Sunday, March 27, 2011

20 miles, Doctor, Doctor. *and* the week in review

What I learned from the sports doc:
(I finally made an appointment after reading something that scared me a bit about my ankle/heel issue; didn't want to be running on a 3-4 week healed calcaneus stress fracture)
  • I am 5'8" ...not 5'8" 1/2 as I believed...
  • I am going to start taking vitamin D (even though I started drinking a ton of milk during my last pregnancy and continue to)...In Oregon, most people are vitamin D deficient. The Dr. told me that the University of Oregon track team was tested recently and over half the team was D deficient. Vitamin D is essential for bone health. (Apparently it's hard to overdose on. A 2,000 mg tablet will be my choice. 5,000+ is overdose level.)
  • I do NOT appear to have a stress fracture of the heel (halleluia!!). This is not based on Xray- just examination and use of a vibrating medical instrument he put all over my heel and ankle.
  • I don't have plantar fasciitis.
  • I don't have a "heel bruise"
  • I might have an irritated nerve affecting my heel.
  • I might have very low achilles tendinitis.
  • I have no idea what the h**l was wrong with my ankle, but it seems OK now. (another Halleluia!!)
  • I might have had a stress reaction or bone bruise in the calcaneus (heel).
  • By "resting" on the bike for three weeks...any damage that "may" have happened to the bone would be 50-60% healed.  
  • I can continue to train. When I hit a certain level of pain (that only I can determine), then I should stop and do some pool running.
  • If you go to the doctor and don't have any symptoms at the moment, you MIGHT feel like a moron. 
Sorry, honey! You were right!!
That's where the $ went this month....
I feel much better having seen the vibration fork tool do it's test, though.
Don't worry- I wasn't planning on buying too many souvenirs =D
This week we had weather like a lamb and finishing like a lion. March in Oregon is usually a mix of rain, sun and sometimes hail or snow.

Levi picked me a daisy =D for the first time.

The middle son (Matthew) was begging to go fishing. He has been for 2 weeks. Everyday, 5 or 6 times a day, he asks if we can go.

Don't get me wrong. I like to fish a little, but we don't have any poles and it's pretty crazy trying to keep the baby from falling in and also help the older boys avoid hooking themselves or each other.
Still, he insisted.

We have made our own fake fishing poles and have 6 or 7 around the place now. It was sunny, so we headed over to Grandpa Frank's & Grandma Mary's. There is a nice little spring bubbling up in their field. The boys found their spots and put in a line (with a pine cone bobber).

It took about 3 minutes for each of them to get wet up to their waists. And THIS is why I don't take them to the river without another adult or life jackets. :)

There are some lawn ornaments there that are fun to play on. We are on a flat bed trailer here. =D

It was high excitement when Nathan lost his first tooth from "natural loosening causes" this week.

He lost 4 teeth as a toddler because of an accident on the stairs, and has been waiting for his "grown up" teeth to come ever since. Now we have a good sign that they are on the way!!!
Total teeth missing at the moment: 5. Age:6
Training stuff:

Saturday's run took me not too far from home (just in case I had to bail). I have never ran anything longer than 12 as a loop. Today I did two loops that brought me by the driveway a few times. For a total of 20.5 miles. How did I do 20 after no long runs in....I can't remember? I have no freaking idea. On the wings of angels, I think (especially after mile 5).
It rained. I didn't care.

Mental games I played:
  • I can switch on my ipod at mile 10
  • If something/someone really great was on that distant mountain, could I get there? Yes.
Other thoughts while running:
  • (5 miles in) Ok my legs are shot (tired). Can I really finish this?
  • There is sun at 8:30 am! I could use sunglasses...
  • I have the best kids in the whole world and my terrific hubby is watching them so I can do this.
  • I have NO way to know what will happen at Boston. I hope it feels better than this. It will.
  • Prayers for other runners...
  • If this is a train wreck I am on, Lord. Let it be YOUR train wreck.
  • If I can do 20 today....what in the world should I do next weekend? What should the rest of this training look like?
  • Thank you Lord, for letting me finish this, for keeping my legs and feet from falling apart.
20.5 miles in 2:52:39 or 8:26 pace. Kinda surprising myself, since I thought I was running about 9m/m without watching my watch until the last 5. I felt rough while I was running it, but couldn't really run it much slower without altering my form, or faster without exploding. Now...the question is...what do I do for the next 3 weeks?  Any suggestions? I have some ideas, but would love some insight here.

Fueling/recovery stuff:
  • I took a gel (power bar chocolate with caffeine) at mile 10ish (just to do a gut check). No problems there, but I don't like the consistency. The thinner stuff is much easier for me to handle.
  • No hydration during the run- coffee with stevia and milk for a pre-run fuel.
  • Rehydrated with cola Nuun (thanks Jess!!) afterwards.
  • Got into the unheated outdoor pool (to my waist) for 6 minutes of 45F coolness in the rain (wearing down jacket)
  • Refueled with a banana, cottage cheese, and more coffee. 
 Here are a couple of shots from a run early in the week:

Just a little trickle on the side of the road.

And a couple of Canada geese are nesting near the river.


  1. And...I have NO idea why my images arent showing up...but if I click on the squares I can see them. Maybe by next week I will have them showing =D

  2. HOORAY for a great run! you must be feeling so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My gyno told me last year that we are all Vit D deficient in Oregon and encouraged me to go ahead and start supplementing. The husband actually just had to go in for a load of lab work and they actually tested his levels and they were well below the lowest normal level. I'll prob start supplementing now, too.

    I wish I could see all your pics! My kids love to fish, too! LOVE it!

  3. Thanks Julie! I am giving up on the photos for now....I can't figure it out. Some picasa issue

  4. Congrats on your run!!! You are still amazingly fast! I'm excited for you and the great news from the doc! YAY!!!!

  5. Great job on the run! My kids get vit D per docs orders, never really thought of taking it myself... maybe I should. I think Boston is going to go really well for you... also souvenirs are overrated! :)

  6. I may be the one person in Oregon that is not Vit D deficient. Had it checked and it is fine... Go figure.

    March in Oregon is usually a mix of rain, sun and sometimes hail or snow. And usually in the same day if not the same hour!

    HOORAY for running 20 miles! I hate waiting to see the doc and then not have symptoms, but still it is good to have the peace of mind!

  7. Congrats on your run. You did awesome. I am having problems whith my photos to. Posting them is fine but when I preview them they are not there. I finally gave up to . I dont know enough about computer to do anything. I tried what I know but nothing worked. Good Luck. If I figure it out I will let you know. Keep up the good running. Have a good wk.

  8. Holy Smokes...great job on the run. That's AWESOME!! I have been to the doctor before too when you made an appt and you had symptoms but by the time you get there they have kind of subsided - it makes you feel silly, but still good news that you don't have a stress fracture!

  9. I started taking vit d when I was tested last year at my annual. I was deficient...gosh, us Pac NW folks have it rough! :) I take a 2000IU liquid dose every day. I have my appt. this month and I'll ask to be tested again..curious where my levels are at.

    You are AMAZING!!! Great job on your run. love your mental games. Boston is YOURS. so glad there isn't anything seriously wrong!

  10. ugh...I hate it when I type a really long comment and then lose it. grrr.

    Take 2:

    Great news that whatever it was you have is currently healing - enough to let you run 20 miles after taking a short hiatus! That's wonderful news!!!

    My advise would be to run another 20 next weekend since you've not been able to get many long runs in; right now it seems more important to get the time on your feet to build your endurance...and build your psyche for the race.

  11. First off - isn't Jill supposed to be in Moab?

    Fun posting. I like the fishing story! Yes, Vitamin D is my friend as well. I take only one 1,000 (whatever measurement) a day. I eat yogurt once a day as well. Plus, I live in sunny las vegas. I have natural resources a plenty of it a day.

    Glad you were able to get some peace of mind on the injury!

  12. That 20 mile run probably did more for you than any other workout in a long time (not necessarily physical). The mental confidence and the mental toughness of sticking it out after mile 5 probably could not have come at a better time.

    I always am impressed (inspired?) by the balance and joy you express all the time. Keep it up and enjoy the process - we're all watching! :)

  13. You pulled an 8:26 pace with +20 miles?!1!! Holy moly!! Glad Nuun is working for you!! So, you typically do not need fuel during long runs--I remember you commenting on this.

    I think it was a good call to get evaluated by a PT--you didn't want any lingering doubts as you resumed running right? So glad it isn't a stress fracture!!!

    Love the during the run thoughts and mental games you play! You are so talented Raina!!

  14. Glad you went to the Sports Dr. Peace of mind is reward into it's self. The boys will be ready for the real thing...imagination for fishermen is 75% of the game. Run on.... you will be ready!

  15. I loved reading every word of this!! No hydration for the whole 20 miles? really? Why? just curious? I am so happy for you that you are going to be able to run Boston. I think you will soar Raina! You're so gifted and these weeks off might come into play really nicely...who knows.

    the vision of three boys by a body of water wanting to fish...ahhh, craziness! I can see how they were all getting in the water...can't help themselves. :)

    Ran 17 miles today. Rain, mud and I ruined my new look to my Brooks. Yuck! So sick of rain but try not to complain. :)


  16. WOW! the joan benoit marathon training story has nothing on this epic tale. I curtsy to your greatness, but I am mostly inspired by your dogged refusal to give up.

  17. Great that you saw a sports doctor! Sounds like it was mainly positive news. I am going to try to see one next week too to address my knee pain, I'm curious what they say.

    And sounds like your 20 mile run went great overall! I bet Boston will go fine for you! And I'm with Amanda above, how did you not hydrate at all during the run? I would die after like 5 miles doing that, haha I would say I have like 60 ounces of cytomax/water and 3-4 gels during a 20 mile run, maybe even more than that, haha

  18. @amanda & nelly, I had the Nuun in the mailbox the whole time (and I passed it 4 times)...but anytime I got thirsty, all I had to do was open my mouth to the sky. :). I might be broken, but I just don't get thirsty most of the time in 40F rain.

  19. What an amazing run!!! I hope you feel better. I still can't believe what a great pace! I do that when I'm not injured, I can just imagine if you didn't have some of those aches and pains!

  20. The has returned! It has to be a great feeling!!!!!

  21. so glad that the injury is both healed and not as serious as once feared! that has got to be a huge relief!

    i have no idea what i'm going to be doing in the next three weeks either. i'll be traveling for just over a week of it and stressed out for pretty much the entire time :)

    i'm so excited that you were able to run so fast! i haven't had the heart to look at my garmin and face the reality of how slow i've gotten lately. i like to imagine that i was hovering around a 9 min mile...but there's not a lot of hope in that...

    i'm in wave 2 corral 8. hopefully we'll find each other in that crazy crowd.

  22. Ha ha! I'm shrinking too but I refuse to believe it so I would rather just get measured with my shoes on! When I played BB, I was listed at 5'8 3/4". When I got measured at my annual checkup she even teetered with 5'7 something until I stood up straighter and made it back into the 5'8's:)

    Jeez! 8:26!!! I wonder how many times I will have to change my prediction for you:) That is a great pace considering...ESPECIALLY for a training run!!!

    I might agree with Jill about throwing in one more long one, especially if you're not in pain. You know what's best for you:) I can't believe you don't drink more than that on a run that long! I guess I don't drink as much in the winter but still probably every 5 miles. I'm not really thirsty per se, but I drink anyway.

    My son LOVES fishing! The lakes are still frozen over here. March is snow and WIND in MN. I'm so tired of 30 mph winds. I can now see my trails though and I'm getting excited to muck my way through them!!!

    Hope you're feeling good today!

  23. Glad that the injury is over, however it is important to ask always to a running doctor better if he/she is also a sport doctor.
    Congrats on your fast long run.

  24. yes, feeling good or better at least. I had a pinched nerve in my foot and when I overcompensated to the other leg, my ankle had some nerve pinching too! Lots of strengthening in the glutes and stretching for this. Maybe its what you had??

  25. Great post! I'm so glad you are starting to feel better and that it doesn't appear to be anything real serious!!

  26. YAAAAAAAAAY!!! So happy for you!!! :)

  27. Hey saw the Duck comment about my Husky! Yes, I am a Husky and Bleed PURPLE/GOLD. However, I am not very anti Duck. Well, at least compare to how much I hate WSU and USC.

  28. This sounds like great news. I'm so happy for you!!

    I don't get how you can live where you do and NOT have fishing poles? I thought they gave them to you when you cross the city limits? No?

    I'm glad you went to the doctor. Sometimes just hearing you are okay from a doctor is all you need!


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