Monday, February 14, 2011

Making Vows, Other "Stuff" - and 9 weeks left!

Running stuff:
Well, I survived the week!!! Another 20 miler done I am really looking forward to a "restful" cutback before the "monster month" of training that lies ahead.

Somehow I have managed to get through 7 weeks of  this training plan without injury *insert HAPPY DANCE here*.

At this point I am higher in MPW (miles/week)  than my peak for my first marathon (last May) was.
Yet, with Eugene training, I was icing Achilles tendons and the fronts of my ankles, etc...and wondering if I should be cutting back mileage.  I am a hard-head and went on through it. I know its a big blessing  not to be injured, and I am so grateful for it.
I am really glad that I slowly starting building my mileage after Eugene last year- so I have already hit the 70 MPW mark back in October. That has to help with the injuries. We shall see how it goes as I continue to increase over the next 5 weeks.

Short race?
I'd really like to do a "formal" speed check sometime soon and might throw in to a short race, if I can find one that doesn't mess up my training too much.

Hill stuff: (addressing some comments)
First off- I love downhills, but can understand not loving downhills. I love MY downhills. I don't know that I will love steep or long downhills on a course that I have never ran.
I hope the hill running and weights will build both my strength and my confidence. I  am still new to the distance and my habits have been to err toward holding back too much. My strategies are starting to change, though.

Here are some VOWS I will make publicly (to hold my bad-self accountable).

I vow to:
  • get two more hours of sleep each week
  • get intimate with my foam roller at least twice a day, 4 times if I can!!
  • keep up on the weights through the first week of April.
  • NOT MAKE PIZZA for dinner the night before a long run. It just ain't workin'!!! I will spare you the details, but will just say that I don't want to be inventing a portable TP dispenser for running with. How do people carb load the night before a race? I'll never know!!...It must be without fiber.
  • No fiber after 7 PM. I don't care how bad that banana or chocolate roll is calling my name. I am saying NO!
  • Carefully consider my training plan each week and make changes as necessary. (I am already considering redesigning the monster month to have a few runs broken into doubles. I will probably do this on interval days, since I don't want to break up any long tempos or medium long/ long runs.)
  • Get to my race weight- but not really sure what the bottom line is. I know I am close now and have a lot of miles to put in.  I think things will balance out, as my appetite is really picking up. I made a REAL PIG out of myself Saturday and Sunday. I was famished Saturday night and made cinnamon rolls, without cinnamon- instead I slathered chocolate inside before rolling up and cutting. I ate so much chocolate in the process that I didn't feel like eating the rolls when they were done.
  • Try to be nice to those around me who are not training for a marathon and have no idea how much I want to take a nap. =D
Also, special thanks to Jenn and Meg and Jill who continue to give me VERY VALUABLE advice regarding Boston. THANKS, Ladies!!! Any other tips are greatly appreciated.
I am currently wondering about corrals, since I have never been in one.  It will be a whole new concept for me- and I am not sure if I am going to be in the right one. I have a little research to do there.

OM Goodness! 9 weeks left!!!

Other stuff:
You might have noticed a few changes on my blog, like the header.  Nathan, my oldest son (6) took it on a road a few miles from home. Thanks to Tina and Slugo for the comments last post- I have had the hardest time settling on a header I like since I want to be pictured, but not necessarily IN YOUR FACE all the time. I think I am going to stick with the new header for a while. Maybe =D...

Also- I found a new blogger, or rather she found me...Niz at Run, Niz, Run! - Go check her blog out. Great stuff there =D.

For Believers
I also added a Christian blogs section. It's my goal to use my running (and blogging) to glorify God. In time I hope to get my "steps of faith" tab going again, once I can reestablish all the links to the proper places. There is also something else faith-related that I hope I can post soon.

Recently I was listening to a podcast from where Ryan Hall was interviewed. Listening to him really inspired me to use my gifts more. He talked about all sorts of things marathon related on that episode, but the part where he discussed how he became a runner, and what he hopes to accomplish with his Hall Steps Foundation, was really interesting. In my opinion, here is a man who is humble about his gifts and wants to serve others. He understands that life isn't about running, but about relationships. It was worth listening to during my LR, even if with the "Click and Clack" of the marathoners talking before and after =D

For the ladies: the True Woman blog just started a 30 day husband encouragement challenge. I SO need this. If you are interested in joining me in this challenge, I would be thrilled. I am sure your husband would be too. ;)

And is VALENTINE'S DAY today! So happy Valentine's Day to you.
 I bought myself chocolate =D ...

Really, I have the best hubby in the world for ME- he fixed the sink and cleaned the garage yesterday (That's way better than candy or flowers) and he gave me three of the most beautiful boys in the world...and he watches them while I spend hours of running each week. Man after my own heart!


  1. great post! Wow, I cant imagine running 70mpw! I am a bit jealous!! =) i have NO idea how to go about building up a base...after my 1/2 in May, I want to start doing that, just cuz I LOVE the longer distances, but I know I can just decide I am going to start running 10 miles every weekend =)

  2. I love the christian blog section. So inspiring! And yes, 2 more hours of sleep will be crucial now. You can always email me if you need to vent about needing a nap. hehe!

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new header!
    I love it!

    Did I tell you I love your new header?
    I do.


  4. I love the pic---I think I recognize that shirt too!!! :) You are so so so prepared for Boston!!!

    I may have to buy this plan from you! ;) But, scale the times down to something I can actually complete!!!

  5. Training is so much more fun when it's injury free. My foam roller changed my running life! I love the Christian blog section!

  6. Love the new header! And, how appropriate to "get intimate" with your foam roller on Valentine's Day!
    You are so blessed to be injury free--stay that way, you lucky girl.

  7. That header photos is awesome!! I need a photo on mine. Hm... I'll have to ponder. Or borrow your son as my duck pond photog! ;)

    I'm glad you've mentioned fiber and carb loading. As it is now my long runs are done on Sunday whenever I feel like it... so then I avoid potty issues. But now I think I'll remember what you've said and be cautious with my menu selection the day before the big race!!

  8. Noticed your new header right away and I love it! Been thinking of you and how your training is going. Hooray for no injuries!!

  9. I love the 2 extra hours of sleep/week, I think that can make a world of difference. I guess I'm just sort of weird that I can eat fiber - bananas and all - at any time. Pizza though, not so much (the grease upsets my stomach on a run!). Love how you list your goals out, really helps to see them in print, I think.

    Regarding corrals in Boston...
    There are two waves and in each wave are like 15 or so corrals. YOu will know which wave you are in by the color of your bib, but I know you'll be in wave 1. You should also get an email confirmation on this before you even get to Boston :). Now, you get to Boston Commons where you will stand in a long line to load the buses to take you to Hopkington. Don't worry, the line moves quickly and it's really fun to talk to other runners around you. WHen you get to the athlete's village, it's a madhouse - there are a billion runners everywhere. Get in line to use the port-potty immediately because the lines are long. Listen for your wave to be called, there is a loud intercom system so you hear it ok. Now, you gotta get up to the top of the hill where the buses are to load your sweat bag check. We'll chat more about this before race day, but your bib # matches the same number on the bus. Ok, now you've dropped off your sweat bag and it's time to head to the corrals. The thing that SHOCKED ME was how far away the starting line was after you drop off the bag and leave the athlete's village - probably a good 3/4 of a mile. So do not dilly-dally too long after you hear your wave start because each time I was literally hopped in my corral and had seconds before the gun went off. There are officials standing along side the road with ropes leading into the corrals and by golly there is NO one getting into a corral ahead of the one you are assigned. Now, you can move back corrals if you have friends behind you, as my friend did last year to run with me, but you cannot move up. Really, you just follow the masses and you can't get lost :). The thing to remember is that it is a long way to the start line AFTER you hear you drop off your walk down a road and it's really a gorgeous country road. :)

  10. Wow, this is good stuff!

    Love your public vows! I eat bananas and sometimes pizza while I'm running, not just the night before-ha! The gels are what get me. I hardly ever use them in training and then when I try to start bringing them back in.... Hello cornfield:)

    I'm interested in this race weight. I hear about it but I can't seem to figure it out. I think I'm over. I was definitely over for Boston.

    Honestly Jill, that comment is like the LONGEST ever! Great info though! You qualified with 3:37?? This will put you at the end of wave 1 or one of the first corrals in wave 2. I had a friend qualify with 3:37 in 2009 and she was placed in Wave 2, corral 1. She said it was an AWESOME place to start! Wherever you are, you are going to be running faster than most of the people around you. I qualified fairly close to my goal time so most runners next to me were in the 3:20ish range. It's not going to make a difference. Boston is an efficient race. Maybe a couple of elbows will be necessary-ha-but you will establish pace quickly.

    I love your new header:) Also, love the Believer's section.

    Sadly, I could make this comment longer than Jillie's but I will spare you today! Happy Valentine's day!

  11. That was me. Signed in under the wrong account:)

  12. Happy V Day! I love your new header too. I love reading your posts. Really solid stuff...definitely not just fluff...always makes me want to get out there and "use my gifts" and I always take something away from here and learn. Thank you for using your gifts of inspiring, motivating, teaching (coaching stuff) and writing your blog!

    I can't wait to see you run Boston. It is so wonderful. My number 1 advice would be to ENJOY! Soak up the crowds, the people cheering, the kids handing you slices of oranges, the city, the feeling of never being alone the entire race, being with a bunch of other runners a the starting area...write your name on your leg in'll be lifted up in spirits whenever you hear your name being if they really are just cheering for YOU! :) I think next time I run Boston will be different for me because I really know what it means but the first time was my second marathon and think I took it for granted a bit. So excited for you! You're amazing.

  13. Oh my, Jenn you are too funny. I was like " who is this Jennifer girl calling Jill out on her long comment when hers was pretty darn long herself?" :) too funny!

  14. I love your vows! The picture on your header in AWESOME! I just love the NW! I am excited to read about your preparations for Boston!

    *Thank you for leaving such nice comments
    on my blog!

  15. One of your best posts - IMO. As for corrals - you should wear your Viking hat for the first mile!! just saying.

    Fiber - no problems here before a long run; pizza - n a s t y before a long run for me.

    I like the new look and the added section. Will be looking for more to come.

  16. Nice work!
    Funny you should mention that about the pizza--that's my family's go-to pre race meal! I've never had an issue with it, but everyone is different, eh?

  17. Happy late V Day to you as well. Trying to get caught back up on your blog. Like the new header.

    Yeah! Not sure how other runners do the carbo load thing the night before either. It has never worked for me and left me wanting a bathroom, honey bucket, tree, bush, rock or nobody around moment or two every time the next days run/race.

  18. I've always loved downhills as well, I Fly!

    Thanks for your advice on my half training :)

    I am so impressed with all your training :D I think I may have to go hang out in Boston just to meet everyone!

  19. Thanks for your sweet comment. I know what you mean about blogging being the first to go if I'm going to get my priorities straight. It has been nice to just leave the computer off for most of the day until I can get a break. : )

  20. You go girl! 70 miles in a week would be killer. I'm jealous!

    How do you like the foam roller? I'm really considering getting one...

  21. Your 6yo took that photo?! What a great photographer!

    Getting more sleep is a great idea. I know it's hard when you have young children.

  22. Congrats on the training! It is a little daunting when I think about the month ahead! March is always a HUGE month for me when Boston is in the works. I'm feeling great so far and do a lot of stretching so hopefully, this will keep me in a healthy state for the rest of training, so far, so GOOD!
    I agree with Jill's advice and her comment. We'll have to chat when the race gets closer regarding dressing and bringing a few things to store in your bad before you take off...I've learned a lot the past three don't forget to take a plastic trash bag or two to sit on and put on to block the wind as you walk down to the start from the village. It can be really chilly down there.
    Keep up the wonderful training!!!
    Thanks for the other site info.

  23. I NEEDED THIS POST!!! BIG TIME!! I learn so much from you!! Girl, you are running so many miles and I am SO HAPPY THAT YOU ARE INJURY FREE!!! You are motivating me big time to do weights!!! Are you doing a lot of downhill prep for Boston, is this something I should be doing? No more pizza before long runs. I hear you on the fiber thing, does not work out for me. I am going to copy your two more hours of sleep a week. You are amazing!!!

  24. I've been off-line that last couple of weeks...I have been running though, I will get a posting up soon. I'm liking the new look on the blog. You will do very well in April.

  25. How are you doing on your vows?

    Oh my. Ohhhh my those chocolate rolls sound soo good.
    Take a nap! =)

  26. THANK YOU so much for the great advice about Boston!!! Can I pay you to coach me?

  27. as always, LOVE your blog! Your banner is just fantastic!! I was just thinking to myself that I thought it was different! It looked great before too, you are just like a running model!! :) I'm so excited for you! You are going to rock at Boston!!!


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