Friday, March 11, 2011

Bike to Run conversion, & Day 20 & 21 of the challenge

Training stuff:

Another double day on the trainer bike. 20 miles easy am, 22 pm. I really don't like the bike...and I find myself staring out the window at the pool, while riding, wondering, "Could I sink to the depth of becoming a triathlete?" No offense to my tri friends ;) ...totally just kidding.

Still icing and massaging foot. Only hurts when I poke it during massage.
I want to run really really bad.....My emotions sway from not feeling like a runner at wanting badly to feel some contact with the ground. My toes want it, my quads and hamstrings want it, my calves and glutes crave it!
I have been getting some awesome injury counseling via email, though. And, although it's totally NOT in my nature I am choosing NOT to run. Hardest dang thing. My gut says it's the wise thing. I am going with it. And Boston is 37 days away..

Bike to Run Conversion
First I have to say that running and biking DO NOT TRANSLATE (in my book) but I am doing what i can to keep up right now.

An interesting article on running/bike conversion came via email from Kim at Just trying is for little girls:  Thanks Kim!!

Edmund R. Burke, Ph.D. (Part of the article)

Cycling Speed Calories Conversion
M.P.H.Cal. per mileDivider

For example, riding 20 miles at 15 mph burns 620 calories (20 miles X 31 calories per mile = 620 calories). Determine the running equivalent by dividing the distance (20 miles) by the conversion divider for 15-mph (3.5). The result is 5.7 miles.
This means that cycling 20 miles at 15 mph burns as many calories as running 5.7 miles.(  OMGOSH!!! I BETTER START GOING FASTER OR LONGER!!!)
If you rode 20 miles at 20 mph, you would divide by the corresponding number on the table (2.9). The result is 6.9 miles. So, in terms of energy expenditure, riding 20 miles at 20 mph is equivalent to running 6.9 miles.
Both would burn about 760 calories (20 X 38).

All of us- before Levi- Just before I started really running.
Day 20
Read this wife's description of her beloved in Song of Solomon 5:10-16.
Criticism leaves scar; encouragement can bring healing. Remember that today as you focus on your "30-Day Husband Encouragement Challenge."

Almost nothing is as devastating to a man as the belief that his wife finds him repulsive. Sadly, many women unwisely criticize their husbands' bodies.

Have you ever considered how wonderfully God designed men and women? No matter how a man looks by the standards of the world, a loving God designed them all, and they are all "beautiful" in His sight. Encourage your husband today by praising his uniqueness.

As you look over your husband's body, from the tip of his toes to his bald or bushy head, thank God that your husband is "wonderfully made," then admire your husband verbally. (Strong arms? Hairy chest? Firm hands? Big feet? Rugged chin? Wide shoulders? Compassionate eyes? Broad smile?)

Day 21
"Be kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, just as God in Christ also forgave you." (Ephesians 4:32)

(I love this scripture! The (two older) kids and I have memorized it this week- but a different translation. Ephesians 4:32  "Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ, God forgave you."

It's time for some heart examination. As you continue in this 30-day challenge, have you found any roots of bitterness that are contaminating your relationship with your husband? Do you understand that as long as you are unwilling to forgive your husband (by God's grace and in His power) you will not be able to encourage him? Your own resentment will keep getting in the way. Now is the time to deal with any unforgiving attitudes. Forgive him, even as God has forgiven you.

Is your husband a forgiving man? Does he keep short accounts of your problems? Express your thankfulness for such a man.

Does your husband seem to harbor grudges against you? If so, could there be things you need to change? Do you possibly need to ask forgiveness for an offense? Help your husband be more forgiving by quickly forgiving him for his mistakes.

Ok...this morning was a total failure, but the day's not over!


  1. I always learn so much from your blog and I am going to praise billy right now for his uniqueness. You are my inspiration. K, so much math ha....crazy to see the translation. You are being so smart about your foot and doing the right thing! We are all here cheering you on because you are amazing!!

  2. So glad that article helped you. The math is still sketchy for me, but I just go spin twice a week and have no idea of speed anyway.

    When do you plan to start running again?

  3. I rode my bike for about 30 miles last weekend and I was pretty dang tired when I got home and felt I had run 20 miles. Yet I know I didn't even come close to the same calorie or running expenditure, and it's just so disappointing. It just takes twice as long to ride and burn the equivilent as half that running. That's how I always look at it :P.

    Hope you're back to running sooooooon!!!

  4. Biking will help your running by working lots of muscles unused on foot, definitely worth keeping even when you are back running. Swimming? Great cardiovascular workout without stressing the body!

  5. I remember that feeling of wanting to run. I think I had running dreams. I remember running down a gravel road in my first run (400 meters ha!) I can remember the song on my Ipod, the feeling of my feet hitting the ground. I'm SO anxious for you to get back out there. It's just your thing...... You're doing awesome on the bike-it'll make you a better runner:) Great discipline!

    Have a great weekend:)

  6. I bet you would be awesome at a tri. Just sayin'. :) Cute pic of you and the fam!!

  7. If you were riding outside, I think you'd like it. Hope you're running soon. I know it's hard to wait! That's a great family pic!

  8. Only you know what is best for your body/ still have time!!

    Thanks for the husband came to mind yesterday evening and I applied it. It was funny how it just popped into my mind at the right time. Thank you for that, my husband thanks you!

  9. thats kinda the conversion I go with too! I just go longer on the bike, haha!
    still praying friend!

  10. Don't know how you do the bike at all. I hate it! Even outside I don't like riding a bike. I'm just not into it at all. Swimming is fine but way. Hope the foot sorts out soon!

  11. Biking and swimming helped me a lot after the operations. Running was easier after that kind of training.
    Beautiful pic of your family.


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