Sunday, January 30, 2011

Running, More Running and Random stuff. Week 5 of 16 Boston

Running recap for the week
Hubby has the older boys, so I had a rare moment to blog without interruption :)

This week, running presented a few challenges and a few new tricks too. It has been both a TOUGH week and a week of rewards.

Monday AM- easy/peasy recovery run. I feel like I can do 10 in my sleep if that's all that's on the plate right now.

Tuesday- I overslept due to an alarm clock issue. :p
I debated whether or not to run on the treadmill or just wait until the kids went to bed. I went with option 2, as I have a MENTAL block about running more than 5 miles on the TM and had 9 to do- plus the screen is hard to read and I had speed work to do. Hubby thinks the TM might be slipping (but just for him) and I didn't want to take chances. So I left at about 8 PM.
** side note: This is not long enough after dinner for me!! I was gently reminded of what it feels like to have my gut busting up into my lungs, and NO THANK YOU, I will stick to mornings if I can, before breakfast.**

Anyhoo...the moon wasn't out yet and it wasn't getting any lighter, so hubs kindly duct-taped a small flashlight to my hat. RIDICULOUS. Of course, the problem is that once you start moving at all, the hat wants to also.  I must not have a linebacker neck, because my head was raring and wobbling like a bobble-head doll. As soon as I got past the driveway I ripped it off my head and carried it in my hand. I purchased an inexpensive headlamp the following day. Thank you Bi-mart. :)

Continuing with the run... The workout was for 6x5 minutes "hard", whatever that means.
(I just came up with it as a nice idea- something like what I have seen in the Daniels book.) Sounded good.
After a few miles warm up I hit the 5 minutes countdown on El-Watcho (now filled with condensation).
I must say that it is nice not to be restricted to mileposts, and after the 1600's I have had recently, to stop a little earlier. Most of the recoveries were about 200 yards+/-.
Just for kicks, I decided to take #3 as a 1600 instead and had to restart the watch, but finished in 6:04. Nice. Would still like to do a sub 6, though. Finished the entire run as 10.5 miles and in record time. went to bed and woke up to do..

Wednesday AM - Nine-ish miles easy. In my sleep. haha. It felt more like the "Bataan Death March", but I still did allright and without any DOMS- just fatigue.

Thursday AM - I had a looming feeling about fatigue and the planned tempo run. It was supposed to be 6 miles @ 6:52 pace (41:12)..which is close to my PR 10K pace. (So much for not racing during training, huh? )
 I had some serious doubts, as I have not met a few tempo goals due to the large hill on the route. I moved the tempo to a rolling, but not-so-steep area, and somehow managed to do the 6 miles, with two turnarounds, in 40:52. 
**side note: Now I have a few thoughts: Should I have used a gel/sports drink? I haven't been using any except for races, and the last long run before. (My legs flagged at mile 3, but seemed to tap into reserves again, strangely, shortly after that.) And, When is the next 10K around here?  And, this is with back-to-back days with fatigue...should I even bother to rest before a 10K, like I have in the past, or just plow through? Anyway...always wondering about this stuff. **
Total run, just shy of 9 miles. Slow warm up.

Friday AM- I can't even remember...Oh yeah. Nine easy on 4 hours of sleep. Another "Death March" with no specific pain or soreness- just fatigue. I see a pattern evolving here.  Managed to run almost at goal easy pace- a little slow, but not terrible.

Saturday/Today- I shall refer to this run as "The Journey to Mordor and Back" run (referring to Lord of the Rings, Dad). This is the preferred route for the 20 miler, given no injuries.
**side note: I drove out a water bottle the day before and left it at mile 7/13. First time I have done this in months! There were two old nasty bottles waiting for me there. **

   This route involves a gradual ascent, with a few steep descents on the way out, and the opposite coming back. I wore the headlamp and was SEEN, though I had to readjust it a bit and I need to check to see if I have a wound from it pressing on my forehead through the hat. :)
**side note: After 2 years or long distances in the dark, I can't believe I have functioned with only a the moon, a flashing light and reflective vest (dropping off the flashlight at the mailbox). Why didn't I buy one sooner?! **
    I stopped way too many times today- to take off the LS shirt, to go to the bathroom a few times, to get water. I HATE stopping. I need to figure out how to take a shirt off while keeping my vest on. Rrg. Any ideas? Any case. I stop my watch for these short pit stops. And I really try to keep them short.

I am not sure which hobbit I identify most with after today, but I am certain I am not Gandolf. Maybe I have a bit of Golem in me.  Total time running: 2:46:48

Tomorrow I am sleeping in. (except to go to church) And drinking coffee all day.

Some non-running achievements in our house this week:
My oldest, Nathan discovered he can make himself fake-burp. I can see life with boys will only get more interesting... lots of burping and nerf guns.

My youngest discovered onions. He likes them raw. Takes after my mom, I guess :)
And a question, since you might have skipped past all the boring running stuff above: How do you take your coffee?
I tried a new thing today. Coffee + Vanilla powerbar gel (unused from long run) + milk= vanilla latte. ? Not quite, but if I closed my eyes, I was almost sitting in a quaint little book shop sipping espresso.




  1. You are so flippin' fast! You seem to be on track for a very fast marathon. I have no doubts that you could be one that breaks 3. I'm tired just reading about how much you run.
    Onions? Wow, I've never known a kid that eats onions. :)
    I like my coffee with a bit of vanilla soymilk from Costco..the Kirkland Organic kind...not all vanilla soy tastes the same.

  2. You are fast! I need that speed! I'll have to try that coffee trick, for sure.

  3. Nice week! I'm wasting time this morning, reading blogs before my LONG run of 10 miles, which, apparently, you can do in your sleep.
    So glad you got a headlamp. I use one, greatest invention. I think it was sweet that yours tied the flashlight to your hat, how awful, though.
    Enjoying following your training, seeing what "it" looks like from the other (super speedy) side.
    Oh, and no coffee around here, gives me tummy troubles.

  4. Wow! You are fast! Seems like your training is going well if you can do all that on so little sleep! No coffee here. I take my caffiene as Diet Dr. Pepper...

  5. 1. Straight. Black. No Cream.

    2. Can't wait until the boys start lighting their farts.

    3. No gels/sports drinks during training runs.

  6. So, my girls, at least the three older ones, all fake burp and fake fart and think it is hilarious. So this isn't restricted to boys. One of their friends introduced them to taking a "bendy straw" and sticking it in your armpit and you can then BLOW into the straw and make fart noises. Such a fun sleep-over that was.

    Coffee, first cup, just a little sugar and cream to change the color and temper the acid, after that, coffee, main-line please.

    I bonked on a 12 miler last year, and so I do the gel thing at 8 now on those. Bangle does two gels on his 18's, I asked him once. I think if you have fuel in the tank great, I need to bring some with me.

  7. Coffee? Seldom but when I do sweet and light decaf. I have developed a allergic reaction to the real stuff.
    I like onion and mustard sandwiches.

  8. Oh! I remember a young lady that use to eat raw garlic cloves.:<)

  9. (Just) trying
    Ack! I was only kidding about 10 in my sleep. That would be nice!!

    I could use a few more hours most days. =D

    danny- that whole glimpse of the future is pretty scary. Ha!

  10. NB- Whatever works for fuel- I just like to see how much money I can save while wearing the rubber off my shoes. =D

  11. First of all I'm gagging at the gel in the coffee!!!! Vanilla powerbar gels are actually the only ones I can stomach but the thought of ruining my precious 12 ounces of "crack in a cup" with a gel...ha ha!

    You are a speed demon woman! 6 in 40:52 in training. Good God-once again I'm changing my prediction for you:) A 6:04 mile as part of an interval workout. Seriously, if my child were hanging over a burning flame one mile away and I had 6:04 to save her....Well, it would be a sad sad story....

    I'm seriously impressed with your training. Love reading about it:) Keep inspiring me!!

  12. Wow!!! What an awesome week!!! I am so impressed with your tempo run, that is really fantastic!!!! :) Cute picture of your son, I can't believe he likes onions. What a cutie!!! Hope your training goes well this week too

  13. Good grief, look at those times! You are SMOKIN' fast. Those are times I can only dream about...
    I am envious of all your running, I am only getting in MAYBE 2 runs a week right now
    Coffee, never liked it. Give me hot cocoa anyday =)

  14. I think that is a super of training, well done! I love my headlight and also wonder why I ran without one for so long. I take my coffee almost anyway. I love coffee and will try anything.
    BTW, I'm the youngest of our 4 siblings.

  15. Wicked fast you are. As if that were ever in question. Good report.

    As for the coffee - black; non-fat latte on the weekends.

    Raw onion (secret weapon?) I will be checking that on out!

    I take fuel on long runs -- practice for the real deal.

  16. Your training looks great! I wouldn't bother with gels for any runs that keep you out there for less than 90 minutes. Running with a full stomach is good practice for ultra running. Its an uncomfortable feeling, but ultra runners prefer that feeling over the depleted, nauseous feeling!

    I gave up coffee when I started ultra running. I miss the morning jolt and the taste of it! I've told myself that I would only allow myself coffee at long ultra races.

    Too bad you don't play tennis anymore. I love running and tennis. Its a different kind of fun. I think your boys would love it! I'm guessing that they would have tennis courts at any nearby college campuses or high schools. You can always "fly by" via google satellite maps. You older boys might love a tennis field trip with their head instructor! =)

  17. Wow that is some serious training! I can't believe you ran a 10 K that fast in a training run, crazzyyy!!

  18. I use gels sometimes in training. OTOH, I know of one fast marathoner who just drinks water during the race. Thanks for the encouraging comments on my blog! : )

  19. thank you so much for your comment today. it really touched my heart while i'm feeling so down :)

    good solid week of running. i was laughing picturing the hat with the flashlight ductaped on it. exactly something that my husband would do! glad you got a lamp :)

  20. I chuckled to myself every time you said "an easy 9". I hope I can some day say that, too! I mean that nine I just did took all I had out of me!!

    **I thought of you when I put on the green yesterday. I was doing a test run for the Shamrock 15K in March. I suspected other people would have mistakenly thought of me as a Duck fan. ;)**

    **I haven't done any foam rolling of any sort. Would that help with my tight calves? If so, I am all for it!!**

    That's hysterical that you ran wit a flashlight taped on your head. My grandpa gave me a huge foot long flashlight that is just ginormous and puts out tons of light. I should duct tape that sucker on me and see how it goes!

  21. yay! your new glad to have found you again. HILARIOUS about the duct taped flashlight on your hat. Would have loved to see that! You are crazy fast and pounding out some serious mileage with little sleep and all!!! Way to go!!

  22. Wow it sounds like you had a very crazy week! It was nice that your husband put a flashlight on your hat, too cute! I cannot believe your son likes raw onions-crazy!! Coffee with gel packs doesn't sound so bad ;)

  23. haha I love that you duct-taped a flashlight to your hat!!!

  24. My son, Brendan, used to eat onions like that, too....nice to see another soul out there with the same habit :).

    As for the GU, I think you just got to play around and see what works best for you. I could give you 30 examples of 30 different people doing something different. Personally, I tend to use something nutrition-wise if the run is over 10...but if it's a tough run, I do try to use electrolytes.

    And I don't drink coffee...does that make me a freak?? :)


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