Thursday, February 10, 2011

Flying down hills like a Mack Truck!

This week begged for little tweak in my training plan.

This winter I have been on essentially the same routes for most all of my runs, varying loops and distances. Running in darkness prompted me to stick to the familiar, as I am FREAKED OUT BY a bit wary of big cats and bears.
The more cars, the fewer the scary critters (usually). So I like to stick to the roads that have - say- 5 or 7 cars in ten miles or the odd school bus. Yes. This seems a bit safer to me, as long as I am well lit.

Monday, I headed out on one of these familiar stretches and had a beautiful sunrise after the first 5 miles. What a blessing: pink and blue over the river! As I got close to my turn-around for loop two, I decided to try an abandoned route- one that leads uphill for several miles into BLM (government forest) roads.

This route has actually been pretty busy lately due to logging, so rather than watch for cougars, I was on log truck look-out.
Nothing like having one of these bad boys screaming at you with an ipod on.

This section of the run could go on for miles uphill. As I got close to my planned turn-around (almost 3 miles uphill), the sound of saws and equipment grew louder. A man in a hard hat was lacing his boots by his truck. They were felling trees across the road! We did the smile/head nod and I made sure it was safe to proceed.

A few minutes later, I was headed downhill for my "easy run" turned hill run.

I couldn't resist picking up speed....I kindof LIKE flying down hills like a SCREAMING Mack Truck.

My thoughts went to another blogger's email about hill runs- how her club is doing long hills and hill tempos to prep for Boston.

The following day I went back- this time for a purposeful tempo on the uphill and the downhill. Now it appears that I am turning into a "hill junkie." 10.9 miles in 1:20 something.

Then I followed it up with weights...which I now have at home thanks to the Goodwill store and my Dad's pickup. (Thanks mom and dad for the delivery :) )

After the two consecutive days of hills and hill tempos, I decided Wednesday to split up my 10 miler (which was helped by my not getting out of bed on time :/ )  7.3 miles in the morning and about 20 minutes of easy running in the PM.

Today I was a little concerned about a sore left calf (It was sore last night, but not so much today). I decided to do the scheduled mileage, but skip the tempo altogether. I figure I can work it into Saturday's long run, or even wait until my easy cutback week coming up to do it. Sometimes it is better to modify things.
*side note*I had been reading in Noakes book, a section about Fordyce (ultra-marathoner) and he cautions to err on the side of rest, if in doubt. Of course, to the elites, rest is "easy running" or shorter running in most cases.  How else would they still do 120 mile weeks?

And so I might end up with 70+ miles this week, which brings me into new territory for MPW. And we shall see how it goes!!

And I am sure some of you might be curious about how my hubby is doing with running. He is still adopting the "Run less/Run faster" approach :) and that seems to work well for him. Jon's done a few short TM sessions each week and Saturday (last), and Wednesday (this week) finally took things to the road for a 5 miler. He still won't commit to a 5K anytime soon, but I know it will happen! I am SO PROUD of his efforts.
Also- since running on the TM - I can say that it functions quite normally for a person my weight, but not surprised that it skips a beat for my football-built hubby.


  1. Ha, flying down hills is fun! But I have to say I'm not a good down hill runner kind of gal. Up hills...I can rock that...would take hills over speed any day but down hill is hard for me. 70 miles? Wow! I don't think I've ever run 70 miles a week. One more thing that sets me apart from elite runners...and my pace, body, etc. :)

  2. wow! that sounds like fun. Its hard to resist. ANd 70 plus miles?! That would be my dream!

  3. +70 mileage!! You are a machine! I'm glad you didn't run into any logs or bears for that matter! :)

    Congrats to your hubby for running! RLRF appeals to me right now, but I'ma novice, so what do i know!

    You are going to dominate Boston!

  4. Hooray for hills!
    Hooray for hubby's running!
    I love taken a different road sometimes and just seeing where I end up. Glad you and a Mack truck did not meet. And very glad the cougs and bears stayed away!!

  5. You are so impressive! When I say I'm doing hills it is like, oh, 3 small mounds of earth. But this sounds legit!! Go you!!

  6. I think I saw something about 70 miles in a week, yowza! I was a bit distracted by the pictures of chocolate on your sidebar, chocolate and ice cream are consuming my thoughts these days.

  7. Serious training, you will be so ready for the Boston hills.

  8. Wow 70+ miles this week?? That's so awesome! You are just killing your tempo runs! Glad your training is going well :)

  9. Girl! THAT is a lot of mileage!! Holy cow ~ I don't even like to go that far on my bike each week ;-)

    I'm totally afraid of cougars and bears when I'm trail running or hiking. FREAKS. ME. OUT.

    You are kickin' some serious butt!

  10. Wow, that is intense! Definitely give yourself some easy/rest days in there to recover from all those hills. Nice work!

  11. oh my gosh, i'm getting excited for some of you Boston bounders. 2 months!! 70 miles/wk!! you are rockin it! way to go. admire you being smart with your workouts.

  12. I love hills and I've always been strong on hills. I had to train to run downhills faster. Good stuff! Enjoy your weekend!

  13. I agree with all the wows! My family lives in a small town in Oregon and I think you are so brave to run up those logging roads! When visiting my family I always run on the main road....I am terrified of running into a big cat!!

  14. 70+ - awesome.

    down hill - no good for me
    up hill - get out of da way; I'm moving

  15. Boy #1 is sure developing a good camera eye. Fantastic photo of you in the curve.

  16. Great job on the hill run! You will really be prepared if you keep that up!! I always stick to familiar routes too. After being attacked by a dog twice and hearing rumors of cougar tracks behind my house, boring but safe sounds appealing enough.

    10.9 in 1:20 something on hills. NICE NICE!!

    You are just going to love Boston if you like the downhill. I LOVE downhills. I was almost scared I would burn myself out on them so I didn't attack them especially early in the race but instead told myself to view them as rest. Good strategy for me mentally. I was so cautious of my running form on them and kept telling myself to relax my shoulders, rest but DON'T brake on the way down. Mile 15 or so is entirely downhill. It was almost like complete rest to me before Newton but still my second fastest mile. The mile after Hearbreak was my fastest of the whole race. I think "attack" started coming in to play then! I'm not giving you advice here just mentioning my strategy. Now that I've run the course I may make a few adjustments next time around.

    70 miles-AWESOME!! I have only been in the 70's 3 times EVER! I would always do doubles one day which would help me get there. You go up from here mileage wise in your plan! Insanity-you will probably be one of those 120 milers by next year:)

    Congrats to your hubby. Two people racing gets spendy-ha! That's awesome he's sticking with it! My husband doesn't use our treadmill. I think it could handle his massive 170 pound frame though-ha! After Tuesday night, I would probably be the one making it skip....

    I think my comment is longer than your post...Theo is doing very well! Thankyou for the prayers!!

  17. Big cats? That just freaks me out!
    I'm just envisioning you flying down those hills in Boston, it sounds like you have really integrated those hills into your training. Awesome!
    Your 70 miles are impressive, I'm sort of hovering around 50 and 60 right now. It seems like our speed work and tempos have zapped me so I took it kind of easy this week. I really need to step it up next keep up with YOU! Just kidding, I need to take care of my foot and just take it day by day but I am SO grateful that I can do just that!
    Thanks for the nice training up date and NO cats, at all, what so ever!!

  18. Your new blog header photo is the best one yet! I like the sidebar updates - looks nice, but the chocolate pics make me want dessert! And I already had some!

  19. That is a professional training! You are a real runner.
    Is Boston the marathon with the heartbreak hill at the end? If so you are ready.
    About the downhill, after the second surgery I entered a race with 4 downhill, I overstressed and broke my shin-bone not yet ready for such efforts.

  20. yay for hills!!! good work on such a solid week. sheesh. 70 miles is UNreal! you are and will continue to be my hero.

    i love jenn's comment about her strategy for boston. you ladies are serious inspirations for me. you're a mom, super fast runner, and all-around awesome!

  21. I LOVE FLYING DOWN HILLS!!! It made me want to come and run with you in the early A.M. and watch the sunrise together!!I hope that you don't feel anymore pains in that calf!! 70+ MILES!!! um, you are my hero!! Girl, you are more than ready for boston. I need to get some downhill training in...I heard they rip your muscles up!! K, so I am flying into Boston and staying with friends!!! What day are you getting to Rhode Island? Can we pretty please meet up?? Thank you for your sweet always make my day!

  22. I love down hills... they feel so good!! I hope all goes well with your husband.. I've been trying to get my boyfriend to run but he won't .. at all hahaha! Happy V-Day!!!

  23. That Eugene 5k in March is the "Bring in Spring" at 6pm on Thursday March 24th. Are you guys (or just hubs) thinking of doing it? Would love to meet up.

  24. Thanks for the tips on my blog!! I had heard that too (not to increase speedwork while building a base). I am doing 3 runs a week right now, doing between 10-15 miles a week. I would like to eventually get up to 4 runs a week and average 25-35 miles a week.
    I have some favorite Christian blogs if you want me to email them to you! Just shoot me and email and I will send them back =)


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