Monday, January 17, 2011

"Stylish" blogger? Took me long enough!

Am I stylish? Methinks not.
Maybe I was before I moved to the land of the gravel driveway that eats up leather boots...?
Anyhow, I was tagged by Julie at Adventure is Out There. Her own post was quite entertaining, so you might like to go read it :) . Sorry it has taken me so long to get to this tag, too, Julie...It's just been one of those weeks. I know you understand! :)

Here are 7 completely fascinaTing aspects of me that I am sure you have all been on the edge of your seat for ;)
I was a really nerdy kid. And really weird, too.

Really weird.
 I was always making my younger sister do stupid things and play my games by my rules.
Control freak? Maybe a little... not so much now- I hope!

In high school I never participated in track, but I did run a lot in soccer- my favorite sport (still my favorite team sport). I started playing my sophomore year, playing outside midfielder or occasionally at striker. The soccer coach was also the track coach. He tried a few times to get me to go out for track, but I played tennis (which I also love) my last two years during that season. I ran for the first time on my own to get in shape for daily doubles before my Senior year. I promptly stopped as soon as the season got in full swing =D

#3  My husband and I have been married 11 years.

#4 I have had 3 drug-free births. ^ No disrespect to anyone who takes the epidural! I planned to do that for number one, just didn't have time to. That is another crazy story...

#5 I love lemons and salt. So much that I have worn lots of enamel off of my teeth. I have crowns on 4 teeth on my left side. Not spectacular.

#6 This is what a morning at our house looks like :

 I am homeschooling our kids (at least for now) and love seeing how things are progressing. My oldest just turned six and I haven't decided if he's in kindergarten or first grade. He is ahead in math and at age level in reading/writing. That's all we are really focusing on this year, (or I'd pull my hair out!!!), since I have his 3 year old and 19 month old brothers to keep busy during school time. =D

I am not using any particular curriculum, just the library and good old-fashioned paper, pencil and cheap work books. That may change next year- Leaving things open!

#7 If you dropped by my house unannounced, I might very likely be found wearing a pair of these (but not in the house)
Stylish, aren't I?!!

So now I am supposed to tag some other people. Honestly, I have been so out of blogging this week that I am not sure which of my blogging friends have not done this yet! So I will tag  Meg @ LaughRunPlay, Meg @Meg Runs, C2Iowa, Angie @Kansas Runner, Tina @Gotta Run Now, and Johann at Run tall, Walk tall, and Keeley @ Wanderer in a Strange Land... And anyone who hasn't done this tag yet- it's your turn! (Unless you don't like tags- then don't worry about it!! :) )

And I would love it if you left me something interesting about yourself here!


  1. I like how you refer to your nerd self in the past tense ... I seem to recall a very recent video of yourself on a treadmill with rather interesting form and a paper bag on your head. Are you sure it isn't still there lurking inside of you?? ;)

    Here's something about me that NOBODY else knows ... except now you and anyone that reads this .... at work, every time I go into our bathroom and lock the door I either kick my leg up high like a ballerina or I do a pirouette on my way to the stall. True story! It is so fun. It is like my one moment to sneak in some childlike fun with nobody knowing about it!

  2. So what did you and your husband do for all those years without kids, lol?! Somedays I think back and cherish those 3 years we had without kids :)

    I think it's awesome that you homeschool, you must have so much patience!! And smarts! I struggle with helping my 5th grader do math, everything is done so differently now!

    I never had the opportunity to play soccer growing up and we didn't have it in H.S. My daughter plays a lot of soccer and I always wish I had some experience playing, it's such a great sport!!

  3. I was also known as a nerd...maybe still a little today. I actually love cantaloupe! No, my worst nightmare fruits are Mango and Guavas. The smell of bananas can make me gag as well. So those three don't make it into our home.

  4. Great pictures!! I'm so glad you finally did this! Thanks for sharing one equally as embarrassing picture as me :-)

    Ya...what Abby said - all those years without kids...well...a few anyways! I felt pressure (by myself) to start a family RIGHT away. Sometimes I wish we had waited a few years to concentrate on each other first.

    Mai is a big soccer player. She's tough and good. I hope she stays with it. I LOVE watching it. Steve and I just started hitting tennis balls around this past summer and really enjoyed it. Do you still play?

  5. Yeah-took you long enough! I thought maybe you disappeared. Glad you didn't:)

    Congrats on the 3 drug free births. That maybe explains a few things about you.....I popped out one that way and immediately started looking at adopting....Ha! My next one was an emergency C-section. Still can't believe I even had #3.

    Kudos to people who can homeschool their kids. Takes a special person not to wave goodbye to the kids on the bus every morning OVERZEALOUSLY!!!! You're a good mom!!

    Fun list! Great pics and great to know more about you!

    BTW-you may have bonked on a big hill during your tempo but quite admirably as I conveniently planned mile 5 of mine on a straight downhill! Helped with the average a bit:)

  6. Hahah, love those shoes....I wear similar when I'm in a hurry to run to the store or something quick and my daughter is appalled. Good thing you don't have girls, your waredrobe is constantly critiqued and you are deemed "ridiculous". Gotta love teenagers. I love your wedding picture - how fun you were married outdoors in such beautiful conditions! :)

  7. oh boy. I'll get to this tag - sometime! I am changing your url in my sidebar right.... NOW!

    I'm flying back to San Diego tomorrow - so I won't get to meet you :( But, the next time I am up we will definitely plan something - RIGHT?

  8. Homeschooling is very rewarding. Like the bean(?) plants and the new name of your blog, too! Thx for the tag!

  9. love that you are doing some home schooling! i especially love those math problems :) mr. dawn and i have had many discussions about whether we want to do home schooling or not. we're not even "with child" but we can decide...

  10. I love it that you home school, how COOL and fun is that?! I also enjoyed looking at your pictures of your family and your wedding picture, how darling.
    Yeah for drug free births, I have SOOOO much respect for you!
    Something interesting? I can't top FruitFly, she is so cute!

  11. I LOVED READING THIS!!! You were the cutest pregnant lady I have ever seen! I love that you homeschool your kids!!! Soccer is so much fun! You are hardcore to have your kids natural....once again you are my hero:)

  12. you are indeed a stylish blogger!!! I love reading your blogs! I didn't know that you home-schooled your kids, that is so awesome!! And drug free births that is pretty impressive too!!! Thanks for tagging me, that was really nice of you!! Have a great day! -Angie

  13. you and your family are just beautiful. And so very stylish! I still can't believe you've had 3 drug free births. You amaze me!

  14. I need to try this gatorade slurpee....sounds amazing. You guessed it...I was a cavegirl. We ate taco bell all the time too ha!

  15. Hey you! Nice to come visit your blog and find some new posts! Love this. Homeschool huh? Do you mind me asking why? cool. I was homeschooled from 7th through 11th grade. I still competed in sports but my mom insisted on taking me out of public school in middle school. Off to catch up on your other learning more about you! I've missed you.

  16. Amanda- I am a professionally trained teacher and know that teacher student ratio is excellent at home :) . I in no way feel that one must be a professional teacher to homeschool though. Of course, I do like that we can incorporate Biblical lessons in the instruction here too.

  17. what a great way to get to know you!

  18. Three drug free births!!! My gosh! You have my undying admiration.

    Furthermore, Homeschoolin' Runnin' Mamas are Da Bomb. =)


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