Monday, February 21, 2011

Audrey Hepburn, meet the Sportsman Show!

It wasn't easy, but I put on some swanky sunglasses and did my best to forget about running this weekend.

It helped to have so many supportive and helpful comments. Reading your words reminded me that it's OK to take a break- even in the middle of marathon training- if it's for a good reason. Thanks to each an every one of you.

I also did a little research (actually, Hubby did) and have decided that slowmohusky was probably right. The foot thing is more likely paroneal tendinitis and there are some things I can do for it, including alternating heat/ice.

Saturday, we went to the Sportsman show in Roseburg. This is the premier hunting/fishing expo for Douglas County. I was totally out of place and the boys loved it!

How many boats and fish tanks and ATVs and mounted mule deer heads can you fit into a few expo buildings? I had to see...

Interestingly, I learned something about fishing bass on the South Umpqua that day.

Did you know that in July, you can fish the shady spots with plastic worms? You might try a "watermelon" green worm. You might put the hook in lengthwise. You might split shot it. It's all about making the worm have the right action for the fish.  I watched a guy cast into a large tank, over and over again. There were several bass, sturgeon and salmon.

He went on to explain that if you don't get a bite after a dozen casts, then it's time to TRY A NEW APPROACH.
Try a purple worm, or a black one. You might cast a few times and get a bite. Or try moving the shot below the worm. Try reeling in the line differently.
The thing is, if it isn't working, DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT.
Fishing requires patience, it also requires a careful study of the fish, the weather, the river and the trial and error approach.

How relevant to running.

I got to thinking. Maybe I need a different worm, or to move my shot for a while. Maybe I need to cast in a different spot.

I definitely need more patience, but I am going to make a study of this running injury.
I wasn't so self controlled today and I hit the pavement for a test run after 3 days off. The result? Mildly aching/twingey for the entire run- except for a few short stretches. I am back to ice/heat and not sure about what to do tomorrow. I just can't get the same workout from the bike.

For believers:
I got this email and have a new personal goal. Honestly, if this were my only task for the next 30 days, I am not sure I could pass.
 We're so glad you've decided to accept the "30-Day Husband Encouragement Challenge"! Your decision means that you truly want to be a blessing in your home. This challenge will also result in spiritual growth in your own life.

We'd like to encourage you to keep track of what God does in your marriage over this next month. We hope you'll take time to share what God does in your home as you bless and encourage your spouse.

To refresh your memory, here's the challenge for the next 30 days:
* You can't say anything negative about your husband . . . to your husband, or to anyone else.
* Say something that you admire or appreciate about your husband . . . to your husband . . . and to someone else.

To help you get started, have you ever thanked your husband for "choosing you" above all other women? He found you attractive as a person, and appreciated you. Though many circumstances in your marriage may have changed, let your husband know that you are glad God led you together, and that you want to be a blessing to him for the rest of your marriage.

One of the best opportunities to express your gratitude is first thing in the morning. How do you greet your husband each morning? Is he confident in your love? Give him a "wake up call" that he'll never forget--a big "I love you" and an "I'm so glad I'm your wife!"

"The heart of her husband safely trusts her; so he will have no lack of gain. She does him good and not evil all the days of her life." (Proverbs 31:11-12)

Jesus, Thank You
Words and music by Pat Sczebel
The mystery of the cross I cannot comprehend
The agonies of Calvary
You the perfect Holy One, crushed Your Son
Who drank the bitter cup reserved for me
Your blood has washed away my sin
Jesus, thank You
The Father’s wrath completely satisfied
Jesus, thank You
Once Your enemy, now seated at Your table
Jesus, thank You
By Your perfect sacrifice I’ve been brought near
Your enemy You’ve made Your friend
Pouring out the riches of Your glorious grace
Your mercy and Your kindness know no end
Lover of my soul
I want to live for You


  1. Hey Raina, I want to get back here to leave a comment that is thoughtful and one you deserve but I'm reading this on the fly and just wanted to say that I'm thinking and praying for you. I know this time is hard and patience is even harder when you've worked so hard and put so much mental focus and energy into training. You seem to have a good perspective of the whole thing and i know you know that whatever is happening is best for you and the plan there is for your life! I'll be back...little guy tugging at me and needing some attention! xo

  2. Do you know where Tyee campground is? We camp there every summer. My parents camp there often, but the kids and I make at least one trip down every July or August. I LOVE it there!
    Your fishing talk prompted this, btw.

    Now I'm going to go back and read the WHOLE post :-)

  3. Oh I really hope that tomorrow is a good pain free day for you. I love the 30 day challenge! It kind of reminds me of the movie Fire Proof which was awesome! We will say extra prayers for you tonight!

  4. Wow, I love that 30-day challenge!

    Taking a (Roman) holiday is one of the toughest things to do, but it's so very important for your recovery. Cross-training will help keep you sane. *fingers crossed* that you are running pain free again VERY soon!

  5. Darn injuries! I hope you can get it all figured out. Then, teach me what you learn!

  6. Oh yes! Sportsman's shows! I have been to many of those! Back in the good old days I even went hunting, icefishing, and bear baiting with my hubby. I can just stick to the running now since I'm not trying to impress him anymore-ha! My son just EATS that stuff up!!

    I don't know much about peroneal tendonitis. I do know what it's like to struggle with patience when you're a hardhead:) I've been continually praying for you. Praying for healing and also praying that the wondering and speculating doesn't make you CRAZY! You seem to have a good head on your shoulders! You have plenty of time. A few days off if needed at this point will likely have ZERO effect on your finish time:) Hang in there!

    I'm definitely taking a couple things from that encouragement challenge. I'm thinkin' I'm not always the easiest person to be married to.....

  7. How do you continually write better and better posts? Blessed; is all I can come up with.

  8. please forward the blessing email to my wife!

  9. Sorry to hear about your peroneal tendinitis. Do you have "the stick" to massage the peroneal muscles on the side of the calf? That might help a little. Or maybe the foam roller will work there. I do think that you probably need to see a Chiropractor for that peroneal strain/tendinitis to "nip it in the bud", and get back to your Boston training. I think the Graston Technique from a Chiropractor would work best for this kind of injury. With my insurance, I only needed to pay a $20 copay for treatment at the Chiropractor's office, so hopefully it would be similar in your case if you choose to see a chiropractor. Hang in there! And good luck!

  10. Fire proof!! I saw it with my hubs! You will have to post about this--and I canstel your ideas! ;)

    I am impressed with your patience and the decision to give your body a break this weekend. I am praying that you are healing. You have prepared so well for your race--I want to see you enjoy it.

  11. Remain patient and everything will fall into place with time. Your injury will pass and all will be back to normal. Stay positive!

  12. Oh darn it! My mom, step-dad and I almost went to the sportsman show!! I would have been more up for it had I know that I might run into you and the fam there!

  13. oh goodness. I hear ya!! I took 6 days off and its getting a little better but yes, we need patience and prayers. I love the fishing analolgy! and I love the Husband devotional. My husband and i are going through the LOVE DARE right now and its amazing!
    Praying that tomorrow is a better day.

  14. I am joining you for the husband challenge, you are such a good example to me. It is amazing to remember that they chose us above all other woman. I am so sorry about your foot. Girl, it breaks my heart. I am freaking out to because I am taking 4 days off because of my knee....this stuff stressed me out big time. I have yet to find a bike to run exercise equation out there!!! Basically, when I was injured in the fall I would do 90 minutes straight of crosstraining to keep my endurance up everyday (not if your foot is hurting though). Include slow steady hill climbs with sprint intervals at a lower gear. I alternated between those two things a lot. You are right....nothing compares to a good run but I KNOW that cross-training can keep you in excellent shape and between the icing and heating and rest, you will be out there in no time!!

  15. Haha--I love the fishing to running comparison! " I'm keeping you in my thoughts and hope you're back out on the run soon!


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