Saturday, January 8, 2011

99 days to Boston and First 2 weeks recap

Thanks to Dawn, I am now counting down the days to Boston! It's one thing to say there are 14 weeks left, another to look at the diminishing number of days. Eek!

Picture Nathan drew of me outrunning a race car :) .
( If you are wondering..I asked him what that is he drew between my legs and he says it was just a mistake. Whew!)

I purchased my airfare for the trip shortly before Christmas, and will fly into a nearby out-of-state airport at the request of my hostess, Amy. Amy is a friend of mine (via my sister) from my "Portland days" (i.e. a year at Concordia University post-grad for teacher training) who has an adorable little boy and just happens to (conveniently) live in Massachusetts in the Boston area. :)

A little comparison (I can't help it) based on limited experience:
The last two weeks of training have called for some major adjustments in my body. I have to back up to explain a bit..
   A year ago, when training for my first marathon- Eugene- I chose a 4 day training plan. This was deliberate, as I had a 6 month old when I began training for that race and knew it might mean plenty of missed sleep with baby craziness. I weaned him while training and he started teething (night time fussiness)- I was glad to have three days a week where I could sleep until the kids got up.

Getting more sleep vs. getting more milesSince Eugene (May, 2010) I have worked up to running 6 days a week. I do NOT feel fully adjusted to that yet- and might prefer to do a double once a week and run the same mileage in 5 days- but will see how things go. Tiredness /sleep remains my main obstacle to training. I am entirely at fault here and am sure getting to bed earlier would help!

Running "easy" on long runs
Another factor in running 6 days a week is that I am running the day before my long run and my legs are feeling the fatigue from it. When training for Eugene, I had a rest day both before and after my long run, which made me really look forward to those long sessions! And then I could recover from them too...I think I missed that today.

My legs felt tired almost from the get-go. But my pace surprised me. Somehow I ran the 18 miles in 8:06 pace - above my current easy target pace. Usually I am a slow "easy run" runner (compared to my race times)- so maybe that's a good sign. :) Or, maybe I am too concerned about making my projected easy paces. I am not watching my watch much, though- 2 or 3 times in 2+ hours. I am just trying to go by "feel".

Getting stronger:
Yet another adjustment for me right now is the RETURN TO THE WEIGHT ROOM. Ugh! Here, I will not try to impress you with the numbers from the weight room. They are way lower than high school or college...but high rep. (Go to Abby's blog if you would like to see some impressive strength training! :) ) JGF can also testify to the mystery of the weight room - and I think she sympathizes with me right now.
I LOVE weights and what they do for me, but I had not anticipated how drained it would make me feel ...tired legs, tired upper body, DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) that hits about 36-48 hours later and lasts going into my next hard workout.

Please!!! Can I get a massage?! I've been trying to hit it three times a week, but may have to either scale back to two, or just go (even) lighter than I have been. ***This will probably become another post soon***
My graph
Distance graph bars go up in two mile increments. I have NO idea how to get the numbers to show up without changing my background. Haha!... Oh well.

After the past two weeks, I am ready for a REST DAY!!!!

Have a great Sunday, all!


  1. Awww love the picture, my son would totally draw something like that too. He is race car-crazy!!

    Weight training definitely makes you feel sore and tired AND awesome all at the same time :D

  2. So, if you go to bed earlier, does that mean I won't see you posting comments at 11:30pm anymore? You are the only other person I have met that keeps similar hours to me. We go to bed WAY too late for the WAY too early wake up to get in our runs. My only saving grace is I only run 4 times a week (lazy me I know).

  3. What a cute picture! I remember Jack going through a phase where he made my hands really huge in comparison to the rest of my body. I felt like he thought I was a monster or some sort.

    From your EZ runs it seems like you are getting faster! NICE!

  4. Ahhh, DOMS... If only I stuck with the weights better, I would not be doing stairs backwards today... Someday, I will learn...

    Love the picture your son drew.

  5. Thanks for the shout out :)

    My strength training cuts way back when I'm training for a race, but what strength training I do do, I do early in the week. That way it doesn't affect my long run so much. I like to do legs the same day as speedwork, then my legs are already fatigued and need to recover. I also narrow down my exercises and be real specific, instead of just doing a bunch of stuff. The areas "I" focus on our my ab/adducors (especially abductors), hamstrings (I love bridges on the ball for functional strength) core work, all forms of planks being my favorite, and my back muscles to help with posture. So I am NOT as focused on shoulders, biceps and triceps and chest. But like I said, those are the areas I know that I need.
    Sorry, I'm rambling :)

    Anyways, I am so impressed you trained for a marathon with a 6 month old! And that means you now have a 18 month old and 2 other kids!!! No wonder you are tired and don't get a lot of sleep, lol!! But you still ROCK!!

    And I can't believe Boston is in less than 100 days already!

  6. i totally understand! 5 vs. 6 days a week is a huge difference. you're still running crazy fast, but its no fun to feel heavy legs from the very beginning. are you just going to keep going and hope your body adjusts? or are you going to switch around your schedule?

    your weekly mileage is amazing! good work. 14 weeks to go :)

    oh, and i was reminded about the 100 day mark because i'm "friends" with the boston marathon on facebook and they posted it yesterday morning. then i looked at my countdown widget and sure enough...crazy huh?

  7. 6 days a week? woah!!! intense, girl! way to go!

  8. pretty impressed you can run 6 days a week! i would love to. yet, i can only 4 a week tops. more and i usually injure something.

    fun pix! love children art.

  9. Your graph is so pretty and colorful. If I made a graph it would be all green. Maybe I'll try to be more like you this year and work in some other pretty colors!

    And my leg is feeling much better. I don't know what was up with it, but I do know that it felt a hell of a lot better with an ace bandage wrapped around it. The bandage, ice... and Tiger Balm!

  10. Your graph really shows how hard you train! You've more than earned a rest day!! You are such an inspiration!

    I love the picture your Nathan drew :) Looks like Cinderella's coach is hot on your heels! HA!

  11. i always like to rest before a long run but my body needs that easy run after. Its been helping for sure. Weight room, I hear ya, high rep. Its sad but good for now, right?
    So excited for you!

  12. BTW, yes! Get yourself a massage! Or bribe the dh to give you one. =)

  13. SO excited for you to count down the days. It sounds like, despite soreness etc, everything is going really well for you. YAY! I love that pic your son drew. =)

  14. Plenty of time until Boston. 2,352 hours. I'm not sure I can count that high without skipping a few numbers.

    Anyway, I think common wisdom is second week of training is the toughest. Takes a couple weeks for the body to get use to the new loads put on it.

    about your comment on the marathon plan: I have to think it through, without a gps monitor, if I want to run by pace and not perceived effort. :)

  15. It DOES take a lot of energy to work up to six days a week but it will all be worth it in the end! I had trouble slowing down for the long runs but do your best to hold back because you will recover faster from a slower long run than a faster one. At this point, for me, recovery is everything!!!
    Have a great week of training and family!!!

  16. I started off at 6 days a week. I felt the same (as you stated) on the day before the long run. That only lasted about two weeks and then it happened. Times dropping with similar effort is what I saw. You are seeing the same. No worries as far as I can tell. But, what do I know -- I'm just a hack on the DL. Ha ha

    Good work. Don't stop. Not that you would.


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