Sunday, April 3, 2011

22 miles, RE-tapering, & randomness

Two weeks left to Boston. Oh my.

Where do I start?

It's time to taper. Or very close...I haven't decided whether I will do a two week taper or a 10 day taper (I am taking it day by day now). And I am running tomorrow? I don't even have any idea what my workout will be! This is not exactly how I planned things to go. (By now, regular readers are probably tired of hearing about my 3 weeks not running in Feb/March.)

Saturday I ran 22 miles- two weeks and two days from the race. A little closer than I might have liked to do it, but probably a good risk. At least, I think so. It's a mental thing.  No special attempts to tempo, but may have been progressive.

Here I am. It is a GOOD place to be!!! I am feeling at peace with whatever is waiting in Boston. But I still have a LOT of questions...

Hydration and fuel:
I took two gels this time: at mile 11 and again about 4 miles later. I also drank some Nuun in between. I didn't really feel thirsty, but I didn't want to get away from it and decide I was thirsty. I just don't sweat that much in 40F rain. =D Maybe at Boston I will have to drink a lot more often. I plan to use a few more gels and bring my drinking straw!!
Racing weight:How do you know what your "racing weight" should be? I recently read a great post by Jim at 50 after 40 on this. Go check out his blog! He's running Boston too.

Photos from Friday:
I met up with my parents at Lake Marie on the coast. They wanted to take the two older boys on an excursion.
Little guy, Levi.

Ships in Coos Bay

For believers:
Two verses I am memorizing are:

Hebrews 11: 1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

I Timothy 4:8 For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.

Are there any verses that really speak to you? Do you memorize scripture? I am not great at it, but having my kids learn it keeps me accountable and gives me practice.

I finally updated my "steps of faith" tab if you'd like to take a look! 

Thanks for all the feedback on my shoes post =D I am loving the new kicks!

Congrats to Amanda on her awesome 10K!!

Have a great week all!

The last song (randomly) on my ipod for my long run (also my kid's favorite song):


  1. Great job on your long run! I don't memorize scripture. I can't remember things like my own don't try very hard, but I DO love 1st and 2nd Timothy. Great books!
    I find that the bible speaks to me now that I'm listening - really paying attention. I especially love reading The Message paraphrase. It speaks my simple language.

    Have a super week! Loved all the pictures! My uncle and cousin work on tug boats and lived out of Coos Bay for a long time. We pass through on our way to Gold Beach which is where my g'ma lives.

  2. Two weeks!!!

    I can't wait to hear about it. So excited for you!

  3. Good luck with your taper! After a solid 22 miler, you might as well just tone it down and enjoy the next two weeks. You are totally ready!

  4. Yay on the 22!!!!! My last 20+ was 17 days out from Boston and I felt like that was about perfect timing. Everyone's different.

    I maybe take 2 gels in a 20 miler in training-sometimes only one if I eat something. I take 5 of them in a marathon around 5, 10, 15, 18, 22. Someone told me once that when racing the marathon to take my first gel before I ever felt I needed it. My body would process it better and I would have less stomach trouble. A bit tough as you really don't feel like you need one at mile 5 but I really think it works great from me to do this. I also drink WAY more in a race than I do in training. I drank at EVERY stop in Boston. It wasn't hot out but I forced myself to drink right from the start before I was even thirsty and again I really felt like it worked out well for me. I'm not offering advice here just saying what I did:)

    My favorite verse related to my training paraphrased in "the message": Proverbs 20:4-If you're too lazy to plow, don't expect a harvest. Also, Philippians 3: 12-15.

    Racing weight! We're the same height. Tell me when you find out:) Great job with the training! I can't believe it's only 2 weeks away! Can't wait to stalk you!

  5. No fishing at Lake Marie?

    I think you will do well. Alhtough I have never done Boston, and given my pace in life at my age - most likely never will. Go relax, have fun and enjoy the experience that few others can.

  6. woo hoo! 22 miles! Your confidence has to be amped up after that run!! FANTASTIC!!!

    The pics of you and your family are beautiful!!!! Looks like the west side of the PNW was kinder last weekened!!

  7. Very nice work.

    Racing weight is the weight that you are when the gun goes off. lol

  8. Awesome job on doing 22 miles! I would probably go for the 10 day taper since you missed some running time in Feb/March, but heck what do I know- I didn't qualify for Boston like you did ! So excited for you! Levi.. is. so. adorable. :) Awesome memory verses too!!!

  9. Wooohooo on 22! You will love Boston. It may not be what you were originally thinking, but I believe God has something extra special in store for you. You will have an unforgetable experience!

    I memorized a lot in school since I went to a private school. One year we memorized Philippians. Yep, the whole book in the KJV. (That may help you understand my KJV comments...) There are several passages I can still quote verbatim. I use them when I have trouble sleeping. Now I read the New Living Translation and am loving it!

  10. Just went over to 50 after 40's post. Very interesting. I left the following comment.

    I came over from Small Town Runner. Interesting formulas. I always wonder about what weight would give me the best running advantage. The women's formula would put me at 99-123 pounds. I haven't been there since Jr. High... My BMI would range 17.5-21.8. Either way, I don't think I am ready to make the committment to get close to those weights. For now, my goal of 130 seems appropriate. Thanks for the post!

  11. OK...don't get me started on BMI!!! =D
    Thanks for checking out the post, Juanita :)

  12. I think I just found what you are referring to Juanita..I must have missed the blue formula for women because I was busy reading the links & other stuff. Maybe there was a typo. ? It's hard to think even an elite 5'8" woman could perform well as low as 116 lbs. But...maybe. ? I am not an elite- I don't know.

  13. Thanks for the shout out - great pics of the kiddos!

  14. what a blessing. Family, fishing, and 22 miles! I love it. Hope the tapering goes well. You will be in boston before you know it!

  15. Perhaps you should start a Challenge: memorize a verse a week. I'm in!

  16. Checking to see if I can post a comment today....

  17. Yay, it's working. Sorry about that mess yesterday. Now that I can comment, I'm not sure what it was I said exactly - haha.

    As for the taper, I count "taper" as the time after my longest long run. I'd say you shouldn't do another 22er this week, you know you can do the distance and the only reason we do so many in the first place is for the confidence to know we CAN do it. You got that down. So a 22 miler on Wed or Thur this week really isn't necessary and your legs I think will be more thankful if you didn't. Just keep up some tempo work and maybe a good 10-12 miler at MP this weekend. Just my thoughts.

    I also lose a lot of weight and body fat when I'm training hard and it concerns many of my friends. It's very hard to not defend myself when you feel you're being attacked but anymore, I just simply try to say that this is my racing weight and not where I stay when I'm not (and trust me, I'm FAR from racing weight right now...which is kinda depressing, but that's another story!) and leave it at that. It's very hard for a non-athlete to understand.

    Anyway, I think that was it. Nice job on the 22er, but I had no doubt you'd pull it off!! Enjoy the taper, get a little pampered, and good luck with the verses - memorization is not a strong suit of mine either!

  18. HI! Two weeks, WOW! I can't believe it!
    So, I drink at every stop, even if it's just a sip. It's helped me during every race.
    I have never taken 5 gels but I'm going to try for 4. We'll have to see how this goes but I'm confident I can get in the first two between miles 5 and 15 and then go from there.
    My last longish run is this Sunday, 12 miles or sounds like you don't need too much more in the way of long runs. You're going to be fine! I am so happy that this has all worked out for you!

  19. I am so happy that your running is going so well! I can not wait to read all about your adventures in Boston! So exciting! I will be saying extra prayers for you that day!

  20. OK. You rock! Weren't you just injured, and now you are running strong! Awesome!

    Please drink at Boston. You will run so much better. If you get thirsty it is a bit too late. Dehydration does slow you down. Also, if you plan to eat gels (I take 5-6 in a marathon, maybe 1 per long run in training) you need to drink so you can digest them. OK, pep talk over (please drink!).

    I do my last 20 miler 2 weeks before a marathon. When I taper, I keep the same nr of runs, but decrease each run's length. I also keep up the intensity, but again, less miles. I do 13 week before the marathon. Since you've had 3 weeks of "rest", I would not worry about not tapering enough.

    Racing weight. Hm. I am not sold on a weight number. Body fat percentage, yes! My weight does not change much, but my percentage of body fat (I have a scale that gives me that info) goes down a lot during peak training. I never get too thin, honestly, I don't like too thin, particularly as I get older (too thin = extra wrinkles). I try to eat healthy and enough, and eat a bit less during taper. Our bodies know what to do if we let them do their jobs. OK, longest comment:)

  21. I take my dog to Lake Marie when we head to play on the beach!

    I'm so excited for you!! I've never even paid attention to Boston really because I couldn't associate with it at all. But this year will all be different! I'm predicting a Runner's World feature article on you in the next couple of months!


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