't go past first base which is my home screen-ha ha! Totally clueless on to get that data! I don't use a backup watch in training but I always wear training pacebands-ha NO! I always stop my Garmin for any stops. In the cooler temps, I stop long runs to drink and or fuel every 5-6 miles. Often times I'm stopped for over a minute or 2 and I don't stress about it or consider it in my pace. My last longruns prior to a marathon (like my 22), I try to drink and fuel on the go as much as possible and limit any stops to emergencies.

    Hope you have a fantastic weekend. Thank-you so much for your support!!!

  12. I keep thinking I need to get a watch to run with so I can keep live track of splits instead of relying on the Nike+ system to kind of give me an idea. Heck, I might splurge someday and get the new Nike GPS watch.

    I like some circuses, but I'm not much on the animal acts. I thought about going to clown school once, but the guy doing the recruiting told me I needed work on my make up, and I wasn't wearing any...

  13. I'm so with you on the toe nail thing! I have a few I'd like to fall off.

    Way to get your boys in on the action of well-wishing!

    I don't use a back up watch when I run...I just hope my G-305 is okay! :)

    ENJOY your weekend Raina!

  14. Go Jenn and Johann! Wooooo!!

    Your boys... adorable adorable adorable! So happy for your littleone learning to read :) YAYAY!

    I try NOT to stop when I run but if I do, I just let my watch keep going lol.

    Have a great weekend!

  15. good luck to all the racers. ANd you are the coolest mom, circus is so fun!


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