Thursday, March 3, 2011

Husband Ecouragement Challenge Day 13

*Want to know ALL the secrets of my love life? Skip to the bottom*

I am about 23 shades of red writing this post.
Let me admit I am a little shy about the topic. But it is IMPORTANT in marriage.

Following comes from a challenge I signed up to receive via email. The purpose is to strengthen my marriage, following Biblical principles.

Day 13
"I am my beloved's, and his desire is toward me." (Song of Solomon 7:10)

The sexual relationship. It's one of those elements--along with money and children--that can derail a marriage through negative comments. Negativity destroys intimacy, but encouragement builds and strengthens the marriage bond.

Let's get practical here. Is your husband a "good lover?" Have you told him so? Be specific. Let him know when he pleases you. Most husbands genuinely want to please their wives, especially in this important area of marriage.

In moments of intimacy, do you find your mind wandering? This can change as you focus on something wonderful about your husband. Realize that your husband wants intimacy with you. His desire is toward you.
Does this area of your marriage need some work? Remember that this is a sensitive area for men. Be sure to encourage his lovemaking and masculinity in positive ways.

My thoughts:
This reminds me of the time I was up late and reading about running/racing.
Jon says to me, "You know...All the GOOD marathoners are getting pregnant (i.e. Kara Goucher, Paula Radcliffe)."  hint, hint
*Oops! Not sharing ...haha.


  1. Yes, this would have been a difficult one to post about :)

  2. I trust you don't mind that I am laughing quite out loud right now.

  3. Do you find your mind wandering....Like writing blog posts in your head. Kidding kidding!!

    I'm sorry. I totally see the seriousness in this post but I am laughing out loud.

    Um yes.....very happily married:)

  4. Wow - talk about outside a comfort zone. As for "does my marriage need some work?" I must have one first. :)

  5. Encouraging love making? Oh boy!

    I'm totally picturing your 23 shades of red talking about this subject. Ya - not something a lot of people can blog about :D

    BUT>>>so important! Thanks for the reminder.

  6. I have really been enjoying these posts. Where did you sign up to get the emails? I may have to start from the beginning myself. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the process!


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