Monday, January 3, 2011

(try not to) Be AFRAID! And get ready for a NEW YEAR!

 No lips? That's OK!! Hang on for a wild drive.

Strap on your goggles. Put on your best snow sledding face and bring your sled and loved ones. It wouldn't hurt to bring some snacks and drinks either. This can make you rabidly hungry.

Mick Jagger...ain't got nuttin on me!
I have a high forehead and a pencil neck, but this look really accentuates that.

Crazy driving, with Jon at the wheel, on familiar backroads...
Going up?

 Today we headed to the snow about 15 miles uphill from our house. There wasn't much left up there, but just the right amount and kind for some real redneck fun!

Levi's face is tatered from a cold he's had :( poor baby. But he LOVED playing!

Below...Jon, Levi and Nathan sledding

And me and Levi sledding (below).
Don't let me fool you. I was scared to DEATH!

It was fun for all- except when Nathan got in trouble for taking the sled off the edge of the road and dragging his hands when Dad was pulling (Oops! He's still six = many more lessons to learn).

New Year's sledding was a recovery from a day spent at a nearby small-town pool. That place was a blast!
Everyone spent some time in the water with our friends from church and I perfected a backwards somersault into the pool.

Reedsport may be the only pool in the country that has a rope swing (like what you climbed in grade school) over it's deep end.

Perhaps the best fun I have had all year was the giant NERF Gun war we got into at home. I blasted my husband 100 or so times in the chest, head, back and buns! Heh heh. Don't worry- the favor was returned.

And after all that "partying" I have many blogs to catch up on! Happy new year to you all!


  1. You are one silly girl. Of course, as the father of four girls, I realize this is redundant...

    Looks like a great time away from the road. But then, knowing you, you probably ran up there first thing in the morning, got home and reported there was still enough snow to sled on.

  2. Look like FUN!!!! I'm a scaried cat, I always end up dragging my feet if I get going too fast! The swimming sounded like fun too, my kids would LOVE a rope swing in the middle of the pool.

    I loved looking at your stats below! You just kept getting better at your races, that's awesome!

    Oh, and I didn't realize that you homeschool, that is really neat! Something I used to think about. To be able to manage that and your running, you are doing something right! Keep it up!

  3. fun! cute kiddo too. sorry he had a cold!

  4. What a fun time!! That 3rd picture of you takes the cake! What a goofball :-)

    Hooray for redneck fun!!We totally sled down our hill when it snows. It's too steep for most people to attempt leaving or re-entering the neighborhood but we still have to be careful not to let our kids behead themselves by sliding under parked cars.

    That pool sounds fun!

  5. Very cool. I wish my wife would let me play with guns in the house.

  6. We used to drive up to Tehachapi, CA, when we lived nearby and do the very same thing. Fun times!

  7. Nerf gun! How fun!

    Sounds like your day was a great way to velebrate the new year!! Happy 2011!

  8. Oh yeah! Mick Jagger definitely ain't got nuttin' on you-ha! Sounds like a couple of fun filled family days.

    Love the videos! My kids use the gravel pits for sledding hills. They love it!

    We have an arsenal of Nerf Guns around here. Actually Nerf bows, Nerf crossbows, Nerf guns with velcro darts, Nerf guns with suction cup darts, Nerf guns with whistle darts. When we're desperate for entertainment and Nerf doesn't cut it, Joe and I shoot cans off the deck with a 22 and let the kids shoot BB guns at stuffed animals! Seriously, redneck!!!! Don't report me! Ha!

    Nice stats:) Hope the training is going well!

  9. So fun! I miss snow! I miss sledding too. seems like way too long.

  10. What great fun! Something I would never experience here is SA. Happy New Year!

  11. omg, that looks like so much fun! Perfect way to start off the new year!! :)

  12. So fun and great pictures!! :)

  13. Dude! I had no idea Reedsport's pool had a rope swing! I've been missing out!

    That third picture of you is uber sexy. Profile picture quality fo sho! ;)

  14. Hahaha! That looks like SO much fun! Cold, but fun.


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