Monday, January 24, 2011

Around Home - almost spring?

Took the boys out for a walk today. It was such a beautiful afternoon, I couldn't resist!
Down the hill and to the main road...First a steep short hill to make it look like i have no shoulders, pecs, but there is a great 8 pack under all that cushioning....somewhere.
 Luckily,  Matthew wanted to walk some and Nathan wanted to push some. Levi was a good passenger, too.
 He gets his fashion sense from me. Camo goes with everything, doesn't it???
 The "rocket" as we call it, is a trail beast!
 Just a short walk to some neighbors to look for some new lambs. Somebody didn't pack a coat and I ended up giving up my hoodie. Then the camera ran out of battery so I didn't get to record the lambs. Ah well! =D We got a good walk.
No leaves on the oak trees yet, but they can't be too far off, can they??

A fifty-five degree day in January is just too promising!
And then, the sun dropped over the horizon and we went home to warm up with some hot dinner. Come on spring- we are trying to be patient.


  1. Oh this is just too wonderful! Made me smile. The stuff life is made of. Your kids are so stinkin' cute. :) What a gorgeous day!!! WAsn't as nice up here but still nice and the kids played outside past dark too. Love it! Hope it stays around for awhile.

  2. Very nice. Yes, camo goes with everything/anything.

    Really like the pics!

  3. It did kind of feel like spring yesterday! I saw of my neighbors plants budding. It can't be far off!!

  4. I am SO jealous! Beautiful!

    Camo definitely goes with everything around here. My son's winter coat, boots, hat, mittens, EVERYTHING is camo along with almost all of his clothes. Camo pants with hockey t-shirts! Quite a combo!

    I'm loving the second picture with your little guy either licking his bread or just smushing the whole piece into his face-ha! Is smushing a word-not sure about that one....

    I don't doubt you have an 8 pack under that cushioning!

    Have a great day:)

  5. Yup, camo does indeed go with everything. Funny you would post about looking at lambs on Burn's Night. I need to see if the Scottish store has any haggis, and get a few turnips and some potatoes for dinner tonight. The kids can eat pizza.

    Spring is a little ways off, no matter how warm it is here now. This is the lull before the Feb. freeze, I can feel it.

  6. I am jealous of where you live. Those pictures are AMAZING. What a great day for a walk. Growing up in upstate NY I loved when the hints of spring were in the air.

  7. Oh darn! I so wanted to see those lambs!! Your country side is so different from where we live, I just appreciate your trees, the colors and the peaceful existence you lead!! Your kiddos are darling!

  8. What a nice break from winter. I'm afraid those oak trees saw their their shadow though.

  9. oh i am SOOOOO jealous! just those pictures warm me through and through. so beautiful!

    looks like such a beautiful day.

  10. Oregon really is being so nice to us lately. I love it!! As I sit here and type this I am squinting because the sun is officially in my eyes. I should be annoyed, but I think this means Spring is close. Woohoo!!

    I want to go see the lambs!

  11. Your pictures of your surroundings remind me a lot of where I spent a lot of time as a kid in NE Iowa; my mom lived on a farm and we'd venture down the road just like that. Good, good times!

    Nothing here is's all brown and will be for a very long time. Blah! You'll definitely see green before us, even if our temps are similar.


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