Wednesday, February 2, 2011


........But only temporarily.

I almost went back to bed yesterday.
Too tired to do it, I thought.
But if I waited til later, I might regret it. Something else might prevent me from getting in the run I had scheduled.

What motivates me?
Lots of things.
  • stress
  • encouragement/praise
  • feeling of accomplishment
  • sheer energy of movement and endorphins
  • setbacks: injuries, layoffs, races that filled up too quickly
  • my competitive nature
  • sometimes it is the desire to honor God and just to "feel his pleasure" (those are good days)
I once asked a faster marathoner what it felt like to race at a certain speed over a certain distance. His reply?
I thought it was funny, because I got that feeling at a much slower pace.

"Fast" is not a destination.
  • It is relative.
  • It is a feeling.
  • It can be achieved by the four-minute miler, or the 15 minute miler recovering from injury.
  • If you ever reach "Fast", there is always "Faster." I have never spoken with Usain Bolt, but I am sure he would agree.

 So, whether you are going to the treadmill or the road, or for rehab laps in the pool, get on those flame proof pants. Enjoy the burning. It's only for a little while.
Thanks to the blog master  @ for introducing this video to me.  :)  I watch it every once- in- a- while and get goosebumps every time.

On October 10, 2010, Joan Benoit Samuelson ran 2:47:50 for 43rd place at the Chicago Marathon--the site of her world record a quarter century earlier--missing her goal of qualifying for an eighth Olympic Marathon Team Trials race by 1:50, but recording the fastest-ever performance by a woman over 52.


  1. Passing people makes me feel fast. I mean even if I am passing an old man walking his dog. Even if that old man walking his dog is going in the opposite direction! Actually, running pain free - no matter the pace - always makes me "feel" fast. I love it!

  2. "Fast is not a destination, it's a feeling."
    I like that!
    My fast is not your fast, but it is "my fast" :-)

  3. Wow- what a great post! The paragraph on "fast"...So fantastic.

    Love your motivators. That video just motivated me!! YOU also motivate me, not only because of your ridiculous speed but because of your determination. The "no excuse" attitude, managing the miles you do with 3 LITTLE kids, and the crazy improvement you've made over the past year. You deserve everything coming to you in just 11 weeks:)

    I watched Joan Benoit Samuelson run the 5K in Boston. It was seriously SO inspiring. She is an AMAZING woman!!

  4. Excellent post! Lve reading your thoughts and ideas!

    Btw, I finally mailed your NUUN, so you should receive that this week! :)

  5. AMAZING!!! Girl, I love the "like BURNING" so true. Your definition of fast is perfect and there is always room for faster..that motivates me to keep working. I LOVE that video, thanks for sharing. So cool that you use setbacks as a motivation, that is the BEST way to cope with hard things in life I think!!
    PS So sad about the 3 year old and treadmill, those things are dangerous!

  6. I agree about fast not being a destination .. or even a time. I also agree that their is always a faster for you! Awesome post :)

  7. Thank you for putting that video up! I loved watching it. I loved the part about how it's not about competitors or the time, but about racing against yourself. That's why I can watch a movie about an Olympic marathoner and feel inspired and not "I can't doooo that!"

    Yes - it is kinda cold here, especially at night, down in the low 50s or 40s, and no heat in the buildings. These buildings keep heat, and I'm just a naturally cold person.

    Hey - I think I might have pulled a muscle a little.. should I ice it?

  8. What an AWESOME video, thanks for sharing it!!

  9. I am with you! I have to do my run early. And I love that video, true inspiration!

  10. Your fast friend echoes my fast friends - if you're racing right (it doesn't matter your pace), then it will always burn (hurt).

    Not very reassuring, huh?

  11. Wow, now this is the kind of blog I wanted to read tonight. Great post! great great post. Such an amazing video!! I must share this (your post) in my next post. You're awesome! Such powerful words. Thank you.

  12. People always wrestle with the difference between runners and joggers. I think you've hit on it. Joggers endure the pain; runners embrace it. Suffering is your friend.

    But then, so is ice cream. (which coincidentally can stop the burning!)

  13. I thought about "It burn's only temporarily" this morning for my workout...thanks again for an awesome post!

  14. We all have different speed potential, which can be hampered by injury, lack of training, or a lack of proper planning and execution. Just like in tennis, some players are just amazingly graceful and control the courts with ease. There are greater feelings than relative speed or grace. Its the feelings of hope, wonder, and child-like joy that you can often see in a runner's eyes as they cross the finish line. Its a game we get to play (racing, running, tennis, etc.), and we're just kids, hoping to reach our potential, share a good laugh, and dream a little... That burning rubber feeling is a great feeling too! =)

  15. Fast is relative and I can't wait to feel the *burn* tonight on my run! Great post!

  16. thank you so much for sharing that video. i just cried. what it about the marathon that captures my heart more than anything? those words. "a battle between who you are and who you can be." that's why! the training is well and good...but the day of the marathon...the day you find out who you are and what you're made of....that's what its all about!



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