Saturday, April 30, 2011

Treasure hunting, No more pity party!, Heart rate training, Eugene Cheers!! And a new verse.

Treasure seekers:
This year's festivities for Matthew's 4th birthday were low key, family only, but he had a blast! The adventures began with a homemade pinata, which was constructed out of a cardboard box, duct tape and some egg carton--totally unpainted and brown. But the kids made it and they liked it. All they cared about was getting it open to get at the Easter candy I had earlier confiscated.

Next was a treasure hunt, complete with a treasure chest my parents brought, filled with Mardi Gras beads (purchased at Goodwill).

It was pretty funny to watch older brother, Nathan, take over the details on finding the treasure with each of the 5 clues. Matthew was a few steps behind.....until they found the spot where the treasure box was!! Grandma told him not to be greedy with the loot, but his response was, "Pirates are ALWAYS greedy!" Um...apparently sharing is something we need to work on. :/. I spent most of the next two days breaking up fights regarding bead necklaces....

After the wild outside stuff, we came in for "birthday cake" which was really just brownies. I make good brownies, but I don't make good cake. I put a few plastic soldier guys on it and frosted a name....and wha-lah! Instant birthday cake.

Yes...I am wearing my BOSTON jacket in the background. 
I have only taken it off to sleep at night. I earned that thing, dang it!

A few other pics my dad took while he was here... Levi loves strawberries!!! (and has food all over himself :) )

A pile-up of boys!!!

My tree-climber, Nathan

Training Stuff
As I told another blogger friend, I am all done with my Boston pity party. 
I gave it my best and it was pretty good. I know I can do better- and that's a great feeling! God HAS answered my prayers with regards to running, by blessing me with a chance to race and some experiences that have taught me some good lessons. Still learning.....

Possible TMI Toe stuff:
I hit the road again this week..once on Monday, but my toe was still bugging me. This may be TMI...but I had to finally put a hole in my toenail 6 days after the race to drain it, because it was still so bad. I hate waiting to run more than a few days after a race, but I just couldn't do it without causing that toe to go backwards in healing. 

Garmin is my new friend/enemy:
Kinda wishing I had taken 2 minutes to figure out the autolap on the G before Boston!! And that I had worn the heart rate monitor...
I strapped that puppy on yesterday for the 12 miler I did, and hooked it up to the computer as soon as I could. I can see how the stats/splits/heart rate info is going to be addictive!!!

Anyone know anything about heart rate training? I don't. Time for me to do a little research... 

I have been wondering for a while if I am pushing my easy pace too much, or if my marathon pace is just pretty slow in comparison...Ack. I think I know the answer for this last go-round anyway. Maybe it's a little of both.

And now I can dazzle you with my charts and graphs =D  If you notice a little mirror image to the run, it was an out and back with a little longer start. There is a fairly good sized hill in the mix. 

And FINALLY ...a BIG SHOUT OUT to the crew running in the EUGENE MARATHON and HALF tomorrow! A year ago I can remember all the excitement and nerves I had getting ready to run my first marathon in Eugene. Happy running to you all!
I can't wait to see some of you at dinner tonight and maybe at the expo today. =D
Kim , Rhonda, Jenna Renae, Julie, Stacie
Laurie, Laurie W., & Beth

For believers:
My verse for this week is 1 Thessalonians 5: 16-18 (and I think I need to paint this on every wall of my house!)

16 Be joyful always; 17 pray continually; 18 give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.


  1. I fully believe that God sends us what we need. Well I needed that verse today. We suffered a great loss last night and your verse of the day is EXACTLY what I needed to hear. Thank you!

  2. Yeah, a Garmin would be a bad thing for me...I would spend more time than I do now on numbers and splits and and and. Not good. I'm a data junkie and it would be extra data to process. Have I ever told you about the time I got bored on a road trip and calculated how far each tire travels per revolution, and at X speed what the RPM of the tires was?

  3. I'm with Natty on the Garmin! lol

    I love doing treasure hunts for my kids... looks like your kids had a blast! Love the 'simple' pinata idea... may need to give that a whirl :)

  4. I noticed right away you had on your Boston jacket and my thought was, good for you! I would be doing the same thing! You earned it girl! Cute family! Love that verse!

  5. Ah! Looks like an awesome birthday for Matthew! Redneck pinatas filled with confiscated Easter Candy. A girl after my own heart!!

    Yes, wear that jacket EVERYWHERE!! You definitely earned that one! I was a little jealous of the black and green-our school colors!!

    OK-I just figured out how to screen shot my data. Love that you've figured out your Garmin and posted this. Also love that you ran 12.39 miles!!! I'm not really into HR training yet but I'm getting pretty interested in it. Now you have me curious. I rarely wear my HR monitor.

    What's next on your docket Raina! Any little plans:)

  6. It sounds like your son had a wonderful birthday celebration. A brownie cake sounds delicious! That's a really good idea.

    I'm looking forward to getting a Garmin. I think I'll really get into all of the numbers, graphs, etc.

    Good luck with the toe!

  7. What a great celebration, and fairly low key! Those are the best! After my first Boston I lost 5 toenails and had blisters that scared the med tent folks (seriously, they wanted to keep me over as they were worried about infection). HR training - I played with it a bit, but I no longer use it. I can tell now how hard I am working. I do use it on the bike, since i don't have a feel for it yet.
    Yes, what races are up next for you?

  8. Your sons are awesome and so happy with simple tings in life, so happy to see a parent that instills that in them at a young age! Way to be awesome :)

  9. I am very very deep into the heart training right now. You can guess who is at the helm (pirate joke) - coach.

    Be careful wit the Garmin stats - its like a disease - once you are hooked - you lose touch.

  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATTHEW!!! If I were you Raina, I would LIVE In my Boston jacket!

    I totally feel you on the toe nail--I kind of want mine to fall off so I want have to continually use a needle!

    So, would you recommend the Eugene full?

  11. As I've mentioned briefly in my blog before, I'm not the most religious person, but I REALLY like your verse in this post! That's one I'll make a mental note to remember.

    It is best that I didn't read this BEFORE dinner ... because I probably would have pulled you aside and begged to see your toe!

  12. I had a toenail like that a couple years ago and had to drain it. Then I had a hole in my nail and we were on vacation at the beach and when I'd get out of the water, my toenail was a blow-hole. hehe.

    LOVE the pile up pic of your boys!!

    Yep, sleep in that jacket, girl - you so earned it!!

    I'm really trying to focus in on the HR training, I truly believe it makes a big difference in our training.

  13. Thanks for the shout out!!! It was great meeting you.

    Happy Belated Birthday, Matthew!!!!

  14. Awww thanks for the shoutout on your page! I am sad I didn't make it to the dinner the night before the race... was late getting to town and then spent the evening with my mom instead. Can't wait to hear how you did at the race... it was definitely not my best by any means... but I am glad I finished! :)

  15. yay for the garmin!!!! so exciting :) i seriously LOVE the stats and graphs and such. especially while i was training to qualify. i had SO MUCH information to obsess over. it was magical. now, i'm at the other end, trying to free myself from the numbers and take some time to run for fun. but i'm glad that my garmin will be there waiting for me the next time i decide to tackle a goal.

    oh, and when you get the heart rate training thing down, could you let me know? cause i can't make out anything from it :)

  16. I've never done HR training but I've always been interested. Your party looks awesome!! Perfect boy birthday party. nice run, btw!

  17. Yes, I did the Butte to Butte for the first time last year! Wish I could do it this year, but it is doubtful considering I will be in the midst of studying for the Oregon Bar Exam. It was totally fun and my fiances aunt was in town from Georgia and she ran the race too! :)

  18. I made HR training when I had an unknown problem many years ago (I felt on the ground almost blind and with low pressure). Nobody succeeded in understanding what happened and why.
    Now that is in the past, forgotten, and I don't check anymore my HR during the workouts.


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